Cheering The Obstruction of Justice


During the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s,  liberals were outraged — OUTraged — by local sheriffs and police departments refusing to cooperate with federal agents in the protection of civil rights protesters and the taming of the KKK.


It was — rightfully — argued that enforcement of the law should not be colored by party registration nor should it be tainted by personal political beliefs.


The modern-day Democrat Party (with a lot of help from their stupid sycophant stenographers in the drive-by media) has demonized ICE — the federal law enforcement agency charged with protecting our borders and enforcing our customs laws — as  something just this side of Hitler’s SS or Gestapo.   It’s a complete 180 from the party line of the 1960s.


Meanwhile, polls are showing that illegal immigration is at the top of most Americans’ minds.



Fifty-plus years ago, failing to cooperate with federal law enforcement down south was an absolute travesty.  Now, it’s a patriotic act.  Our Democrat  governor — the most recent former state attorney general and chief law enforcement officer  — has come out in favor of obstructing federal law enforcement.   


Illegal immigration is breaking our health care system, straining our social welfare safety net, packing our jails,  and hindering economic growth.  Liberals love it because it replaces all the thinking people who left Democrat ranks for more conservative choices with a whole new class of uber-dependent, low-skilled, non-English-speaking voters.  Just the kind of folks to buy into the crap being peddled by Wayne Goodwin and Nancy Pelosi.



Sheriff departments cooperate ALL the time with other agencies — local and area police departments, area sheriff departments, the SBI, the DEA, the ATF.  And they sure LOOOOOOOOOOVE the federal grant money.


All ICE asks of these departments asks is this:  If you arrest an illegal on a criminal charge, and learn that ICE is interested in him, hold him until ICE can arrive at your facility.   You’d hold a suspect  for the DEA or the SBI.


Willfully releasing these illegals before ICE gets to town — just because the local liberal loudmouths don’t want the immigration laws enforced — is clearly obstruction of federal law enforcement.


Liberals claim to be the voice of “the little people.”  But they seem to have little pity for the working class folks who lose their jobs to illegals who will do the same work for pennies on  the dollar.  Nor do they appear to have sympathy for the farmers along the southern border who are having their property overrun and vandalized by illegals and drug smugglers.


It’s an absolute breakdown of civil society when we have law enforcement refusing to enforce the law.  Politics having such a heavy influence in law enforcement  is dangerous.  We can point out way too many tragic eras in history where that has happened.