Moore County GOP chairman attacks Harnett, calls for his resignation

Moore County GOP chairman John Rowderdink has sent out an email to NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett, copied to a ton of NCGOP “leaders” that doesn’t mince words:


I have read your most recent email, as I have all of your other recent emails.

I must tell you that you a making yourself look small and incompetent. The opening sentence in your last email says that you “hate that this internal conflict has boiled over and gone public”. But you are the one who has made it public. I haven’t received any emails from the Central Committee on this subject but I have received several from you and dozens from various others in our party, all generated by your having publicized your dispute with the Central Committee. You are tearing our party apart.

I didn’t vote for you when you were elected because I thought Craig Collins was better qualified to lead our party, by virtue of his past experience as a Precinct Chair, County Chair, District Chair and member of the Executive and Central Committees.  But at the Executive Committee meeting that followed the convention, I came up to you, shook your hand, gave you my card and told you that I wanted you to be successful; and offered my assistance in helping you to be so. I didn’t envision that you would divide our party as you have.

Two of the most important jobs of any Republican Chairman are to raise funds and work collaboratively with the Central Committee in the management of party affairs. You have done neither. As far as the convention fees are concerned, I think the Central Committee would have gladly supported that goal if you had raised enough money to enable it.

In the interest of repairing the damage that has been done to our party, I respectfully request that you resign as Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, so that we can unite our party and get on with the important goal of winning the 2016 election.


John RowerdinkHasan-Harnett


Moore County Republican Party

Oh, where to begin.  First, Hasan hasn’t raised money?  The FEC filings say the NCGOP under Harnett pulled in more money than it did under Robin Hayes.  Where were John’s accusations of incompetence against Hayes and demands for his firing? 

And HOW is Harnett supposed to work with a group that (1) saddles him with an insubordinate staffer who undermines him at every turn, (2) locks him out of the office, (3) locks him out of his email, and (4) bars him from party files and databases?  How is that supposed to happen? 

udI7SNZAnd the idea of the central committee “gladly” supporting Harnett?  They were plotting to defund the party treasury within hours after Harnett was elected. 

And Harnett was the only one making this public?  I guess John missed the multiple leaks to state-run media AND the driveby media that clearly had Dallas Woodhouse and Ricky Diaz’s fingerprints all over them.

Folks, this is about the old white people, who have been placeholders in the GOP for decades,  panicking over the influx of new folks into the party ranks.  They liked things the way they have been — they are in charge, we pay the money, put up the signs, and go vote like good boys and girls. 

I am sure it was no coincidence that Rowderdink wrote this not long after getting off last night’s conference call with Ma Cotten.  The word I got was that his enthusiasm for lynching Hasan left him pretty lonely among the Moore County folks on last night’s call with Ma Cotten.

13 thoughts on “Moore County GOP chairman attacks Harnett, calls for his resignation

  1. So, it’s all just about old white people and their enthusiam for lynchings? You couldn’t fit in anymore racially charged language into the post above? Why not make another reference to Nuremburg while you’re at it. Your points would have been well received without the unnecessary, divisive language.

    1. I don’t think the “old white people” comment was meant to be divisive. When I went to my precinct mtg and county convention, that was all that was there. (Wake co) I was very active in the party 10 years ago. I got tired and fed up because of the “old white retired people” who were resistant to any idea that wasn’t theirs. While I was active we had 1500 people at our co convention. There were 400 +/- this year. Only the same insufferable, smug “old white people” were there. I am an “old white person.” I am not being racist when I say that. Most of the Wake co leadership consists of small minded bullies who have no power over their lives except for the GOP. They are the leaders, but not the folks who put out the signs, walk the neighborhoods, make phone calls. They tell “us” to do that. I know most of them, and I don’t remember any of them working in the trenches. They only work to keep the GOPe in control.

      It didn’t take long to remember why I only work for individual candidates now. I’m not wasting any more time being a “republican.” I don’t even want to associate with them.

  2. Sounds very much like John Rowerdink has someone whispering sweet NOTHINGS in his ear, because Rowerdink’s accusations are just that – nothing; devoid of truth.

  3. The reference to Collins says it all. These crybabies lost their candy at the last convention, and now they want to bully those who won it fair and square to get it back.

    Rowerdink must not have received a copy of that press release the Central Committee and headquarters staff sent out with a full blown attack on Harnett. They are the ones who went public with it. It is the Central Committee faction that is fighting this in the media more than anyone.

  4. And this from the GOP chair who hosted Richard Burr at their county Reagan dinner. Enuf said.

    1. That shows that he has abused his office to give advantage to a primary candidate over other primary candidates, which is an outrage. It also shows that he is a flaming liberal. We do not need that type of ”leader” in our party.

  5. The white flag of the establishment Republican ideals is alive and well inside North Carolina. I guess the call at the NCGOP Convention will be “White people unite, the Grand Old Party belongs to us.”

  6. Let’s not go all “Trump” on John. He is a good man that happens to very wrong on this issue. He has no hidden agenda, and has been a good Chair for Moore.The Burr thing was a mistake by event coordinators, not the Chair.

  7. I’m just an old guy on the street with no political chops to speak of; however, I do not hesitate to guess that this is the type of volatility which dries up contributions, discourages support, and precedes electoral defeat.
    Mike Greene

  8. I have been pretty outspoken about the fact that (as an outsider looking in) I hate the way this drama is playing out.

    I do know one thing for certain – John Rowerdink is a good and decent man. He is honest and any stand he takes is because he believes it is the right thing to do.

    Maybe he has information I do not have. But at this moment – I very much disagree with him on this issue.

    I am ready to be corrected – But only with facts.

  9. When is the Loser Woodhouse going to raise some money? I thought when he was hired after being fired from AP, he had millions waiting in the wings? Anybody seen The Drunkard Woodhouse do anything positive for the NCGOP? Has he raised one dollar? I am voting against all these Socialist, pigs!

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