NC RINOs stampede to “JEB!”

RINO123If you had any doubt that JEB!™ Bush  was the GOPe’s man, look no further than the membership of his newly-announced steering committee:

[…] Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is poised to tap his North Carolina leadership team, and the list includes a wide range of the state’s top GOP leaders. Congressman Patrick McHenry will chair Jeb Bush’s North Carolina steering committee.

“I’m proud to endorse Governor Bush as he seeks the Republican nomination,” said Rep. McHenry. “He has a proven pro-growth, pro-life record and is one of our nation’s foremost leaders on school choice and education reform–issues of great importance both here in North Carolina, and nationally. Governor Bush’s clear, conservative vision for greater American prosperity leave me no doubt he is the best candidate to win North Carolina in March, again in November, and ensure a Republican is returned to the White House.”

The committee co-chairmen are Sen. Tom Apodaca Chairman (R-Buncombe), Sen. Brent Jackson (R-Duplin) and Rep. Charles Jeter (R-Mecklenburg).

Tom-Apodaca-Hendersonville-Lightning-IIApodaca ????   WTH?     He and Trump are cut from the same cloth — from a personality standpoint.  They have the same style of doing business. The same modus operandi.  You would think The Godfather would be right at home in the Trump camp.  That one is truly hard to figure out.

We get Jackson and Jeter.  Jackson is in bed with Shumaker, Stewart, et. al. on solar subsidies.  Charles Jeter is Igor to Pat McCrory’s Frankenstein, Renfield to Thom Tillis’s Dracula.

 More McCrory hangers-on got announced today. 

Oh, it gets, um, *better*:jeb

The other members of the Bush’s team include Cheryl Mills, a former U.S. Small Business Administration Official; Darrell Allison, president of Parents for Educational Freedom in NC;  John  Cooper, a USDA Appointee for presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Geroge W. Bush; and Dion Clark, former Policy Director for Governor Pat McCrory. Jonathan Felts will be the N.C. adviser for the campaign. Felts previously served as White House political director and as McCrory’s senior adviser.

The Raleigh GOPe has been buzzing with excitement over Bush for some time now.  Ted Cruz — who we are still holding out hope for — announced his steering committee some time back.

Donald Trump, it appears, has decided to stand and fight in North Carolina.  He is reportedly looking for staff to run his campaign in The Tar Heel State. 

32 thoughts on “NC RINOs stampede to “JEB!”

  1. I still wouldn’t vote for Jeb for even the position of dogcatcher. The NC GOP needs to be disbanded…they are in bed with the RINOS who are Democrats with a red tie. Get together folks…GOP shoved Tillis down our throats and he is no better than Burr…both flaming RINOS. If NC GOP wants to consistently sell us out…starve them out. (No money,No support).

    1. The NC GOP does not need to disband. The Delegates at the 2015 NC GOP Convention stood up against the RINOs and Moderates in the party and voted for a new Chairman that is not part of the Rino Republican establishment. Lots of liberal republican legislators showed up to support the other candidate and that person lost. And he lost in my opinion because he had the endorsement of republicans in offices the convention delegates are not happy with they position on issues because they go against the party platform that is conservative

      It is time to support the change in direction set out by the convention delegates and support the new NC GOP Chairman in taking back the party from the RINO powers that have taken more and more control over the last 15 of so years

      AND I would not vote for Jeb and not because he is a Bush but because he is a liberal in republican clothing but this is not a reason to bash the NCGOP it is why you need to support the conservatives in the race and work to build the party stronger

  2. Patrick McHenry is a male Renee Ellmers. Where is his Jim Duncan?

    But the crowd that hangs around Jeb! makes one remember that Eric Cantor also just joined Bush’s team.

  3. It’s not a terribly impressive line-up. His Father in 1988, and Brother in 2000, had more influentiaI steering committees here. I think a lot of Republicans are still “holding their powder dry,” for now. They tend to want to go with a winner, and this Bush won’t hunt.

  4. Agree with jelly biscuit. Not an impressive list. Big dogs keeping their powder dry and waiting to jump in at right time.

  5. I will never vote for Jeb Bush. As the one who started the fight against Common Core in the NC House, how could I? Everybody please stand up for Hassan and Michele as our NC GOP leaders. We can reform the NC GOP if we rally around them.

  6. I cannot understand why McHenry and Apodaca would do this so early in the game when WE all know that JEB will NEVER be elected…he has zero energy and is a
    blowhard, NOT a LEADER at all! None compare to Cruz / Trump !!!

    anyway, people are fools to follow Jeb the LOSER.

    1. Patrick McHenry was one of the quislings who voted to fund Obama’s executive amnesty. Jeb! Bush tells us the illegal aliens pour in out of ”love” (love of welfare?).
      You know what they say about birds of a feather.

  7. From what I was told, both McHenry and the NC GOP Congressional delegation, and all GOP members of the General Assembly are members of the NCGOP Executive Committee, and are therefore expressly forbidden to involve themselves in a Republican Primary, per the Program of Organization.

