BOOM! : House GOPers vote to PULL their funds from NCGOP bank accounts

In a surprise move, the House Republican Caucus voted today to yank all of the caucus’s funds from state party bank accounts.  It has been common practice for years for the legislative caucuses to co-mingle the proceeds of their fundraising efforts with state party funds.

In 2016, House members yanked their funds from the state party when Hasan Harnett was elected state party chairman.  They discreetly returned the money after Harnett was deposed and replaced by Robin Hayes.

In 2018, however, House Republicans are divesting while their 2016 favorite Hayes is still in office.

Our moles who were in the caucus meeting when this went down say that a number of legislators accused Republican leadership of forcing the move because Tea Party conservative upstart, and Lee County GOP chairman, Jim Womack appears headed for a win in the upcoming state party chairman’s race.   Sources tell us that Republican leaders aggressively denied the charge — saying they can work with whomever wins the state party chairman’s race in less than two weeks.

Sources tell us Republican House leaders plan to set up an independent committee to manage the caucus’s funds similar to the one GOP senators already have in place.