Monkey Business Report: Did NCGA aid strong-arming of state agency for ex-speaker’s lobbying client?

Blinkin’ Chris, Scowlin’ Rob and the crew over at WRAL’s political wing may be on to something here.  Granted, they’re upset from the leftist POV on environmental issues.  Really, the most disturbing part of this story is that, apparently, ex-House Speaker Harold Brubaker felt comfortable enough to threaten a state agency with legislative retaliation if his lobbying client’s needs were not met:

Harold Brubaker, the former Republican House Speaker turned powerful lobbyist, tried to ram through a scientifically dubious cleanup project for Jordan Lake and allegedly used hurricane relief funding as leverage, according to emails obtained by NCPW under the Open Records law.

Brubaker’s client, SePro, proposes using chemical treatments — the effectiveness of which has been questioned in scientific journals, by the EPA and DEQ — to clean up algae in Jordan Lake.

Last winter, Brubaker reportedly told then-DEQ Chief Deputy John Evans that if the agency didn’t sign a $1.3 million contract with Sepro, “the GA [General Assembly] would refuse to support hurricane funding.”[…]

On one hand, you could dismiss this as a bunch of blowhard nonsense from a  fast-talking lobbyist.  But THIS IS a former Republican legislator and former Speaker of the House who has sprinkled around a lot of campaign funds and has A LOT of friends on Jones Street.   (And LAST WINTER?  That would have been the Republican McCrory administration he was allegedly strong-arming.)  

Here’s the apparent CYA email sent by Evans after his alleged conversation with Brubaker:

(*Cue ‘The Sopranos’ theme music.*)

Some of you may (or may not) recognize the name Mollie Young in the cc: line.  She once served as spokesperson for Speaker Timmy.  

This is screaming for commentary from Jones Street.  DID this go down the way it looks like it did?  Was this guy just shooting off his mouth?  Or ARE lobbyists being given free reign to use their connections on Jones Street as leverage to threaten state agencies on behalf of their clients?  

Harold Brubaker presided over the previous “Republican Revolution” on Jones street (circa 1995).  He’s been a close political ally of the notorious Richard Morgan for years.

Brubaker also served as a director of The North Carolina Republican Main Street Committee, a PAC dreamed up in 2003-2004 by Richard Morgan and Burr-Tillis consultant Paul Shumaker to target House Republicans who just couldn’t let go of that pesky conservatism.


5 thoughts on “Monkey Business Report: Did NCGA aid strong-arming of state agency for ex-speaker’s lobbying client?

  1. If I remember correctly, Mr Brubaker was once and may still be, a heavy duty $manure$ spreader for the Coastal CONservation Association. So was Scott Lassiter now that I think about it. He is now a CCA camouflaged lobbyist for the N C Sound Economy schrade. Thanks to the efforts of the shouldn’t be N C GOP Ch Robin Hayes.

    Browny Douglas

  2. Not surprised, Certain Republicans member of General Assemble voted and REMOVED the NC Laws to protect NC Rivers from Pollution and run off Pollution which were voted and approved after the Red Tide poisoned Coastal Waters from Virginia line to South Carolina. POLLUTION OF THE RIVERS FLOW INTO THE COASTAL WATERWAYS AND KILL ALL MARINE LIFE. Also, the Red Tide put 6 NC Commercial Fishermen in the Virginia Hospital. Neuse River Keepers found the source of the spills in Aurora from Drilling and waste ponds. RED TIDE KILLS HUMAN BEINGS! TOXIC Pfiesteria from 1991 Albemarle – Pamlico Estuarine then to other coastal waters of NC. Thanks to NC State University identified Toxic Killer.

  3. After his tenure as Speaker, Brubaker was a major conspirator in the Richard Morgan treason. His ego could not take Leo Daughtry being Speaker. Brubaker should have been run out of the party the saem time Morgan was and for the same reason.

  4. We can deal with and support the good republicans we are fortunate enough to get. We need to give voice and support to all independent political efforts and offer less coverage to the ins and outs of petty GOP POLITICS. Except for rare articles, this website has fallen into a rut. Lift it out AND LEAD. Tahnks

    1. What ”independent political efforts”? Have conservative independents ever filed anyone in the general election to try to take down a liberal here in North Carolina? No, I did not think so. Have conservative independents built a network capable of supporting conservative independent candidates in the general election? No, I did not think so.

      Until you create a viable structure that can run credible races, urging people to reregister independent is just being useful idiots for the Republican establishment, who would rather that conservatives leave the party so they can control it,

      Put up or shut up! It is time for action, not words if you really want to do anything for the conservative cause.

      Conservative do have some real challenges in the NCGOP, but until there is another viable game in town, it is the only credible alternative for conservative political activity.

      Organize some independent conservative general election challenges to some liberals, and I am sure that will get you lots attention in conservative media. Just flapping your gums will not. There are lots of liberals out there who need conservative challengers.

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