NC-09: WHY are the leftist loons so freakin’ scared of Stony Rushing?


Maybe it’s the fact he knows his way around firearms.  Maybe it’s because he’s not afraid to “whup some ass” when a rival throws shade his way.

But the “peace & love” crowd is frantically contorting itself into all sorts of unholy rage over the very existence of one Stony Rushing.  He’s a Union County commissioner, a Republican, a dreaded gun shop owner who once dressed up as the politically-incorrect Boss Hogg, and the endorsed choice of the even more unholy-to-the-left  Mark Harris to seek the GOP nomination in the extremely FUBAR-ed Ninth Congressional District race.

Something called Popular Information  — a website run by  a gaggle of alumni of the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — tried to decapitate Rushing over a four-year-old domestic dispute involving his daughter and for verbally expressing his desire  to “whup ass” on  a mouthy colleague at a county commissioner meeting.  The only pics of Rushing they could find were the Boss Hogg pics from a few Halloweens ago.  

(Surprisingly, WRAL-TV produced a reasonably fair interview with Rushing. )

Now, another radical  leftist Internet outpost — Alternet — is taking up the crusade against Rushing.  Of course, they’re using the same attack points Popular Info used.  

The Soros-funded Indivisible group — set up as an alternative to The Tea Party — has been assisting with the dissemination of this trash.  (It’s amazing how NOBODY can seem  to find ANY personal failings of one Dan McCready.)

If Rushing truly is the disaster they want us to believe he is, why not sit quietly and keep your powder dry until the general election?  Make life easier for his royal solar-powered highness, Prince Ginger Snowflake McReady. 

Rush Limbaugh often says you can tell who the Left views as its biggest threat by looking at who they lash out at the hardest.  Apparently, ol’ Stony has a lot of those snowflakes laying awake at night.  Crying. 

7 thoughts on “NC-09: WHY are the leftist loons so freakin’ scared of Stony Rushing?

  1. Does anyone even read those alt-left sites. I would put them in the same bag as NC Policy watch where only a tiny set of people even visit the sites, and if they visit the sites they already get the emails from these groups. I guess this is just laying the ground work so that the failing drive by’s can reprint the press releases.

  2. I’ve never met anyone ever paid by George Soros. Has anyone ever seen the millions of 1099s he must send out every year, or even a paystub for any of these leftists he is allegedly funding?

    1. Go meet the Round Reverend who was one of Soros’ go-fers in our state.

      Soros funding is funneled through various of his organizations, the Open Society Institute being the umbrela. “Indivisible” is a rung or so below.

  3. I have known Stony Rushing for many years—-don’t sell him short.
    Dan, (I don’t know where I stand) McReady is in for the biggest defeat of his
    charmed Pelosi life. I’m on board.

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