NC-03: The McIntyres (D) return Joan Perry’s favor



For a former Democrat congressman, Mike McIntyre sure is playing a  major role in a Republican primary (in a district he doesn’t even live in).


Joan  Perry and Greg Murphy are locked in a runoff for the GOP nomination in North Carolina’s Third Congressional District that came open with the death of Walter Jones earlier this year.    Earlier in the campaign, it came to light that Perry — who has made a big deal of her Republican and conservative credentials — had appeared in a 2012 endorsement ad for McIntyre.  

That year,  McIntyre was locked in a close race with Republican then-state senator David Rouzer.  (McIntyre barely eked out a victory that year.)


Now, it has come to our attention — thanks to numerous observant and helpful moles — that former congressman McIntyre’s wife, Dee, worked the polls FOR PERRY  on primary election day.   Numerous sources confirmed seeing Mrs. McIntyre campaigning on April 30 at the East Northwoods precinct in Jacksonville.



According to our sources,  Dee McIntyre made it clear to several voters in the vicinity of that voting site that day WHO she was and WHO she was supporting.


State board of elections records indicate that Mrs. McIntyre resides in Hillsborough in Orange County, and is a constituent of U.S. Rep. David Price.


Early voting is underway for the Third District runoff.  Election Day is July 9.

8 thoughts on “NC-03: The McIntyres (D) return Joan Perry’s favor

  1. The problem with the McIntyre endorsement is Perry refuses to back off of it. She defends McIntyre and his voting record every time she is asked about it. In fact, when you hear her talk about the “lies” that were told about her by the House Freedom Caucus, she is talking about calling McIntyre a Nancy Pelosi Democrat. If she is willing to do a TV ad endorsing a Democrat, then run for Congress as a Republican standing behind that endorsement, is there any doubt what she will do in Congress? I just hope all these negative ads against Murphy don’t sneak her in there. You can’t turn on the TV in the East without seeing an attack ad against Murphy from these outside groups. His ad is running on Fox News and thankfully, it’s got Mark Meadows in there setting the record straight. Don’t know of anyone in Congress I have more respect for than Mark Meadows.

  2. Democrats do look after their kin!
    I served with Walter Jones. I feel sure he would be endorsing Greg Murphy.

  3. Per NC’s voter registration records both Michael and Denise McIntyre are unaffiliated voters.

    It would have been comforting to know they had embraced the Republican Party if for no other reason than to boost their friend’s election chances. I wish them well but this news has not warmed me to their side, although as a TEA Party person I have high regard for Dr. Perry’s strong endorsements. Mark Meadows support is stronger.

    1. I looked up Mike McIntyre on the NC BOE and he is a registered democrat. He’s Douglas Carmichael McIntyre, Hillsborough, NC. He was my congressman when I lived in Wilmington and compared to many of today’s dems he was fairly conservative. But apparently he’s not so conservative that he’s left the party.

  4. I cannot imagine a more disingenuous Republican than one who openly campaigns for and endorsed a Democrat. Particularly during the tenure of Obama and Pelosi. And this while the Conservative grassroots of NC7 had risen up and organized to oust the long time incumbent, McIntyre. Congressman McIntyre flaunted his “Republicans for McIntyre” group when speaking with Republicans. Dr. Perry should not be rewarded for her traitorous behavior she should be shown the door. I pray the good ppl of NC3 do the right thing.

    1. If “party disloyalty” is not going to be enforced, particularly in such an egregious case as this one involving Perry and McIntrye, it should be removed from the NC GOP’s Plan of Organization. We don’t need rules that are selectively enforced.

  5. I found Mike McIntyre’s name on a list of Democrat Socialists back during his time in Congress.
    Has he changed stripes?

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