Anyone up for a probe?

The 1st Congressional District Republican Party will be considering a resolution calling for a formal investigation of the mob seeking to lynch state GOP chairman Hasan Harnett:

Resolution Requesting Investigation of NCGOP Central Committee4-fDGLMbV

Whereas; On March 20th 2016 the NCGOP Central Committee passed a resolution of No Confidence and Censure of duly elected NCGOP Chairman, Hassan Harnett.
Whereas; The NCGOP Central Committee operates in a non transparent and secretive manner with non disclosure agreements placed on its membership.
Whereas; The NCGOP Central Committee has thwarted every effort for Chairman Harnett to be successful, including denying him access to NCGOP Headquarters, and his email account.
Whereas; Certain members of the NCGOP Central Committee have publicly made known their discontent with Chairman Harnett with statements for Harnett to resign, to something has to be done to remove him.
Whereas; Evidence is mounting that suggests possible civil or criminal conspiracy to remove Chairman Harnett.
Whereas; Chairman Harnett, and Vice Chair Nix were locked out of their NCGOP email accounts due to possible “cyber attack”, yet no one else’s email were locked out.
Whereas; Ken Robol, 3rd district webmaster has signed an affidavit suggesting Chairman Harnett reached out to him to hack the NCGOP Website, where evidence of text message screenshots suggest the opposite.
Whereas; It is known that Central Committee members voted on the censure of Chairman Harnett without seeing or having access to Mr. Robol’s signed affidavit.
Whereas; It is known that Mr. Robol, and Harvey West (husband of 3rd District Chair, Kim Cotten-West) are business partners.
Whereas; The NCGOP Central Committee meeting on March 20, was an Illegally called meeting due to lack of 10 day notice according to NCGOP PoO. Photo2nd-Joyce-Cottens show envelope postmarked less than 10 days prior to meeting.
Whereas; Screenshots of text messaging suggest Central Committee member John Steward and NCGOP Executive Director, Dallas Woodhouse plotting strategy to have Chairman Harnett removed from the Chairmanship.
Whereas; This scandal is beginning to make national news, and will potentially damage the outcome of our general elections in November.

Therefore be it resolved; The NCGOP 1st District Republican Party petitions the NCGOP Executive Committee to open a formal investigation into this controversy, and take necessary action including but not limited to; removing individuals from the NCGOP Central Committee that were directly involved in said conspiracy, and taking legal action to the maximum extent of the law against those individuals.

Resolved; The NCGOP 1st District Republican Party petitions those Central Committee members who voted in favor of the Harnett Censure, who were not directly involved in said conspiracy, to make it known publicly and distance themselves from those with direct involvement.

Resolved; The NCGOP 1st District Republican Party encourages all factions to unite and work together toward electing Republicans in November upon satisfactory resolution of this conflict.

Resolved; Upon adoption, this resolution shall be made available to: Chairman Hasan Harnett, The entire NCGOP Executive and Central Committees.

From what I am hearing, things are about to heat up on this subject in the 2nd district AND in the 3rd.  *Hoo-boy. Pass that popcorn over here.*