NC Legislators end union shakedown of teachers; Democrats & media throw major fit


On the N&O’s front page, there was a full color photo of some large, angry Hillary Clinton lookalikes from the NC Association of Educators (NCAE) holding signs  that said “We will not be silenced.”

(I pity their poor husbands.)

The N&O posted a video on its YouTube page under the headline: “N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis explains secret midnight session.”

Secret?  Really? It was in your paper that the legislators were coming back into session. Your video shows that a ton of reporters and cameras were on-scene.  Most ALL of the 170 legislators were on the scene.  Was it really all that secret? 

The media and their Democrat friends are angry that legislative leaders rammed through a veto override of legislation banning mandatory payroll deduction of union dues from teacher paychecks.  Boss Bev called the legislature back into session to deal with her veto of the repeal of the Racial Justice Act.  But those tricky, tricky Republicans overrode a totally different Boss Bev veto.

Bev’s team and the media have the GALL to protest the ethics and legality of Thom Tillis and Phil Berger’s maneuvering.  Do I HONESTLY have to jump in the way-back time machine to take you back to the days of  Liston Ramsey, Jim Black, Richard Morgan, Dan Blue, Tony Rand, and Mark Basnight?

(Psssttt.   Hey, guys.  Elections Have Consequences. )

David Bass, with Carolina Journal, has a great piece debunking  legal /ethical complaints by Bev and her media hench-persons.

Mandatory payroll deductions from teacher paychecks to fund their membership dues in the NC Association of Educators.  That money basically got laundered back into the campaign coffers of state Democrats. It has been an incredible cash cow for The North Carolina Democrat Party.  It didn’t matter if a teacher happened to be a Republican.  A deduction from his or her paycheck was being forcibly extracted  and handed over to the Democrats.

It’s kind of like the bully who takes your kid’s lunch money each day at school. 

Teachers need to be allowed to choose whether they want to join the NCAE or fund any of its projects.

The media and Democrats can scream all they want to about how this is an attack on teachers and public education. It’s not about any of that.

It’s about pulling the plug on a long-time, lucrative shakedown — er, um, fundraising — effort by the state Democrat Party.