#NC-03: The LONG arm of the Law?

Oh, The Third Congressional District’s GOP primary is living up to its reputation for soap-opera and drama.  DC lobbyist (and Craven County commissioner) Scott Dacey is already in as a challenger to incumbent Walter Jones.

State Senator Harry Brown, the #2 guy in the upper chamber on Jones Street, seriously flirted with the idea of jumping in But, the powers-that-be (who apparently don’t appreciate hearing news like that FIRST from a website) talked some sense into him and he’s back on the reelection trail for another term in Raleigh. 

Now comes word — from moles in the district — that a former Jones opponent may be jumping into the race.  According to the moles, Scott Dacey and Philip Law both spoke to the Crystal Coast Tea Party Patriots in Morehead City last night.   

My folks in the room told me that (1) Law told the group he will be running against Jones and (2) Dacey did not appear to be happy about it at all.

And why should he be?  Up until last night, my sources tell me, Law has been openly supporting Dacey.  Dacey, according to my sources in the room, said he and Law had a “handshake agreement” that Law would not get in the race. People in the district tell me that — as late as Christmas — Law was adamantly denying rumors he was going to run and was endorsing Dacey.

To make things more interesting, Law WAS an Onslow County.  As late as November 2016, THAT is where he voted.  In December 2017, he moved his voter registration to Wake County — which is in the 2nd congressional district. 

The address he lists as his place of residence is a golf-front at TPC at Wakefield in Wake Forest.

The law does not require congressional candidates to actually live in the districts they run in.  But it certainly does help.


7 thoughts on “#NC-03: The LONG arm of the Law?

  1. Law is more conservative than liberal Washington, DC lobbyist Scott Dacey, but Walter is the one with the proven conservative record.

    The worst sort of swamp creature to ever have in elected office is one who has been a lobbyist. By nature, they cozy up to the special interests instead of representing the peoples interests.

      1. Walter is an immigration hawk and a budget / spending hawk, two things our Congress badly needs. He is also one of the few willing to stand up to drain the Boehner / Ryan swamp in the House GOP caucus.

        Lobbyist Dacey, on the other hand, is in bed with about every special interest that comes down the pike, and he is so think with the Boehner / Ryan mafia that he personally gave $12,000 to Boehner’s campaign to remain Speaker.

        If you liked John Boehner, you will love Scott Dacey.

        Law might make an acceptable congressman, but Dacey is an establishment insider slimeball.

        1. Walter is no budget or spending hawk; he just likes to pretend to be. He has voted for big government program after big government program and continues to accept donations from far-left groups because he supports their liberal agenda. Jones is still the only Republican co-sponsor on Elizabeth Warren’s Glass-Steagall bill. His fiscal conservative record is worse than that of Renee Ellmers. Period. Full stop.

          1. Walter is one of the few NC Congressmen to consistently vote against Boehner and Ryan’s omnibus and CRominibus sellouts to the Democrats and to consistently vote against debt ceiling increases and to vote against big spending budgets. I know you are a long time Walter hater, but those are the facts. What we do NOT need is a Boehner buddy like Scott Dacey or Walter’s previous opponent who was also closely tied to Boehner.

            Walter Jones was the only other NC Congressman with the guts to stand up with Mark Meadows to get rid of Boehner, while Scott Dacey spent $12,000 of his own personal money to try to keep Boehner as Speaker.

            And then you get to Scott Dacey’s contributions to the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democrat Senatorial Compaign Committee, as well as individual libereal Democrat candidates.

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