NC-02: A social worker?

I came across this re-tweet from Democrat nominee Clay Aiken:



I agree with Clay on #1 and #3, but am stopping WAY short of endorsing #2.  Congressman as social worker ???   Social work — at its roots — is all about TAKING CARE of other people. I am not interested — and I think a lot of others share this view — in the federal government or the Congress “taking care” of me.

Here’s more on the practice of social work:

[…] Social work’s distinguishing characteristics are its emphasis on the person-in-environment model and its emphasis on social justice. In other words, social workers not only consider individuals’ internal struggles, as other counselors might, they also work with people to examine their relationships, family history, work environment, community environment, and the structures and policies that impact themin order to identify ways to help address a problem or challenge. Social workers also do not limit their work to individuals; they work with individuals, couples, families, groups, neighborhoods, communities, and organizations.ca1

Social work practice is also strengths-based. Social workers help people or groups identify their problems, determine their skills and capacities, what they are doing well, and how that was accomplished, and then analyze ways that those strengths might be applied to the identified problems. […] 

Don’t get me wrong.  Social work is a noble profession.  There are a lot of cases where these folks have done a lot of good on the micro- level.  Me?  I want my Member of Congress to do actually what The Constitution says.  I want them to actually put together a budget, as The Constitution dictates.  Not kick the can further down the road with these weaselly continuing resolutions.  The political class wants to delve into day care and playground safety — stuff that is nowhere to be found in The Constitution — but disregard one of their most important, clearly-defined responsibilities. 

Don’t give me a social worker.  Give me a leader who is going to strengthen our nation’s defenses while getting government off my back, thereby allowing me to keep more of my hard-earned money and do what I need to do to take care of myself and my family.