NC-06: Fjeld goes negative on Walker. (Hey, why not? It worked *SO WELL* for Berger, Jr.)

mwPeople around this congressional district are breathing a sigh of relief that the vicious GOP runoff election is over.  But Democrat nominee Laura Fjeld is trying to keep the memory alive: 

If you thought the ugliness was over now that the GOP runoff for the 6th Congressional District is settled, think again.

Democratic contender Laura Fjeld has brought it all back, releasing a greatest hits of bad things Phil Berger Jr. said during the campaign about fellow Republican Mark Walker.

Just in case you forgot.

“What does Republican Phil Berger Jr. think about the Republican nominee in NC-06 Mark Walker?” the press release says. The list of quotes begins with Berger calling Walker a “deranged, unhinged, pathological liar,” and includes a total of 9 damning statements originally made by the Berger campaign.[…]

That follows the tone she set the night of the GOP runoff:

Democratic congressional candidate Laura Fjeld welcomed Republican supporters of Phil Berger Jr. to join her campaign, stating, “Those mainstream Republican voters who are disappointed with their extremist nominee have a home in my campaign.  I represent mainstream North Carolina values, and will work with Republicans, Independents, and Democrats to create jobs and improve education.”

Laura outlined the differences between her and Walker, stating, Mark Walker is a radical extremist who doesn’t share the values of North Carolinians.  He wants to raise taxes on millions of working families.  Walker believes that women who are the victim of rape or incest should be forced to carry the resulting pregnancy. Walker would even outlaw some forms of birth control.  This is 2014, we should be talking about jobs, not banning birth control.” fjeld hagan

 Laura concluded by stating that, Walker’s extremism has blinded him from the issues that matter. I am laser focused on the issues people care about: creating jobs, fixing our roads, improving our schools, and cutting wasteful spending.  I will work with both sides, be a consensus builder, and get the results we need to help families here in North Carolina.  I will work to end the Washington gridlock while Mark Walker’s extremism will make it worse.  I will be a voice for everyone; Mark Walker will be a voice only for the most extreme segment of our society.”

Extremist?  A focus on birth control?  I checked out Walker’s web site, and found a bunch of stuff about, oh, the economy, cutting regulations, cutting taxes, supporting fracking and other similar energy exploration techniques, and reforming the ”social welfare net” to encourage keeping families together and eventual independence.  Fjeld is the one — like Kay Hagan — who is fixated on lady parts. 

12 thoughts on “NC-06: Fjeld goes negative on Walker. (Hey, why not? It worked *SO WELL* for Berger, Jr.)

  1. What is the word on Walker?

    Will the conservatives support him or is he another Elmers and Tillis?

    Will there be a write-in against Walker?

    1. Earlier this year I commented on my misgivings concerning Walker. Since then, I think he’s someone I can enthusiastically support for the following reasons. Some very unmistakably conservative, prominent people have gotten behind him. I suspect that he is not the least bit tone-deaf, a la Ellmers, and understands quite well what his base expects of him. And once elected, I look forward to watching him keep his promise to NOT vote for Boehner for Speaker. I think his choice of Trey Gowdy is a good one. And icing on the cake, he seems to have Coble’s personal touch with people throughout his district. Which reminds me, even when I wasn’t too sure about Walker, I had to concede that he was the only candidate in the race (other than Don Webb) who had the guts to announce long before anyone knew Coble was going to retire which speaks well of his motives.

  2. Sounds more like a play from the Thad Cochran/Burr/Rove/Boehner/etc establishment play book. Had Berger Jr. won, the establishment republicans would be demanding that all the independents get back in the barn and support their man. In this case they’re demanding that die-hard republicans vote for the liberal democrat to teach those pesky tea party/independents/unaffiliateds a lesson! What the establishment republicans don’t understand is that the lesson being learned will likely be by the republicans who like the democrats will be losing membership in all 100 counties instead of just 51. It’s time that we teach both parties a lesson – switch your registration to unaffiliated!

    1. “It’s time that we teach both parties a lesson – ”

      That is very true. And if North Carolina elects Fjeld, Aiken and Hagan I think both parties will get the message. What exactly the message is I am not too sure but at least we will have sent them the message. Probably would not be a bad idea to attach a translation so that Nancy and Harry can understand it.

    2. Robert,

      Can you name ONE Berger supporter who is asking people to vote for Fjeld. Of course you cant, because none exist.

      I did not support Walker in the primary. He was and is to the left of Berger. However, on some issues important to conservatives such as social issues and entitlement reform, he is solidly conservative.

      All conservatives should rally behind him. While people will be disappointed at times with some of his votes, he will be a reliable vote against the GOP leadership (if you like that sorta thing), and will, I believe, has a wonderful constituency service staff in his offices.

  3. The best way to teach the Republican establishment is to vote for Democrats in each race. Nothing but Rinos running on the GOP side. Might as well have Democrats in office as Rinos. Fjeld might surprise us and be more conservative than Walker.

    1. Wrong! There are lots of races where the Republican is a decent conservative. In fact, on my ballot, the only one who is questionable is Tillis.

      1. Tillis is to the left of Kay Hagan on all the issues. Kay has seniority and we should send her back to the Senate. Tillis will be a disaster.

        1. Tillis may not be to the left of Hagan on all issues, but he is on some. Both would be disaster. Our Senate election is a train wreck with NC being stuck with a dud whichever way it goes. We can all thank out of state busy body Karl Rove for buying the GOP nomination for Tillis.

  4. As a first time candidate, I think he is somebody who is still developing some of his political views. As I pointed out recently, last month the mobile version of his official campaign website supported a pathway to citizenship for 12 million illegals. At the same time the desktop version of his site was more in line with conservatives on immigration… I guess it’s a coin flip.

  5. Congratulations to Mark Walker on a well-run race. He was handing out pens at the GOP Convention in Charlotte last June. Getting into the race early paid off. Tillis is an opportunist. Who knows what he really believes?

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