NC-09: Not knowing when it’s time to shut up and go away (and getting smacked down for it)


We’ve all known someone like Robert Pittenger. It could be an acquaintance, a coworker, a relative, a neighbor. It’s one of those folks who just doesn’t get that they’ve worn out their welcome and need to move on.


You would have thought Pittenger MIGHT have taken a hint when he barely escaped Mark Harris in 2016. But NO, he had to come back for more. Mark Harris finally polished him off in May 2018, but Pittenger still wouldn’t go away. He continued to attack Harris and upped the ante by moving on to Mark Meadows.



What does it take for someone to finally realize they are no longer wanted or needed?

Apparently, state senator (and Ninth Congressional District candidate) Dan Bishop knows. Pittenger apparently got in some nasty shots against Bishop while endorsing former Mecklenburg County commissioner Matthew Ridenhour for the Ninth’s GOP nomination. Bishop, an attorney by trade, didn’t care for it and decided to give Bumbling Bob one hell of a legal education:







How ’bout THAT?  It looks like Pittenger fell all over himself to meet Bishop’s deadline:


Kinda weaselly to not specify what exactly was false.  *But that’s OUR BOB.*



Mark Harris’s former campaign manager also clarified what he understood Bishop’s relationship with the campaign was:

[…] Jason Williams, Harris’ former campaign manager, said Bishop “had no involvement with our campaign beyond endorsing” Harris. […] 

Which was the exact proper thing for ANY good Republican in the Ninth Congressional District to do.


This is not the first time Pittenger has stuck his foot in his mouth publicly.  He made national news a few years back for being caught on videotape deriding Tea Partiers for actually wanting to defund ObamaCare.  He continued to employ a staffer who mocked, on social media,  senator Ted Cruz’s  fight to defund ObamaCare.


Pittenger and Renee Ellmers were awarded special recognition by supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens for their work in the House on the issue.


He and his personal real estate business were the subject of an investigation (which mysteriously “went away”) by the FBI and IRS.  Former state senator (and current Ninth District candidate) Fern Shubert gained notoriety for calling out Pittenger during his state senate days for apparently letting his personal business and legislative work intersect a little too much. 


Pittenger tried to paint himself as Donald Trump’s best friend, despite being one of Marco Rubio’s shock troops during the 2016 campaign.




Time to STFU and say ‘buh-bye,’ Bob.