Therrible Thom’s really bad, really awful, therrible SELLOUT


I know.  Talking about Thom Tilli$$$ selling out is starting to sound like a broken record.  His record of lying, backstabbing and all-around underhanded moves is so extensive and expansive that one tends to get nose-blind, or used to it. 

My favorite line about him is this one by one of his former neighbors in Mecklenburg County:

“You want Thom to come see you?  Tape a $50 bill to your front door.”

Some politicians actually have principles (and a tad bit of shame).  You may not agree with them, but you know they are operating from principle.  Therrible Thom has none of that.  He is guided by whomever put the last check in his hand. Outside the US Senate, they call what he does PANDERING.  And they throw people in jail for it. 

Lil’ Jordan Shaw and lil’ Patrick Sebastian have been trotted out in front of the drive by media to defend Thilli$$$ as some sort of godfather of an alleged ‘conservative revolution.’

Folks who were there in Raleigh when the GOP took over in 2010 tell me that — prior to the GOP takeover — Therrible Thom showed no sort of leadership whatsoever.  He was invisible.  When the smoke cleared on election night, and it was clear there would be new bosses in the House, word was sent out that the Charlotte crony-capitalist big-money crowd wanted to see Thilli$$$ in the big chair at the front of the chamber.  He had been so good at working with Democrats to help them get solar subsidies and other government-funded perks.  They wanted him in a position where he could really benefit their bank accounts.

This alleged leader of the alleged ‘conservative revolution’ was frequently siding with Pat McCrory to block and / or hamstring more conservative solutions originating in the state Senate.

In 2014, after Greg Brannon and Mark Harris were dispatched in the GOP primary, we were told to hold our noses for Thom because he’s all we got. He’s going to be better than  Kay Hagan, we were told. 

(Guided by the alleged uberconsultant Paul Shumaker, Therrible Thom barely beat ‘Walking Dead’ Hagan and the pizza guy.) 

Though, he hasn’t been by much.  His conservative effectiveness ratings, not to mention his popularity ratings, have been stuck in the low-to-mid 30s.

Thilli$$$ in his arrogance has suggested he’s unbeatable because our state is soooooo “purple”  and he’s so loaded with special interest cash.  (Talk to Mark Meadows and Dan Forest — two guys who don’t seem shy about actually behaving like conservatives.)   We’ve heard talk of at least one credible person looking at primarying him.  Hopefully, that happens.

All other Republicans on the ballot in 2020 need to worry about Thom’s presence on the ballot, and how the burning white-hot hatred of him by the grassroots might sink them too.

Anyone notice how NOBODY wants Thom out there campaigning for him? 

Thom shivved President Trump on the government shutdown.  And now he’s trying to do it again on the national emergency declaration  to build the border wall.

Thilli$$$ is joining Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Rand Paul in voting with the Democrats to protest Trump’s emergency move.  Murkowski and Collins are naturally treacherous RINOs who need to be cut off from RNC cash and party support.  Rand Paul — let’s face it — has a contrarian gene that’s been  passed down through his family.  (Especially the politicians in his family.) 

What’s Tillis’s excuse? 

When he ran for office in 2014, he made it clear he was for amnesty for illegals.  He’s doubled down since arriving in DC, throwing a roadblock in front of any and all serious attempts to secure our borders and clean up our immigration system.  The Koch brothers and other globalists PAY a whole lot better than we do, apparently. 

Tillis is trying to disguise himself as some sort of Paul-like libertarian on his anti-emergency declaration stance.  He raises fears about how “rare” these emergency declarations are what might happen if a Democrat gets to call for one.

Weeeelllllllll–  these declarations have been enacted more than  59 times since the mid-70s.  And the concern about totalitarian moves in DC is hogwash.  Stuff we have no say in — stuff we did not approve — stuff that is not called for in The Constitution  happens every day there.  We’re still here, though.  And as long as our First and Second Amendment rights remain intact, we’ll be just fine.

I’m not a big fan of allowing authoritarian grabs by politicos.  But what Tillis and his crew on The Hill are doing with the wall is inexcusable. It’s insane. It’s selfish.  It’s destructive.  It’s like refusing to call the fire department when the house is burning down.  It’s like refusing to call 9-1-1 when  a family member needs medical attention.  

Nothing else has worked on the border.  The drug cartels and the human traffickers are running wild down  there.  Places around the world with border walls are doing great things with their internal security.   Why should we continue to allow Thom Tillis and his ilk to keep our nation at risk because the Koch Brothers need some more slave labor?