NC-09: Team Soros, Team Hillary, Team Obama & WRAL come after Stony Rushing


I don’t know much about this guy.  But I’m starting to like him more and more.  He certainly has ALL the right enemies gunning  for him.  (And he doesn’t appear shy about punching back at them.)

Lefties will gladly tell you WHO scares them the most.  THAT is usually who they hit the hardest.  

First, this slime started appearing on Twitter:

Any group you see featuring the  name “Indivisible” is a George Soros-funded operation.  These fronts were all started with the hope of providing a far-left alternative to The Tea Party.

Now, let’s talk about —  a website started by former operatives of  John Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP).  (This is a DC-based group funded and founded by former top operatives to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.) Apparently, these guys thought CAP was just not far-left wacko enough for them.

Next, the article gets “credibility” from Michael Bitzer — a blowhard NC political science professor who can pass gas and get fawning coverage from the state’s drive by media:

And right on cue, here comes Travis Fain, hag to Mister Laura Leslie over at WRAL-TV:

Another shot at Dr. Mark Harris, currently recovering from TWO strokes and a sliming from Fain and his playmates.  *NICE.*

So, we’re not going to be bothered with examining Judd Legum’s background and biases or his website, for that matter?  Wow.  Just another day at the office for the guardians of objective journalism and the people’s right to know the facts.

The Legum article jumps right into some serious dumpster-diving , bringing  up a 2015 domestic court case involving Rushing, a woman not his wife, his daughter, a restraining order, and allegations of marital infidelity.

An attorney named John Snyder represented the woman opposing Rushing and is a primary source for this leftist hit piece.  (A Charlotte attorney named John Snyder has been frequently paid by NCGOP HQ to handle legal matters for the party.  One would hope THIS Mr. Snyder in the Rushing story is not the same one who has been  working for the NCGOP.) 

Rushing fired back at the leftists behind this piece:

Legum and his comrades weren’t finished dumpster-diving:

[…] The courtroom isn’t the only place you’ll find fireworks from Rushing. In an October 2, 2006 meeting of the Union County Board of Commissioners, Rushing threatened to “whip” and “slap” another commissioner.

Commissioner Mike Sexton said that Rushing hadn’t “brought one positive initiative” in four years on the commission. That set Rushing off. He asked the chairman of the commission for a recess before “I lose my temper.”

When the chairman did not agree, Rushing became even more agitated.  “Mr. Chairman, I’m begging you to call for a recess. He’s fixing to get in the middle of getting his rear end whipped,” Rushing said.

“What are you going to do in a recess?” the chairman asked.

“I might go slap his face,” Rushing replied. […] 

Now, WHO hasn’t felt this way about a politician or two?  (Be honest.) 

The left has already indicated that they have no qualms about going scorched-earth in snatching this congressional seat.  If the NCGOP doesn’t nominate someone who will play on that level and fire back with both barrels,  the party may very well hand the district over to  the lefties.