More on 2020 filing




Here’s the final list.


The Libertarian Party actually has a candidate named “Vermin Supreme” who has qualified for North Carolina’s March presidential primary ballot.


While they appear to be abandoning the 2nd and 6th congressional districts,  state Republicans seem to view G.K. Butterfield and his 1st congressional district seat ripe for the taking.  Four GOPers have filed — including former NCGOP vice-chairman (and 3rd congressional district candidate) Michele Nix and Sandy Smith (who has campaigned for the 3rd district AND the US Senate before finally settling on the 1st district).


Over in the 8th district, Richard Hudson actually has drawn a quality Democrat candidate — former state Supreme Court justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson, who most recently has served on the US Commission on Civil Rights.


The Democrat primary for the open District 6 congressional seat looks like quite the barn-burner.  Limousine liberal Kathy Manning, fresh off a 2018 loss to Ted Budd is back to try again in a  new district.  Former legislator Ed Hanes is also in the field, as is the man — Derwin Montgomery — who replaced him in the legislature.


It looks like Dan Bishop in the 9th can breathe a little easier.  There is no Dan McCready in sight — only a handful of WHO?s in the Democrat field.


Over in the US Senate race,  we now have three alternatives to Tillis.  All three look like quality places to park your protest vote. If Tillis makes it past the primary, there will be a Constitution Party candidate waiting for him in the general.


The race for state Attorney General looks interesting on the GOP side.  We have the Paul Shumaker-managed Jim O’Neil — the Forsyth prosecutor who came up short in the 2016 primary and was  a frequent defender of then-AG Roy Cooper and frequent recipient of Cooper’s praise.   He’s joined by Sam Hayes, the former general counsel to the state treasurer who is running as the field’s conservative.  And then we have Christine Mumma, the head of the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence.