Nationally-known legal eagle: Donadio’s story does not pass the ‘smell test’




Believe it or not,  our local district attorney’s race has captured the interest of lawyer types from much larger, out-of-state media markets.  In fact, we’ve heard personally from one, in particular, who you’re more likely to associate with The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, or The Washington Post than a silly little political website in Pinehurst.  (Of course, we had to trade this legal eagle’s candid observations with a promise of anonymity.) :


Anyone who contributes to a federal candidate via a credit card is required BY LAW to affirm the following statements, which appear on the donor pages of every federal candidate — just look up Biden, Bernie, Warren, Trump, Schiff, all of them. These statements must be affirmed:


1. I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).


2. This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.


3. I am making this contribution with my own personal credit card and not with a corporate or business credit card or a card issued to another person.


4. I am at least eighteen years old.


5. I am not a federal contractor. [….]

We did check.  Here’s Biden’s website.   Here’s Bernie’s.  And here is Warren’s.



Oh,  and there was more from our big-time lawyer source:


Here are some questions:


1. Did the estranged wife just lie repeatedly when making the contributions ‘on her own’ — using someone else’s credit card, not in her own name?


2. After the first contribution showed up on Arthur’s bank statement, why didn’t he say, “WTF? why are you giving MY money to Obama? stop that! give your own money to Obama…”


3. Why did Arthur post on his Facebook page in 2013 a link to an article describing Obama as a “new kind of Christian…” written by a left wing CNN ‘religion’ reporter?


4. Why did Arthur attack the American Legislative Exchange Council on his Facebook page (before scrubbing it after he announced for DA), parroting the left wing attacks against ALEC — which is a conservative organization under assault by the left for its model policies on 2nd Amendment rights, and Voter ID?

14 thoughts on “Nationally-known legal eagle: Donadio’s story does not pass the ‘smell test’

  1. Why in the world is he being pushed so hard by WEEB and JD? I assume it’s because of JD’s relationship with the current DA, especially since she is backing AD. My other thought is that if AD is elected this will keep the DA office in JD’s back pocket, like it currently is. Shame shame!

  2. Thank you Daily Haymaker for standing up and giving us truth in this race. We cannot get that from WEEB or JD. It’s pathetic and they are pathetic.

  3. I want a Conservative DA. I don’t know either of the candidates personally so I set aside all the WEEB/Zumwalt/DA/dirty politics spin and skew and looked at what I can actually verify. Mike Hardin has donated to Donald Trump, Dan Bishop and Paul Ryan. Arthur Donadio has donations in his name to Obama and Adam Schiff. All verifiable through the SEC. Donadio blames his wife and his wife signs an affadavit saying she did it. Affadavit is verifiable. Can’t verify that his wife is telling the truth nor can I verify that Donadio did not know she made the contribution in his name with his debit card. Mike Hardin has over 20 years as a prosecuting attorney who has convicted numerous felons for serious crimes including rape and murder. Easy to verify. Arthur Donadio was a defense attorney for most of his career. Easy to verify. Arthur Donadio has donated to/is a member of the NC Advocates for Justice. Five minutes on their website verifies that they are a very liberal organization. Mike Hardin does not dispute that he was a Democrat in Hoke County who went to Unaffiliated and then over to GOP. I can verify that. Arthur Donadio is a Republican but he has not voted in a primary since 2014. I can verify that. I actually didn’t have to look much further than Donadio’s donation to Adam Schiff to realize he is not my candidate. Ignore what the blubbering talking heads on the radio say and look at the facts to make an actual informed decision.

  4. The DA is not in mine – Or anyone else’s pocket. I think that it is quite cowardly of anyone who posts negative remarks about me – Or anyone else – to use a fake name.

    Obviously you may say whatever you want to say on this site.

    Why am I pushing Donadio so hard? The answer is simple – I believe in him.

    All this time I’ve brought forth facts. I’ve uncovered things and made them public. Particularly school board issues.

    And – Just like that – You are ready to accuse me of ulterior motives?

    Folks – I’m 70 years old. What on earth do you possibly think I have to gain? I am happily retired. I have been honest, forthright and in the lead seeking out the truth.

    If you want to challenge my judgement in politics – ago at it.

    When you start attacking my ethical values and my motives – You have no idea what you are talking about.

    You vote for Hardin – You Get what you deserve.

    1. What do you have to gain?

      If Donadio is elected, he will prob give your girlfriend, Maureen Kruger, a 6 figure job to run traffic court (like she gave Donadio).

      Retirement will be a major pay cut for her. Donadio can hook her up.

      So that’s what you have to gain- more money for happy couple

    2. Just following the lead of your Facebook followers. Are you or are you not in a relationship with the current DA?

      1. I am not in the habit of having conversations with people who are too afraid to reveal their name.

        I will make an exception in this case – One time.

        It is no secret – Nor has it ever been – That I am dating the DA.

        You are correct. It does give me an advantage. It allows me to know and understand what a good person she is; an extremely strong person who has defended Moore County for a long time.

        She is retiring – As you are well aware. There is no interest here – Except what is best for Moore County – A place we both love.

        Now – Dating the DA does not change factual information. I have a question for you – since you choose to remain anonymous.

        Are you married to Dinadio’s opponent?

        1. Maureen Kruger is a few months shy of judicial retirement (25 years is judicial retirement) at the end of her term. (DAs qualify for judicial retirement)

          Therefore, she will need a job in the state to hit 30 years to retire as a normal state employee. (Arthur will hire her as an ADA if elected).

          JD Zumwalt is pushing Arthur Donadio so hard because he wants to give his girlfriend job security. That’s it folks! It’s corruption.

          Back room deals & corruption!!!

    3. Hold on a minute…you said you uncovered BOE issues? I thought that was Lisa, Kami, Sarah, etc.? Why are you trying to steal the credit from them?

  5. JD Zumwalt you are pushing him because you “believe in him.” But when we ask for answers for why he donated to Obama or Schiff or why he is a member of a very liberal organization for lawyers, we get inane responses like “his wife did it.” And you wonder why we aren’t jumping on board the Donadio train?

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