NC-02: (GI Jane?) Nee-Nee knows MORE than the Air Force

glarenurse. mom. wife. politician. military tactician.  *Boy, Renee Ellmers does it ALL.*

Big Government Barbie™ — who has yet to file for reelectionappears to be campaigning via every op-ed page of every local newspaper in her district. Here’s some of her latest work: 

[…] Because the Second District encompasses such wide variety in industries, I have the opportunity to work on numerous issues. One of particular importance was the preservation of the 440th Airlift Wing located in Fayetteville, which provides unique training to our Airborne and Special Operations units. When the Air Force initially announced their deluded proposal to deactivate this wing, I jumped into action.

Guys in uniform, who may have actually seen some combat, making strategic decisions are deluded ???   I think I’d trust the judgement of military leaders on questions like: Do we need a particular Air Force unit IN FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA?  (But that’s JUST me.)

*But, hey, who better to take national security advice from than someone who can’t keep track of a single AR-15 in her own home?*  MORE: 

[…] After a year and a half of testifying before the House Armed Service Committee, numerous meetings with top military leaders, and authoring several amendments, the Air Force finally made a decision to delay deactivation of this critical Wing. Their announcement followed a joint effort between both N.C. Senators and myself to secure an amendment within national defense legislation that would provide the Army with the input they deserve.  […]

Army? Wait. I thought we were talking AIR FORCE.  Not Army.  

Their decision demonstrates that our argument has merit and our efforts did not go unnoticed. While the fight certainly isn’t over, it is encouraging to see the Air Force recognize the overwhelming concerns and objections raised by members of Congress, community members and local leaders.[…] 

It tends to get your attention when the folks who approve your budget are strongly advocating FOR or AGAINST a particular course of action.  It is appalling how politicians treat the military like a social welfare or economic development program.  It’s not about “job creation.”  It’s not about feeding babies in Africa.  It’s not about social engineering experiments like transgendered helicopter pilots. The military is FOR protecting our national security.  51WE3PRTH1L._SY300_

It’s no mystery why we haven’t had a decisive military victory since World War II.  We have know-nothing politicians saddling our soldiers, sailors and airmen with unworkable rules of engagement.  Politicians throw a handful of soldiers into a conflict too look tough (Black Hawk Down) but don’t give them the resources they need to kick butt, take names, and come home victorious.  We have politicians forcing weaponry and vehicles on military leaders who haven’t asked for them, and in many cases don’t want them.  Politicians regularly ignore advice from folks-who-know on things like how women in combat and gays in the military undermine unit cohesion.

What were the Air Force’s motives?  Perhaps they thought the Air Wing would be put to better use — in defending our nation — in another location?  I am sure the motive was not to (1) disrespect a politician, or (2) economically damage a politician’s state or district.

I wish Ellmers would have used this, um, energy to fight for the defunding of ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood. To cut spending significantly. To loosen the bureaucratic talons from our every-day lives. To fight efforts to raise the debt ceiling that basically mortgage our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.