    1. “State, District, and Precinct level” this would not cover national elections at least that is how I read it

      1. Read Article VII, section G again. it says “at ANY level.”

        Of course, if you’re correct, as a member of the ExComm, I’ll be delighted to roll up my sleeves and go to work for the candidate of my choice.” 😉

        1. Well here is what is allowed the way i read it

          A excon member can help the person of their choice in the primary
          But a excom cannot say hey i am a excom member and i support so in the primary
          so a person could endore someone signing their name on a letter just not with a title or position beside their name

          Now the chairman and vicechair or district or county chairs cannot even do this but a atlarge member of a board should be fine. You just cannot make a official republican party statement in a primary thats what this is trying to avoid

          1. Oh? Like State Chairman Tommy Fetzer did in the 8th CD runoff in 2010 when he called the Tea Party aligned frontrunner ”unfit for office” and endorsed the establishment aligned runner up at a press conference Fetzer called for that purpose?

            The same PoO provision existed then and not a darn thing was done to Fetzer over that. If Fetzer can get away with it as a sitting state chairman, as a practical matter it is hard to imagine that anything should be done to a county or district chairman who does the same thing Fetzer did.

            It is one of the reasons I find a Fetzer endorsement to be a kiss of death to anyone else’s candidacy for anything.

          2. That is 100% correct! that’s the way the GOP counsel explained endorsements some time back in an EC MEETING

  8. Mchenry is more out of touch with his constituents than G.K. Butterfield would be. And, there is a great deal of similarity when one looks at their voting records.

  9. Hmm… well, it certainly makes it that much easier to pick out the bad eggs, when they just jump up and wave their hands around like that. 🙂

    The list of “Republican’s I’ve no use for” just kinda writes itself now I suppose.

  10. Apparently you can throw D06 Rep. (RINO) Mark Walker in there as he was spotted at a Jeb fundraiser, not too long ago, here in G’boro.

    This guy is turning out to be a phony, smooth talking, FoxNews Est. hack of a Republican. Whats worse, is I voted for him. I think I’m going to be sick….

  11. Aligning yourself with either a Bush or a Clinton is pretty sound politics. They will be around long after the shooting stars have faded. Even if they loose there are lasting benefits being a member of the club.

  12. I wouldn’t vote for Mr Bush in any circumstance. Lost my respect when he called the Confederate flag “racist”. Personally insulting to me as a native born and raised North Carolinian.

  13. Scratchin my head on Apodaca. Not so much with Patrick ” Tickle Fight” McHenry, or the rest.

  14. Sure everyone is wondering why certain Senators are supporting Rino Jeb Bush. The answer is simple as to look at the Lobbist with connection to DC. As the fat old bald white man said “follow the money”. Look to see which Lobbist are connected to Washington DC and NC and that helps explain the trickle-down theory that the establishment put in place a long time ago.

  15. The RINOS have stabbed America in the back. i want no part of their treason & Rene Elmers is the queen fly standing on a big pile of RINO dung.

  16. I am certain Tricky D, Burr, George “spend more $$” Holding ,Thommy Y.?Cloture are all in the Jeb camp. As a matter of fact,I bet the whole NC delegation minus Jones and Meadows are all lined up for Jeb.
    Speaking of Rep. George Holding, I haven’t heard any of his disingenuous rhetoric about cutting spending during this August recess. You remember the guy who said send me to Washington and I will cut,??, cut,?, cut spending. George sure ain’t no Jesse!

    1. Yes, Holding fooled a lot of people who should have looked at his record as a “tough” prosecutor a little more closely. And the fact that when the redistricting people at the GA originally drew the lines in 2010, the first draft closely resembled the original 13th district with a lot more conservative voters thrown in….then quickly redrew the lines to the current reconfiguration. The story put out for public consumption was that GK Butterfield squawked about the way his adjoining district was drawn and so the GA changed things to suit him.

      But the reality was that the 13th was supposed to be drawn to be Holding’s personal fiefdom and that the district lines as they were originally drawn, were full of people who had originally supported one of Holding’s primary challengers, Bill Randall. Naturally, Holding’s people didn’t want to chance losing to Randall so they dropped a little bug in the ear of the Redistricting committee, and some coin into their hands, to redraw the district on such a way that many of the Randall voters were cut out. The validity of this concern was proven by the fact that the remaining parts of the old 13th district (Granville and northern Wake Counties) went for Randall, not Holding.

  17. RINO means: “Republican In Name Only”.
    I sense a strange transformation in Republican politics. I may be a little slow on the uptake, but I’m smart enough not to bet on a losing horse.
    I know this in anathema to the NC RINOS, but the Jebster is a “losing horse”. Americans have had enough of the Bush-Clinton dynasty. That is also reflected by the polls, where Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are falling (exponentially).
    Unexpectedly, a laughing Voodoo Priest has entered the Temple of Republican Orthodoxy. And as he pollutes icon after RINO icon, the Establishment trembles, because their kingdom has been held in the balance, and found wanting.
    Yes, Donald Trump is the bull in the china shop. And every time he kicks over the shelves, the “experts, pundits, and RINOS” declare him to be “dead in the water”. But lo and behold, two days later, he has gone UP in the polls!
    The RINO idiots John Boehner and Mitch McConnell regard us as “ignorant peasants” and think we don’t remember the promises they made in the mid terms. when we gave them a Republican landslide (and control of the Senate). Arrogantly, they stabbed us in the back, and are now bending over and grabbing their ankles for Obama.
    Now (in Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz) the chickens are coming home to roost.
    And the RINOS (as they should be) are puking their pabulum. Their days are numbered! God speed!

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