#nc-03: Following Taylor Griffin’s money

The McClatchy drivebys have finally caught on to something we knew Garfield-well-duhwaaaaaaaay back in November 2015.  Big Money from out of state is betting big on Walter Jones nemesis Taylor Griffin:

[…] Paul Singer, a New York-based hedge fund manager, has put his money behind challenger Taylor Griffin – one of U.S. Rep. Walter Jones’ primary challengers who came close to forcing the seasoned House member into a runoff two years ago. Singer is the second-largest Republican donor so far in the 2016 election cycle with his contributions to GOP and conservative candidates, groups and committees totaling more than $11.3 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.[…] 

Singer’s money and influence has helped even the playing field for Griffin’s bid against Jones. A big-time donor to groups like the conservative Club for Growth and those who advocate for immigration reforms, Singer also supported Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign before the Florida politician dropped out.

Singer has his own political action committee – the American wjUnity PAC – which backs Republican candidates who support same-sex marriage and other LGBT rights. The PAC has called for the repeal of North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which critics say is discriminatory for not allowing transgender people to use public bathrooms that match their gender identity. Supporters say HB2 is necessary to protect privacy in restrooms like those in government buildings and schools.

Singer’s money and donations from his business associates and family members total more than 15 percent of the $248,000 Griffin had raised through May 18, public campaign finance records show. Singer’s pro-LGBT rights PAC did not donate money to Griffin’s campaign.[…]

Here comes the reeeeeeeeeeally interesting part of the story:

[…] Griffin, from New Bern, N.C., supports HB2 and says genderSock_puppet identity should not be made a protected class in federal nondiscrimination laws. He told McClatchy this week that he’s never met Singer and doesn’t know why the investment guru is supporting his campaign. […

“You’d have to ask him,” Griffin said of the donations, adding that he and Singer have the same views on U.S. foreign policy related to Israel, an area he says Jones has been “tepid” in.[…]

Okay.  First, Griffin says he ”doesn’t know why” pro-gay marriage, pro-same sex marriage, pro-amnesty Paul Singer is supporting him.  Then – two sentences later – he offers up an explanation.  *Naw, he’s never met the guy. He has nooooooo idea.*

Our November piece on Griffin’s cash unearthed some gems like these:

  • Griffin raised SIX TIMES more money from New York City residents than he did from Third District residents.
  • Eighty-eight percent of his donors came from OUTSIDE the Third District.
  • EIGHT of his donors gave a combined total that exceeded Griffin’s entire take from Third District residents.fh6r9t9SU2MvczG1Mrxc_Confused Ice Cube THUMB
  • DC-based donors’ combined contributions were SIX TIMES the total given by Third District residents.
  • THIRTEEN out-of-state donors provided 52% of Griffin’s total fundraising haul.

Why are all of these people from DC, NY, and Boston dumping two to five-grand apiece on Taylor Griffin?

Folks, this is a race where the NY-DC establishment is trying to take out an incumbent that really, really, really gets on their nerves.  And Taylor Griffin is the horse they are betting all their money on.

11 thoughts on “#nc-03: Following Taylor Griffin’s money

  1. Taylor Griffin is the special interests’ poodle. If you go on certain websites these days, you are bombarded by a video ad promoting Griffin that is paid for by a PAC funded by the big banks of New York City. Probably these fat cat bankers are still sore that Walter Jones voted against the Wall Street bail out.

    Walter Jones represents the interests of the people of North Carolina. Taylor Griffin represents the interests of the out of state special interest groups that are bankrolling him. Griffin is clearly not telling the truth about Paul Singer, just like so many of Griffin’s ads do not tell the truth about Walter Jones record and a number of groups have called Griffin out on the outright lies in his political ads.

  2. Taylor Griffin is the DC and New York Establishment candidate sent down by the DC special interests last election cycle. Taylor is their boy and the DC and NY special interest groups want to buy Eastern NC through their puppet, Taylor Griffin.
    Get the word out in the Third District to vote now and on June 7th to prevent this career lobbyist, Taylor Griffin, from winning the election.

  3. Paul Singer of the Rothschild Kazarian Mafia the “Deep State” with Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) the Military Industrial Complex and Israel want to have more control of US military operations in North Carolina.
    The “Deep State” reportedly has more influence over our Executive Branch and Foreign affairs than 100 million voters!

