NC-02: FreedomWorks bucks Brannon, BACKS Holding

They were with Greg Brannon in his 2014 US Senate run, but they’re taking a different path in the 2016 race for the Second Congressional District: Freedom-Works-Logo-2

FreedomWorks PAC today endorsed Rep. George Holding (R-N.C.) in the Republican primary in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District. Holding has an 85 percent lifetime score on FreedomWorks’ Congressional Scorecard.

“Our nation is entering a critical moment in our history. Mounting deficits and crippling debt threaten our prosperity and jobs and businesses are being destroyed by the regulatory state. We need credible, proven conservatives in Washington who will fight for fiscal responsibility and work to restore the Constitution,” said FreedomWorks PAC Chairman Adam Brandon. “George Holding is the credible, proven conservative running in North Carolina’s Second District, and we’re endorsing him in the Republican primary. He is committed to the rule of law, fighting cronyism, and pro-growth policies that will restore prosperity and opportunity.”

“Far too many Republicans go to Washington pledging to shake up the status quo, only to become part of it. There is no greater example of that than Renee Ellmers, who has been a constant disappointment to conservatives. We hope that conservatives in the district will rally around George Holding’s campaign and send a message to the Washington political establishment,” Brandon added.[…] 

`Rep. George Holding, R-N.C., listens to testimony during the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial, and Antitrust Law oversight hearing on "Competition in the Video and Broadband Markets: Proposed Merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable", on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, May 8, 2014. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Voters in the redrawn Second Congressional District will get to choose between Renee Ellmers, Greg Brannon and George Holding in the June primary.  Ellmers has been busily trying to shed her establishment image and remake herself as a Tea Partier — even going as far as shifting from John Kasich to Donald Trump in the last week of the North Carolina primary. 

15 thoughts on “NC-02: FreedomWorks bucks Brannon, BACKS Holding

  1. They are backing Holding because he is a conservative. They are not backing Brannon because he is a flawed candidate. He can not win. Nor should he win.

    1. you always speak with a lot of built up anger…. maybe you should start doing yoga or something to relax you. You do not seem Sunny at all

      I would recommend the book: “Happiness is a serious problem” by Dennis Prager

      and if you do not want to read the book I would offer another solution. you can start streaming his radio show online it is noon to 3 every weekday and if you only have time for 1 hour a week make it on Friday 1pm to 2pm for the Happiness Hour

      I think he will help you be a better person and be a better Republican

    2. Sunny, if Holding is such a good Republican than why did he vote for the 1.2 trillion dollar cromnibus in 2014? Oh, that’s right you don’t care that the Rino ilk have bankrupted this country to the tune of 19 trillion in debt? What are your proudest accomplishment of Holding, Burr, Elmers.. Etc? Name one? You can’t because they are socialist masquerading as republicans to fool drive by voters such as yourself. Since you support socialist policies why don’t you support Bernie?

  2. Holding voted for the 1.2 trillion dollar cromnibus in 2014 which fully funded Obama Care, illegal executive amnesty, and free health care for illegals. He was also a staunch supporter of John Boehner. And, voted for the biggest RINO of them all Paul Ryan for speaker. Freedom Works needs to do more research.

  3. Brannon is Running again? Didn’t his appeal for his Fraud Case get thrown out….. Thus he is a Fraud

  4. if greg brannon doesn’t win the primary race he is just going to apply to work at a starbucks on pennsylvania avenue, he just wants to be in dc

  5. This is going to really be an interesting primary, i believe Brannon pulls too many votes from Holding and Ellmers wins

    1. You could be right. Brannon is better known in the northern part of the old 13th, and Ellmers has been reaching out to a certain sizable constituency whose needs have largely been ignored by Holding. If she’s doing a ground game in a primary with anticipated low turnout, that could do it for her.

  6. I supported Brannon in the 2014 and 2016 U.S. Senate Primaries, but I think the best way to get rid of Ellmers is to support Holding.

    I hope and pray after Brannon loses this primary that he will set his sites on something smaller such as a State House or Senate Seat. Then he can challenge Tillis in 2020.

  7. #IBackBrannon all the way. Maybe you don’t like it because he just won’t go away. He has a message and it resonates to many freedom loving people. He isn’t going to give up on liberty, freedom, our Constitution or our faith.

  8. Freedom Works have sold their soul. If they didn’t like or want Brannon then stay out of it. Holding is a RINO and is graded just above Ellmers on the RINO scale. Freedom Works might as well say they’re backing Burr.

  9. This is a tough one. Getting rid of Renee Ellmers, the most obnoxious Obama Republican in the delegation is critical, but Holding, while better, still leaves a whole lot to be desired. He stuck with Boehner to the bitter end, and that is not a good sign at all. Holding also has some major Obama Republican votes on his record, although not as bad as Ellmers. Brannon would clearly make the best Congressman, but with his court case still unresolved, I wonder if he just splits the vote to let the worst of all worlds, Ellmers, have a better shot at it.

    I don’t think Brannon’s civil case causes any worries about the sort of Congressman he would be. Poor trial strategy seems to be the main culprit for the verdict and a politically biased unethical judge. Still it muddies the water enough to hurt him politically until it is resolved.

    Holding is not a limited government conservative. He is an establishment Republican of the sort that should be replaced, although Ellmers is more liberal and it is more urgent to replace her.

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