#nc-03 voting turnout update


(Thanks to our friends at Civitas.)  As of the close of business today,  there have been 6,993 votes.

Women still have about a 200 vote edge over men.    Republicans are still outpacing Democrats  by about the same  margin as our last report. 

The top five precincts, in terms of turnout, as of today are:   TWO in Pitt,  TWO in Lenoir and ONE in Onslow.

The top ten precincts include: FOUR in Pitt, TWO in Lenoir, TWO in Carteret, ONE in Onslow, and ONE in Craven.

The top performing state Senate districts are:  District 2 (Sanderson),  District 5 (Davis), and District 1 (Steinburg).

The top performing state House districts are:  District 9 (Murphy),  District 3 (Speciale), and District 6 (Hanig).

The election itself takes place on  April 30.