    1. This N&O article illustrates why I haven’t read that mullett wrapper in years. They often refer to issues and candidates as ”conservative” that are not even close, like the time they were trying to prop up Renee Ellmers and called support of the wasteful Import-Export Bank boondoggle ”conservative”. I do not know if they are spewing deliberate disinformation or are just dumb as a brick.

      Now they are trying to call liberal bundler Paul Singer a ”conservative”. Singer is known as a rabid supporter of two main issues, amnesty for illegal aliens and homosexual rights, neither of which is remotely conservative. Singer was the top donor in the country to the campaign for homosexual marriage. In campaigns, he finances liberal Republicans as well as Democrats. In the Presidential race, he started out putting his money on the establishment’s main man, Jeb Bush, who was strongly pro-amnesty. When Bush bombed, Singer followed many other establishment liberals and moderates to the establishment’s second choice, Marco ”Gang of 8” Rubio. In spite of many conservative candidates in the presidential field, Singer stuck with the establishment moderates.

      Of course, the leftie propaganda sheet N&O cannot bring itself to say ”amnesty”. They refer to it by the Orwellian term of Singer supporting ”immigration reform”.

      These big dollar moneybags like Paul Singer do not back candidates this strongly on just a whim. Singer has to know something about the never-married Taylor Griffin that Griffin is not telling 3rd district voters.

  4. He was exposed to me the last election when I looked up who paid for his nasty attack ads.

    1. Taylor Griffin strikes me as just as big a phony as Renee Ellmers, Richard Burr, or Thom Tillis. That big money from liberal groups tells you all you need to know about him, but if that were not enough, the fact that he has made his living as a mouthpiece for special interests is pretty damning, too.

      Griffin tries his best to tell voters what they want to hear, but what is he telling those liberal groups to get all that money from them?

  5. I admire Taylor Griffin for his strong stand in support of the American-Israel relationship. We get vital intelligence and technical innovations from our ally Israel. It’s a win-win relationship that is beneficial to the US and Israel, and the rest of western civilization. Walter Jones is one of the few Republicans to consistently vote against just about anything related to helping this important relationship. Isolationists like Jones are the ones who would do nothing to destroy ISIS until they are on his doorstep….he would wait for ISIS to completely take over the rest of the world, slaughtering millions, enslaving young girls…ISIS would grow more powerful and experienced and eventually turn its focus to the US….In Walter Jones’ world, it’s better to wait to attack ISIS when they are powerful but close, rather than small and far away. We need Taylor Griffin to bring back common sense.

    1. This is a phony issue.

      Since he has been in Congress, Walter Jones has consistently voted against foreign aid, whether to Egypt or Nigeria or El Salvador or Israel. Jones’ votes against foreign aid to Israel have been falsely portrayed as votes against Israel.

      Jones also has never taken a foreign junket while he has been in Congress.

    2. Where the real courage is in Congress, and the thing we SHOULD admire, is standing up to the spenders, and that includes the foreign aid spenders. Walter Jones has done that by consistently voting against foreign aid for all countries. Why should the US be borrowing billions from China to then be sending it out ourselves all over the world? We have a huge deficit in our own budget that we need to get under control.

      Many countries have their cheering sections, and those can influence foreign aid to the countries they favor. Some probably deserve our help more than others, but until we get our own deficit under control we simply cannot afford it. Walter Jones is consistent in saying NO to everybody, and that is as it should be.

      The Israel fan club is much more muted this time than they were last election. They must have learned their lesson.

      But saying no does get the rent seekers against a politician. Walter Jones said NO to the Wall Street bailout, and now the big bankers are throwing money at Taylor Griffin, who is their yes man. These are some of the same big New York bankers who are bankrolling Hillary Clinton. Do you admire Griffin’s Wall Street connections, too?

  6. I wouldn’t vote Taylor Griffin for dog catcher. He is a flat out liar who calls himself a conservative. If elected he would make the disingenuous Ellmers look like Dave Bratt.?

  7. Send the DC RINO Establishment Candidate,TAYLOR GRIFFIN, back to where Paul Singer and all the other Wall Street Bankers created him. The Third Congressional District can not be bought with Wall Street money!

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