#nc-02: Frank Roche says Nee-Nee needs to Quit-Quit

frank reneeNo, it’s not for what you might think.  Roche has put out video replaying Renee Elmers’s 2010 statement about her support for term limits.  Specifically, she says THREE TERMS is more than enough for Members of Congress.  At the end of this year, she will have served six years (three terms). 

Rumors of an alleged affair involving Ellmers and another powerful (and married) Member of Congress are all over the news.  Ellmers is spinning the boo-hoo poor-me angle. Others are suggesting that focusing on the affair story is way too creepy and prurient.  We agree — to an extent. 

One issue about the affair story, though, that people are overlooking is the potential for BLACKMAIL.  Anyone who has been around Capitol Hill or watched “House of Cards” ellmknows full-well THAT is a real possibility.  Vote how we want, or we send this audio or video tape to your spouse. 

Flash back to some of the ads Ellmers aired when she first ran and then compare that info with her actual voting record.  How does one go from “fiscal responsibility” and “the credit card is due” to voting FOR every debt ceiling and spending increase that comes down the pike? 

ObamaCare was a classic case.  She got to Washington and spoke favorably about using a parliamentary method to get rid of that travesty. But when Ted Cruz tried that exact tactic, Ellmers went out of her way to attack him and anyone who thought like him.




8 thoughts on “#nc-02: Frank Roche says Nee-Nee needs to Quit-Quit

  1. Blackmail only works if one is guilty, and poor me’s are used by both the guilty and the innocent. Its all over the news because some guy without corroborating evidence keeps writing about it, and a worried Congressman who didn’t openly confront the subjects of this rumor wrote a well timed letter questioning the character of people running for Speaker.. In the rumor mills of DC what did you expect? I’m disgusted with this gotcha stuff when Dems do it to Repubs… but internal warfare only leads to a House Divided.. pardon the pun. Now what happens if suddenly the truth is exposed and the rumor true? Well then lets be glad we here in NC are getting a new congressman. In the meantime class and discretion is the order of the day eh mate?

  2. Candace and Peter thanks for covering for an incompetent and corrupt Congresswoman!
    (One of the definitions for corrupt is “lie” !)
    There are some competent and honest candidates running for the 2nd Congressional District seat. One of them will win the seat!

  3. Why would anybody still be supporting Elmers? Forget about the speculatin of adultery and move on to her voting record. She is consistently the most liberal in the entire U.S. House delegation. She is rude, disingenuous, and has voted for every single debt increase since she was elected. Not to mention she is a big proponent of amnesty! Renee is a complete fraud!

    1. Let me say this. I don’t support her and will vote against her in primary. However if I was innocent of a charge Id sure hope someone came to my defense. At least on that issue. And we as a culture has to give the benefit of the doubt to such people, but that doesn’t mean we have to like or vote for them. Go Frank

      P.S. I’m not claiming her innocence, just that we wait until proven guilty before we attack. If innocent wont some look silly.

  4. Affair rumors aside, Renee has apparently forgotten that she is a Conservative, if she ever was. Bottom line, she needs to go. There are other conservative candidates out there who are challenging her. It’s time we get behind some of them and push!

    1. The best way to make this liberal GONE is to unite behind one opponent. Mrs. Daly is only helping Ellmers by splitting the conservative vote. Maybe she ought to rethink things. State Sen. Jerry TIllman has veered left and needs a conservative primary opponent. That is where she could do some real good. Send that Al Gore Republican packing.

  5. My philosophy is: “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck…..etc.”
    For a moment, let’s put the allegations of an affair aside. Renee Ellmers campaigned as a Conservative. She promised she would go to Washington and vote as such. She betrayed us, she lied to us,and sold us out. (Goes to the “fidelity” issue).
    As for the alleged affair, as the James Taylor song goes: “love grows old, and love grows cold, and fades away, like morning dew”.
    OK. Some partners in a marriage have affairs. But instead of admitting it, and asking for forgiveness, Nee-Nee doubles down, and sics her attorney on the blog site that broke the story. Then, she tries to select the reporters who get into her press event, and (when one does sneak in) she refuses to answer any questions about the alleged affair.
    OK Renee, you screwed around with McCarthy. Acknowledge it, resign from office, and beg your husband to take you back. Your political career is over, but hopefully, you can salvage your marriage.
    If not, you can always apply to be one of Bill Clinton’s bimbos. Word is, he’s got one in Canada and Chappaqua, and maybe would like to have one in No Cal..

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