National and N.C. Democrats, without any successes to tout, crank up class warfare rhetoric


If you believe the Democrats, the professional Left, and their allies in the alleged mainstream media (AMSM), a couple of rich guys — who happen to be registered Republicans — are completely responsible for all of the current economic turmoil.  Unemployed?  Blame Art Pope AND Mitt Romney.  Struggling to pay your bills?  Blame Pope AND Romney.

This “Blame The Rich” strategy is awfully hypocritical coming from a party with elected officials named Rockefeller and Kennedy.  Most people outside the Raleigh beltline have NEVER heard of Art Pope, but leftist activists and the AMSM are trying to change that:

Distributed at the Martin Luther King Jr. Triangle Breakfast Monday morning, were flyers that criticizes Art Pope and hints but does outright suggest that people should boycott stores operated by his company.

“Art Pope Uses Cash from His Stores to Make Life Worse You! said the headline in the flyer that includes a caricature of Pope, the names of several chains owned by Pope, and how Pope and his foundations spent money to influence politics  and public policy.

The flyer was published by Democracy North Carolina, a Durham-based group that advocates for public financing and other causes.

“Meet the 1 percent,” said the flyer. “Art Pope is NC’s biggest political donor. He uses his customers’ cash to finance a network that makes him richer but rest of us – the other 99 percent.”

A Democratic group has been leading a boycott effort against Pope stores since last year.

The flyer was distributed at a breakfast at the Sheraton Imperial attended by 1,000 people including Gov. Bev. Perdue, Sen. Kay Hagan, Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane, Durham Mayor Bill Bell, and Wake Schools Superintendent Tony Tata.


Awfully nice stuff coming from a group who —  in 2008 — claimed to want to “unify” us all.  On the national level, BarryO’s reelection campaign is trying something similar:

In a blast email sent to supporters nationwide, the Obama presidential campaign went after Mitt Romney Friday as “a corporate raider” who profited from the nation’s economic crisis, leaving “devastation” in his wake, and playing by a “rulebook for those at the top.”

A memo from deputy Obama campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, previewed what’s likely to become a central general election theme should Romney become the nominee. She argued voters need to know that when Romney was at Bain Capital job creation was never his goal, earning money for investors was.

Wow. Earning money for investors.  Sounds like the textbook definition of the role of a capitalist.  (Let me tell you a secret, Barry — THAT money tends to be reinvested to grow businesses AND OFTEN CREATE JOBS. )  Never mind that Barry’s campaign and regime are LOADED with alumni of private equity firms like Bain.  Never mind that Romney has not been directly involved with Bain for about ten years.  Facts are SO inconvenient.

Mitt Romney DID NOT add trillions to the national debt.  Art Pope DID NOT put the state’s unemployment insurance fund billions of dollars in the hole.  Mitt Romney and Art Pope DID NOT push through a whole raft of financial industry regulations that crippled the mortgage industry and produced the housing / foreclosure crisis.  Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) and Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) are behind THAT. (Ever hear of Dodd-Frank?)

Republicans and conservatives are regularly chided by the AMSM and the Democrats for “a lack of civility.”   It appears that this race-baiting, class-warfare campaign rhetoric from The Left in the 2012 campaign is going to get little more than  wink and a nod.

Be smart. Don’t fall for it.  Can we honestly survive four more years of Bev and Barry?