#nc-03: “Outsider” Dacey hits up DC lobbyist pals for cash (Oh, yeah. We’ve got mail!)

Congressman Walter Jones’s challenger in the 3rd district, Scott Dacey, is making a big deal out of Jones’s lengthy tenure in DC and playing up his own service to the local area. So, if you’re planning on taking that route, WHY on earth would one of your first post-announcement moves be to hit up a bunch of DC lobbyists for cash?

Here’s an email:

From: Scott Dacey <scdacey@gmail.com>
Date: July 10, 2017 at 9:44:12 PM EDT
To: “Mahoney, Dan” <dmahoney@USChamber.com>
Cc: Aurene Martin <amartin@spiritrockllc.com>, Jodi Gillette <JGillette@SONOSKY.COM>, “philip.baker-shenk@hklaw.com” <Philip.Baker-Shenk@hklaw.com>, “Paul.Moorehead@PowersLaw.com” <Paul.Moorehead@PowersLaw.com>, “jpata@ncai.org” <jpata@ncai.org>, “Mark.Cruz@mail.house.gov” <Mark.Cruz@mail.house.gov>, Larry Rosenthal <lrosenthal@ietan.com>, Scott Dacey <sdacey@pacellp.com>, Pete Kirkham <pete.kirkham@redmaple-consulting.com>, Eddie Ayoob <edward.ayoob@btlaw.com>, Mary Pavel <MPAVEL@SONOSKY.COM>, “john.tahsuda@navigatorsglobal.com” <john.tahsuda@navigatorsglobal.com>, “nighthorseconsultants@gmail.com” <nighthorseconsultants@gmail.com>, “jguzik@franklinpartnership.com” <jguzik@franklinpartnership.com>, “drhinerson@pacellp.com” <drhinerson@pacellp.com>, Jim Wise <jwise@pacellp.com>, “dhermanyhorses@indiangaming.org” <dhermanyhorses@indiangaming.org>, “vwatters@indiangaming.org” <vwatters@indiangaming.org>, “ddesiderio@NCAI.org” <ddesiderio@NCAI.org>, “jharte@mapetsi.com” <jharte@mapetsi.com>, “gsmith@hobbsstraus.com” <gsmith@hobbsstraus.com>, Jana McKeag <jmgop@aol.com>, Lloyd Benton Miller <LLOYD@SONOSKY.NET>, Jason Giles <jgiles@indiangaming.org>, Carl Duncan <cduncan@spiritrockinc.com>, “gkenny@mapetsi.com” <gkenny@mapetsi.com>, “esullivan@bhfs.com” <esullivan@bhfs.com>, “matt@lonerock.co” <matt@lonerock.co>, Tom Brierton <tbrierton@verizon.net>, Holly Cook Macarro <hmacarro@spiritrockllc.com>
Subject:Dacey for Congress

Folks – While I expect I will be reaching out to most of you individually to talk about my race, attached find a recent release announcing my candidacy for Congress, a news article from my local paper, and…..a donation form.

Please let me know if you need any other information regarding this race.

Thank you.


Okay.  Let’s look at a few of the recipients.
The VERY FIRST ONE is Dan Mahoney of the US Chamber.  (He runs something for them called The Native American Enterprise Institute.) 
Aurene Martin is a lobbyist and former assistant secretary of Indian Affairs.
Dacey sent this to Mark Cruz at an official US House email account.  (If that’s not illegal, it’s certainly on thin ethical ice.  Sending a solicitation for a political donation to an official congressional email account?)  Cruz is chief of staff to congressman Todd Rokita, and formerly worked on the Obama White House’s Initiative on American Indians. 
Edward Ayoob is a lobbyist who held a number of jobs on the staff of US senator Harry Reid (D-NV). He’s also on the Board of Governors of the Arab American Institute.
Mary Pavel is a lobbyist and former director & chief council for the US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Her political patrons were Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Senator Jon Tester (D-MT).
John Harte is a  lobbyist who once was policy director for Democrat Senator Byron Dorgan (ND).  Harte was also once an aide to Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno.
Jason Giles is the executive director of the National Indian Gaming Association.
Veronica Waters is  Legislative Director of the Indian Gaming Commission.
Emily Sullivan is a lobbyist who formerly served as an aide to US Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL).
Lobbyist Holly Cook Macarro is a former director of office of Native American Affairs at the Democratic National Committee.
She also worked in the White House office of Intergovernmental Affairs under Bill Clinton, and earned quite a reputation for her work with tribes on get out the vote (GOTV) efforts for Democrat candidates.

5 thoughts on “#nc-03: “Outsider” Dacey hits up DC lobbyist pals for cash (Oh, yeah. We’ve got mail!)

  1. Smh. I can see it coming…..more Walter hates Israel and Walter was Obama. That’s what that kind of Bovine Science we are about to be treated to. Well. I’m good with political jungle warfare. Better play it straight and keep that S&H Green stamps outta this race.

  2. US Representative Walter Jones is an excellent Representative for eastern NC and Coastal Areas. He supports what the people sent him to Washington, DC US Congress to do!

  3. So, this stinking turd Dacey is looking for money from a bunch of liberal Democrat lobbyists to challenge a conservative in a REPUBLICAN primaru? We do not need a fifth columnist like this infiltrating our party.


  4. No real surprise here. Wonder how many arms will be twisted and lies told? How could anyone remotely interested in what’s best for our country or state vote for this member of the self-proclaimed ruling class?

  5. If any conservative would support Scott Dacey, no matter what their issues with Jones, they ought to have their head examined.
    People like Taylor Griffin and Phil Law seemed to be nice guys with a desire to give an alternative. Every time I read another Haymaker article about Dacey it screams SNAKE! Dacey and his RINO Washington buddies are trying to buy a congressional seat.

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