MOORE County GOP CHAIRMAN: Dining out — and selling out — at the liberal trough

In North Carolina, Unaffiliated is the fastest growing voter classification.   In Moore County, Unaffiliated voters are about to overtake Democrats and knock them into third place.   It appears our county’s Republican leadership is trying its best to surrender first place to the unaffiliated folks.

It’s the job of a party’s leaders to try and SELL its platform to the voters.  Anyone who has ever taken a marketing class is familiar with the term differentiation — which means, basically, defining what sets you apart from your competition. 

 If consumers see a real difference — and real benefit — associated with choosing you or your product, they’ll leave their current choice and come to you.  How do Republicans lure voters who are sick of big government and high taxes away from the Democrats, when you have GOP leaders championing those very same things?

In the governor’s race, we have a GOP candidate who fought conservative efforts to cut taxes in Charlotte.  In the state House, the party’s top two leaders have pushed for out-in-left field un-budgeted appropriations.  Here in Moore County, we have a county party chairman who — upon being granted a column by our Peabody Award-nominated thrice weekly local paper   — has become a cheerleader for more taxes and bigger government.

Bob Levy authored a scattershot rambling  column  mocking Rush Limbaugh.  He once authored a column calling for restoring Sunday blue laws. Remember those?  Government tells you that you can’t have your business open during church — or at all — on Sundays.  What about for Catholics who go to church on Saturday or Muslims who worship on Fridays?

 Blue laws are — and were — an outrageous intrusion by government into the private sector.  If you don’t want to work on Sunday, get a job at Chick-fil-A — or  somewhere outside of the food service / hospitality / public safety / emergency services sectors.  

Bob’s latest masterpiece suggests that we need to pay the government some more to get out of this economic mess President Barry and Miss Nancy rained down upon us.   He’s right that only half of the country is paying income taxes.  But EVERYONE is getting bled dry by “fees” at every turn.  “Fees” on water bills, electric bills and phone bills and cable and Internet bills.   Taxes on food and beverages.  Taxes on property.  

What’s wrong with calling for some austerity / belt-tightening on the part of the bureaucracy?  When money gets tight in my house, we clamp down on spending.  (There  is no press printing money in my spare bedroom.)  The government needs to manage its affairs like the rest of us do.  

Bob echoes the nonsense from Karl Marx, President Barry, Miss Nancy,  and the Pilot’s op-ed page about people paying their “fair share.”   He mocks conservatives for wanting budget cuts but not wanting to touch defense.

Entitlements — WELFARE — is more than HALF of all federal spending.  Defense is a little more than ten percent.  Lefties don’t like to talk about that.

I want the folks charged with defending our nation to have EVERYTHING they need to protect themselves and KILL BAD GUYS.   You can do that without bankrupting our nation and choking us in debt. Unfortunately, we have mealy-mouthed politicians in Raleigh and DC, and gutless politicos back home, telling us otherwise.  

It is apparent that Bob Levy is happy with his newfound “fame” on The Pilot’s op-ed page. Too bad that he’s leaving county Republicans hanging out to dry.  Brace yourselves, Moore County Republicans, second place is closer than you might think.