Uh-oh, we’ve got mail. (And it’s FROM Dallas …)

I’ve been hearing from all kinds of people — who ARE convention delegates — saying that they’ve been getting emails, phone calls, and mailers from supporters of NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes.  So, Old Man Hayes is getting some really good information from SOMEWHERE.

Let’s hear what Dallas Woodhouse, brother of Hillary Clinton-George Soros operative Brad Woodhouse, has to say about the matter:


From: Dallas Woodhouse <dallas.woodhouse@ncgop.org>
Date: Mon, May 22, 2017 at 5:58 PM
Subject: Important Information for candidates
To: Dallas Woodhouse <dallas.woodhouse@ncgop.org>

To:   Announced Candidates for NCGOP Leadership Positions

CC:  NCGOP Legal

From Dallas Woodhouse
Re:Voting procedures and list information
Attached you will find a memo about how we anticipate the voting for Chair and Vice Chair to take place. We hope you find this helpful.  This is similar to past years.  This of course is set by the adoption of the rules by the convention body and is subject to change. It also provides critical information about the Sunday Executive Committee meeting
Today we had one of our top activists request the Convention delegate list.  While we have made these lists available to announced candidates for leadership offices the party, best we can tell the NCGOP has not made this list fully available to the public, and certainly not with everybody’s home address, email address and phone numbers. 
The question of list management and access is a difficult one.  The Central Committee examined this issue last year, but did not adopt a formal policy. 
Not only is the  issue is a difficult one, it is constantly evolving due to requirements on the party to follow state and federal laws regarding do not call lists, E-mail opt in requirements ect.  
We  have concerns for our delegates personal information that requires a difficult balancing test. 
Yet we also have to make some information available for people to run for office. 
With that said, several of our party leadership candidates have asked for the “paid delegate” list to the convention, which we have declined. 
There are several reasons we have declined this request.
 1. The list changes day by day, hour by hour. We do not have the resources available to constantly be pulling these lists and “cleaning them up.”
2. The list contains payment information 
3. People often pay with credit cards under the name of a spouse, who may or may not be a delegate. I have concerns about releasing those peoples information that I do think have a higher expectation of privacy. 
We find no evidence that these “pre-paid”  lists have ever been shared. We did not make them available last year.  However I am not certain that they have never been made available. I spoke several former executive directors and they simply could not recall. All were certain that they only provided delegate lists to the credentials committee and the announced candidates. 
We do have data sharing agreements and more formal policies in place for  candidates and campaigns for public elected office, but those polices don’t all translate, plus the systems that house that data have more internal controls in them. 
In speaking with our attorneys we are going to do the following:
We are providing the activist that requested the list the full list of qualified delegates. That appears to be more than has ever been done.   We are only providing names and counties not other contact information. I have attached that list for your reference. 
The candidates already have the full list of qualified delegates with addresses, emails and phone numbers.  However we will only be making that detailed information to available to known candidates.  We ask that you only use this information for the intended purposes of your campaign. This information is property of the NCGOP and selling of this information for commercial purposes is prohibited.
Pre-registration for the state convention closes at midnight Sunday. While this is still subject to further review by our attorneys it is our intention to make the pre-registered list, (the paid list) available early next week to all our known candidates. 
All of our staff is working next Monday (Memorial Day) and will process this list, removing payment information and attempting to remove the people who are not actual deletes.  ( Spouses, guests ect) […] 
No, e-c-t is not the college in Greenville.  It is apparently the chronic misspelling of the abbreviation for et cetera (etc.).
We believe this will take most of Monday, and we should be able to release the list to the campaigns late Monday/early Tuesday. 
I would be lying if I did not say I have reservations about this. However we do want to help you in your efforts. Pending the attorneys giving final approval, that is the plan. 
He’d be LYING ?????   (Seriously.  Lying? * I don’t think we’ve encountered something like THAT before.*)  So, they allegedly WON’T have the lists available until days before the vote for chairman.  Where is Hayes’s team getting their info, then?
I will also be asking the new chairman and vice chair to create a working committee to put a policy on paper for the future. 
One final note.  I can’t keep up with all the rumors that are on the internet, but I did want to address an issue that is floating around. 
Rumors?  I think he means the publishing of an actual letter sent out by the actual staff attorney of the state party.
Without getting into details, the party’s office of the General Counsel has recently issued three letters of Trespass against certain individuals.
We can’t discuss specific questions about how we handle safety and security procedures.  Speaking in general, the party takes these issues seriously.  In a rare few cases, a handful in the last decade,  due to questions of grossly inappropriate conduct, the party has exercised  its legal right to restrict access to its properties and events under its control. This includes our local offices, our State Office and the areas of the State Convention leased to us. 
Question for the class: Which is a bigger security risk?  A couple of guys who tell dirty jokes on Facebook, a black man duly elected as state party chairman, or an executive director of the state party whose brother is a paid dirty-tricks operative for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros?  
We handle these highly sensitive issues privately with the individuals in question.  I can’t name the people or provide specifics, but we have not made any of this information public. Some of them have. 
I can say that out of these three individuals only one met the qualifications to be a delegate. 
Two of these people have had similar actions taken against them  by the NCGOP, Victory and/or 
our campaigns. 
One has been banned by a state agency from  their facilities that are otherwise open to the public. 
Oh, you don’t want to talk about it.  Don’t want to name the people.  But then you go on to slam one of them one more time.  *CLAAAAAAAA-ssssssy. *
We hate to take these actions, and history shows that the party has taken these steps before,  but only in extreme and rare cases. Our Office of the General Counsel believed their was no other reasonable responsible decision.
Really?  The state party has previously intervened in a local dispute by sending threatening letters from the state party attorney?  When?
Who decided to lower the hammer on these people?  Was there a hearing, a meeting, a vote?  Richard Morgan got a public hearing and a public vote when he was tossed out of the party for party disloyalty.
We believe we will have good convention. Our staff has worked hard to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. 
 I thank you for your desire to serve our fine party. 
I am available day or night should you need anything

