‘Draining the swamp’? Officially, now a JOKE.



With President Trump’s endorsement of the man whose biggest dream upon arriving in DC was chairing the National Republican Senatorial Committee,  we can officially attach a ‘jk’  (just kidding) emoji to Trump’s whole ‘Drain The Swamp meme.


Trump came out with an official endorsement of Thom Tillis’s reelection bid today.  What’s funny  is — I can’t find any record of Tillis EVER publicly endorsing Trump.  (Tillis sure made  a big deal out of his endorsement of Marco Rubio back in 2016.)



Believe it or not, you can still respect and support politicians when they occasionally do something you don’t like.  Senator Helms frustrated me with some of the things he supported during his time as ranking member or chairman of the Agriculture Committee and Foreign Relations Committee.



In 1990, I was in the auditorium when former President Reagan formally endorsed gun control.   It made me sick to my stomach.  Granted he had been through an experience that colored his thinking on the matter.  But that didn’t make me abandon my respect for the man.



Thom Tillis is beyond saving or even respect.  He lied to us throughout the 2014 campaign, and barely survived.  He has thumbed his nose at his voters since arriving in DC.  There is NOTHING to justify keeping him in the Senate for six more years.



The bottom line is this: Don’t put politicians on pedestals.  They are just like the rest of us.  (Sometimes WORSE. i.e., Tillis.)  They make mistakes and do things we wish they wouldn’t.  It’s our job to guide them back onto the straight and narrow.




Since the NCGOP convention, it ought to be clear that the national Republican Party is conducting a hostile takeover of North Carolina.  They’ve picked our state party chairman, and they’re preparing to pick another US senator.  (Everyone remember Watergate Hotel resident Elizabeth Dole?)


Oh, and the op-ed that Tillis wrote in 2017 claiming Trump had NO MANDATE sure was a knee-slapper worthy of a presidential endorsement, eh?





Another “funny” is how loaded with falsehoods the Trump endorsement of Tillis is.  It’s as though the president is completely unfamiliar with our very own walking talking cash machine, aka the junior senator from North Carolina.



“Strong on the border and fights hard against illegals immigration.”   WTH?  Seriously?    Trump must have missed this interview Tillis did with Tucker Carlson where Tillis emphatically denied that we even need a wall AT ALL.   The president must have also missed Tillis holding up the approval of one of Trump’s Homeland Security nominees who was to handle immigration.  Let’s not forget Tillis’s efforts to prop up the Obama-era DACA program.  



Tillis is one of the least conservative members of the North Carolina congressional delegation and one of the least conservative Republicans  in the Senate.  


This endorsement coming now  is soooooooo  RNC.  Those boneheads would rather blow millions in propping up a horrible, unpopular nominee than to let the people decide on a possibly better candidate.  The deeper DC sinks its claws into North Carolina politics, the more at-risk they put the NCGOP ticket in November.  You can take that to the bank.



Nobody — outside of the DSCC — wants Thom Tillis as the GOP’s general election nominee.  Every bit of polling confirms that.


Try finding a North Carolina Republican candidate who wants Tillis campaigning with them — or even endorsing them.  Nationally, Tillis has been found to be the 2nd most unpopular Republican up for reelection in 2020.  And the RNC and White House are ready to bet the farm on him.



Part of this, I’m told, has to do with Garland Tucker’s op-ed in 2016 criticizing candidate Trump but admitting he would reluctantly be voting for him.  (Since that writing, Tucker has said in speech after speech after interview that Trump has been (1) a pleasant surprise and (2) the closest thing we’ve had to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher since those two were in power. )


But what about Tillis’s op-ed where he said in 2017 that neither Trump nor Republicans had a mandate — and that everyone needed to work with Democrats?


Another part is Trump worrying about his own election.  He’s worried the NCGOP will beat itself up in a primary and energize the Democrats in November.  That’s pretty weak.  But that’s DC for you.


One more piece of food for thought:  The last time Trump got in the middle of a NCGOP primary early?  It was 2016 and involved incumbent Reps. George Holding and Renee Ellmers.   Trump proudly endorsed Ellmers.  Holding took her out anyway.  Guess who Holding’s campaign consultant was then?  Carter Wrenn, the same guy running Garland Tucker’s 2020 campaign.


25 thoughts on “‘Draining the swamp’? Officially, now a JOKE.

    1. Trump endorsed.
      Joni Ernst is endorsing.
      Lindsay Graham endorsed..

      And, we are to believe there IS a diff?
      The GOP will soon rid themselves of all the conservative support b/c of matters just as this.
      Voting for the past 20 to 30Y+ for the GOP nationally has really produced few results.

      The BORDER is in shambles and IF Trump/Tillis THINK we forgot, are forgetting?
      $4BILLION in taxpayer funds just supported and the border REMAINS wide open….

  1. I think that since the President has been criticized for not owning a pet dog; he had decided get a lap dog. Sen. Tillis is now indebted to the President. Sen. Tillis ardent supporters have already been saying that we have to back him in order to support the President and by voting for the other guy we are not. My response is that there would be a time I’d disagree with the President and now is that time. I’d have trouble voting for Tillis over any Democrat because at least I’ll know where the Democrat stands.

  2. I speculated in April when the 2 played golf at Maralago that there was a “quid pro quo” in the offing. Whether that is true or not, Trump sure
    followed his RNC darlings and political advisors and did the unthinkable, came out for Tillis. I know Tillis will break the bank to beat up Garland Tucker, and with Sandy Smith in the race, running as a conservative woman, that makes defeating Tillis all the more difficult. Makes me wonder if there is a “deal” in there somewhere too. I hope all the conservatives who oppose Tillis will give Garland Tucker the benefit of the doubt, and volunteer and give money to his campaign. It would help to ENUMERATE all of the anti-Trump acts and articles Tillis has written, so we can see them tallied up. The guy is a total hypocrite.

  3. anyone wondering why one should vote Tucker and not Tillis should read the introduction chapter to Garland Tuckers book “Conservative Heroes” from the start in the introduction he outlines 5 things the make up real conservatism and why these values are important. If he goes to DC and serves NC with these foundational beliefs then NC cannot go wrong picking Garland Tucker the next Republican US Senator from NC

  4. This is going to be interesting. My county chairman detests George Holding but when one of Holding’s known close associates called him to sing Garland Tucker’s praises, he held off on hanging up on the guy…….because how he feels about Holding is nothing compared to the contempt he has for Tillis. And even Mr. Trump isn’t going to change his mind. If this is a widespread sentiment, and at the risk of repeating myself, this is going to be interesting.

  5. The RNC is heavily involved in North Carolina because the National Republican Convention will be in Charlotte. The RNC is all about money and control, not about any good government or Constitutional principles!

  6. Why would someone deliberately take wind out of their own sails?
    Bad move Mr President.

  7. I’ll be working for Garland Tucker to beat Tillis in the primary. If Tillis appears on the ballot in Nov 2020, since I can’t stand adding a Democrat vote to the totals, I simply won’t vote for either candidate.

  8. It’s been many years since I held such disdain for any candidate but Tillis is head and shoulders ahead of any candidate
    I hope loses–even if it means we lose a seat. Tillis is an imposter in every sense and is just using the GOP as a conduit
    to fame and fortune. Out damn spot!

    1. If we lose the Senate majority we lose our last chance to balance the courts. Too much is at stake to let emotions make decisions. I hope folks will step up and vote Republican regardless of who is on the ballot the worst Republican is still better than the best Democrat. We can ever win by losing.

      1. Your argument is logical, but I’m afraid it’s too late for that. We can’t rely on “balancing the courts” since the conservative judges, like Roberts, simply join the swamp once they get there.

        It’s time to tell the politicians that lying to us is not acceptable. It may take a generation to get the message to them, but every journey begins with a first step. It’s a sad time for those of us who have children.

  9. Too bad President Trump went down this road, but I’m still not supporting Tillis in the primary. Tucker looks to be the best bet, but the added headwind of a vote-splitter and POTUS’s contrary endorsement will make the uphill climb steeper. Oh well, I can live with another dramatic election outcome.

  10. I wish the Washington DC morons would read this article and the comments below and see what being a conservative is all about. We don’t blindly follow people. Also, we don’t abandon people just because we disagree on one issue or endorsement. I’m thrilled with the job President Trump is doing, against all the odds. But I won’t support Tillis just because Trump does and I won’t throw Trump under the bus just because I don’t agree with this endorsement. If I had to guess what is going on here, it’s politics vs. personal . I think Tillis has been at odds with Trump politically. I think the Garland Tucker’s comments,although years ago, were personal. If you know anything about Trump you know that he does take things personally. I think that’s what the decision was based upon. Now the interesting part is how Tucker handles it from here. It appeared his whole campaign was going to be based on supporting Trump. He can still support Trump, just like the people on this board, even though we don’t agree with endorsement. But can you campaign on supporting someone who is endorsing your opponent?

  11. There’s way too much Hero worship right now with President Trump. I support him, but don’t worship him. I always liked Walter Jones because he did what’s best for the district. I wish we had someone who would support the district and not worship the President.

  12. I suspect that Mitch McConnell pulled the strings with the White House on this one, and unfortunately it will hurt President Trump in our state to tie himself to the despised Thom Tillis. Unfortunately, Trump needs McConnell to cooperate on confirming many of his nominations and that factor likely prevailed.

    Still, it boggles the mind that Trump would do this after TIllis’ proclamation that Trump had no mandate and Tillis’ legislation to back the Mueller witch hunt.

    Sandy Smith is a spoiler, probably arranged by the Tillis campaign.

    One key goal of conservatives is not changed one iota by this endorsement, and that is the drive to bring Thom Tillis home for good.

    We need to reelect Trump and dump Tillis.

  13. Some of you transplanted Ocean Staters might remember a guy named Steve (?) who primaried Lincoln Chafee. Linc was a super Rino but the RNC wanted to keep him (they never want to primary an incumbent Rep, especially in an all-Dem state, so they spent millions, CRUSHED Steve like a bug, like they’ll do to Tucker, and stuck us all with Chafee. He became the WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED to the Rep party, went against everything Bush wanted to do, voted against him, became the media darling and ended up “converting” to Ind. Same thing happening here– GO GARLAND– TUCK IT TO HIM

  14. Difference between Tillis and Tucker re: Trump:

    Tucker: Mea Culpa, I was wrong about Trump.

    Tillis: I was with him all along! (despite evidence to the contrary)

    Trump/RNC need NC badly for both the presidency and a Senate majority, and think a non-competitive, smooth pathway for the incumbent is the way to get there, regardless of how Tillis has voted/postured. I think a divisive primary w/ a Tucker victory will not hurt Trump, nor a Senate majority, in the least.

  15. I think every conservative needs to write Pres Trump about what McConnell is doing in pushing Tillis on NC Republicans. Tillis has shown himself to NOT BE A CONSERVATIVE, He only voted 37% with Pres Trump and conservatives, he has supported the Democrats during his time in Congress. NC does not want Tillis bc he does not represent our views. You risk losing this Senate seat and votes for Pres Trump also. Tillis is the wrong man, VOTE GARLAND TUCKER

  16. As a former chairman of the GOP in Guilford county I think it is time to throw out Mr Tillis.. North Carolina can do better. Have not met Mr Tucker…so far he sounds pretty good..Don’t know where he stands on allowing all these so-called many temporary Visa workers entering and depressing the wages for our own workers..

  17. I recently met Garland Tucker and asked him directly about his support for President Trump. He said Trump was not his first choice, but he has been pleasantly surprised and now supports him wholeheartedly. If I remember correctly he was also not Nickki Haley’s first choice, but she also came around. After hearing Mr. Tucker speak at length on the issues I have a very good feeling about him, not unlike my support for Dan Forest. It would be wonderful to have candidates on the ballot we could truly get excited about. As for Tillis, I have decided I am a ‘Never-Tilliser’’. I cannot foresee any circumstance in which I would vote for him.

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