NC-03: Is that sulphur I smell?


I knew that the wide-open opportunity in this congressional race would be too much for NCGOPe uber-consultants Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker to pass up.

All sorts of indicators are telling me that this duo  are beating the bushes to get former state senator Thom Goolsby of Wilmington to move a little further north and join the GOP fray in The Third Congressional District.   Goolsby had a pretty strong conservative record in the senate and on the UNC board of governors.  

Goolsby is a pretty good guy.  We’ve been fans around these parts.  But he has a mountain of “baggage” attached to him that would make any opposition research specialist worth his salt swoon with delight.   Does he REALLY need something like this in his life, right now? 

Filing for this seat ends Friday.  Here’s where things stand so far AS OF RIGHT NOW with filing:

1 thought on “NC-03: Is that sulphur I smell?

  1. I have always respected Goulsby, but if he ties up with those despicable slugs Shumaker and / or Stewart, I would not have a darn thing to do with him. I make it a point to vote AGAINST Shumaker or Stewart candidates.

    We do not need another conservative in the race, as that would divide the conservative vote even more, creating a danger of an establishment moderate like Murphy getting the nomination. But if he hires progressive Republicans consultants Shumaker or Stewart, one would have to wonder about his conservatism going forward, anyway.

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