Dallas Woodhouse

Executive Director
North Carolina Republican Party
1506 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27605

7 thoughts on “Uh-oh, we’ve got mail. (And it’s FROM Dallas …)

  1. its really simple the state could set up a mailing lists for qualified inner party elections and send out one email to the delegates that announces this system and then allows the delegates to receive messages from the campaigns they want and being able to remove themselves at any time without any of the people running for office to have access to any of the data. As new people announce the state party could send out emails allows the delegates to opt in to follow the new people running for office

    The NCGOP is living and acting in the stone age there is not really planning or any action ever taken to really make anything better in the last 20 years

    Seriously look how long it even too to get information up about this years convention on a website

    They knew at last years convention the date and place of this years so they should have had at least that information switched over on the old convention website the day after the one in Greensboro ended and the day after the one in Wilmington ends they should have the dates and info for people to start planning to attend the one in Hickory in 2018 it is not like the party has never held a convention in any of these places before

    If they did a good job the first time around most of the work would already be done the second time around

  2. Dirty joke….glad you said that….Sexual harassment is often defined as any kind of sexual behavior that is unwelcome and/or inappropriate for the work place or environment. Sexual harassment includes verbal harassment, such as derogatory comments or dirty jokes; visual harassment, such as derogatory or embarrassing posters, cartoons; physical harassment such as inappropriate touching; and sexual favors, such as sexual advances or confrontation with sexual demands.

    1. Who defines when a joke is considered dirty? Do you have a SJW test for that ? Some might consider using the world sexual 5 times in a post rather dirty. Thank goodness my grandmother died before the internet happened cause she would have been totally offended by your post.

  3. When a lady called last week to ask if I was voting For Hayes. I said no! But how did she get my name & number? Hummm!

    1. Just what I’d like to know! Chairman Hayes’ team has called me twice, but I haven’t heard from the challenger. Hmmm, indeed!

      1. Talked to several on the delegate list in my county. The only ones who have gotten calls from the Hayes crowd are those who have signed up to go to the convention. I wonder how he knows which ones they are? Woodhouse claims not to have given that list to any candidate

  4. Convention Delegates should have the chance to opt out of phone calls and emails from candidates. Ah, freedom to choose. If the list of names from those willing to receive emails and/or phone calls is released to one candidate, it must go to all the other candidates – at the same time. That is the adult way to handle it.

    Why do I keep getting the feeling this convention is going to show the worst in a lot of people, especially those who are supposed to be running it. Note to those in charge: we conservatives are FED UP with being run over by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of all stripes. FED UP!! This weekend might be the LAST STRAW!

    Please, behave yourselves or the newspapers are going to have much to report making readers very interested in the dreaded but inevitable THIRD PARTY for the great state of NC.

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