Haywood County. (Holy Cow!)

I am not 100 percent sure about the merits of the people — or of their arguments — that make up the current mess that IS the Haywood County GOP.   But I am sure that I don’t like the idea of three or four people — Michele Mix, Robin Hayes, Dallas Woodhouse, and Tom Stark — huddling up to decide WHO CAN and CANNOT be a Republican in North Carolina.  

I remember the big fight to kick Moore County’s very own Richard Morgan out of the party. The debate and the vote occurred out in the open at a party business meeting.  The Haywood County matter has been carried out via secret closed door meetings and nasty letters from the party attorney.  WHO gave the party attorney the authority to threaten Republican activists?  What legal standing does the NCGOP have — without a court order or binding restraining order — to bar people from property the party does not own? 

NCGOP vice chairman Michele Nix — an alleged Tea Partier and alleged foe of the establishment — has been out in force on social media trashing NCGOPe critics and defending the actions coming from NCGOP HQ.  Here’s some of the action from her Facebook page today:

Wow.  So, we’re apparently #FakeNews for publishing the actual letter sent out by the actual NCGOP attorney?  I’d say a more accurate use of the adjective FAKE would be applying it to someone who runs for an office, like — say – party vice chairman, claiming to be an anti-establishment Tea Party rebel but then gets mighty comfy right after the election with that same establishment she bashed.

Hmmm.  Mrs. Nix’s “ask the legal team” responses when pressed for details sounds a lot like some of the sketchy tactics used to take down duly-elected NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett.  Very similar. 

To calm Mrs. Nix’s nerves, here is the all-important second page of the nastygram sent out by party attorney Tom Stark:

Libeling the Republican Party ????  Can you DO THAT?  (*Man, if that’s the case, the Democrats and the driveby media will surely provide a target-rich environment for the ambulance chasers out there. SUE THE N&O.  Yee-ha!*)

Send these out to everyone who has EVER criticized NCGOP leadership, said something crude, or posted something crude on social media, and you’re going to have one empty convention hall. 

Seriously, though.  Who approved this guy sending out these threatening letters?

Let’s get back to Michele’s Facebook page: 

The party sent out threatening letters to Republicans.  And the party vice-chairman will not answer questions about WHO approved the sending of said letters.  If it is merely a Haywood County matter, WHY are the state party vice chairman, the state party attorney, and state party stationery involved? 

By the way, the “offensive to female delegates” matter involves a Jib-Jab video — albeit crude in content — featuring a Haywood County GOP official and Dallas Woodhouse.  Childish? Yes.  Crude? Yes.  Worth siccing the lawyer on the creator(s) and banning them from GOP functions?  DE-batable.

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  1. Gee, I wonder why Michele Nix posts as she does on her facebook page, and then refuses to tell the “whole” story she implies that she knows?

  2. We are in the process of getting things in order to take them to court over these actions. People have come out of the woodwork to support us after these letters went public. I spoke to several news outlets today and shared documents, witness lists, audio recordings and other material that will indeed show we have the high ground. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. It’s also worth noting this jib jab video was not created or hosted by those of us that received the letters. WE simply shared it on Facebook. It was comical and funny not perverted or twisted. I thought it was cute. But again those of us that received the letters had nothing to do with it.

  4. The “offensive” content was not a jibjab video, it was a Facebook post from a member of the Haywood Republican Alliance slandering an elected party leader in the Haywood County GOP via a picture posted to one of their thousands of groups. I can’t speak on behalf of Nix or Dallas or Gramps, but the Haywood Republican Alliance doesn’t have the best track record of civility on public forums. They have a history of crude comments, I have seen many on some of Michelle Nix’s Facebook posts.

    From far away observation, they may not have been treated fairly at the beginning in Haywood County (most of us that voted for Hassan don’t believe we’ve been treated fairly), but they have quickly lost their credibility by their recent behavior and bitter attitude.

  5. Get your facts straight!!!! The video had nothing to do with Dallas. Also, I find it rather curious that you took stuff out of the the screenshot you posted…..these videos were beyond crude…jib jab removed them because they were inappropriate. They were depicting a county chair and vice chair with lyrics like “touch me here, touch me there…” and you think that’s just crude and not sexual harassment…really!!!! Tell the whole story and stop changing the facts to fit your narrative. The NCGOP has an obligation to protect its members and I am thankful they take this seriously.

  6. “The NCGOP has determined that certain actions and or statements made by you are inconsistent with the ideals and mission of the NC Republican Party.” If this is grounds for banning someone from party business, shouldn’t it also apply to almost every NC legislator? How many of them routinely take positions that are inconsistent with the party platform? Too many to count.

    Gee. Kinda makes you wonder what Nix has been promised for her loyalty to the establishment. She needs to take a long walk off a short pier, along with the rest of the executive committee.

    Any elected rep who refuses to speak out against this tyrannical behavior is no longer deserving of my vote come re-election time.

    1. You are right that this is a very slippery slope. Msny counties have factions and some fight more than others. Will we now have various factions lobbying the NCGOP to banish the key members of opposing factions? We need to think of not just Haywood County, but all counties and we very very wary of what is going on.

      The secret nature of how these letters come about and the total lack of fundamental due process should concern us all.

      This power play needs to be nipped in the bud before it becomes a bigger problem for the NCGOP.

  7. Tom Stark is a close ally of Zan Bunn, and that should tell it all. Watching Zan rush to console Stark after he lost his first bid for party General Counsel told you all you needed to know about how tight they are politically.

    A state party letter to ban someone from a county party function is an absurdity. Will we have the RNC start trying to ban people from activity at various levels?

    Any registered Republican is entitled to attend their precinct meeting, and then if elected a county delegate or alternate, their county convention, and then if elected a state delegate or alternate, their state and district conventions. No party officials can ban those fundamental rights of any registered Republican, and if they try, they are nothing but an authroritarian thug,

    They would probably have a right to ban someone from being a mere guest at most functions or from entering a party headquarters, but not from exercising their right to participate in the convention process.

    I have never heard of a party General Counsel trying to do what Stark is, and the question of who authorized it is very relevent.

  8. Is Woodhouse sandbagging Mrs. Nix? He has also obviously given the delegate email list to a pro-amnesty Hispanic challenger to Nix who has just emailed delegates. Woodhouse refuses to give that list to Womack. I wonder if Mrs. Nix got it?

    This Steve A. Van Loor has no history at all in the GOP structure except a few positions in its paperish Hispanic organization. He is completely unqualified for the number two position.

    Somehow it is not surprising that a big fan of pro-amnesty Marco Rubio like Robin Hayes would be comfortable with an unqualified pro-amnesty party vice chairman.

    1. Look up Steve Loor (that’s his real name) not Steve Von Loor, in the voter records. The “Von” is fake. Also, he’s a life long Democrat. Has only been a Republican since 2014. He’s never donated monies to any candidate or GOP, or made phone calls, knocked on doors, or raised funds for Republican party. He’s a RINO.

      1. He added a ”von” to masquerade as a German aristocrat, huh? And it sounds like he is masquerading as a Republican, too.

        His silence if deafening over amnesty for illegal aliens, as well..

  9. The Randolph county GOP NEVER has precinct meetings and a complaint was filed. They are clearly in violation but nothing was done because they did not want to disrupt the district convention. The NC GOP is still and will continue to be the good old boy club. Go ahead and vote for the other running for vice chair. She is worse as far as being establishment and just like ma Cotten and zan.

  10. These threatening tactics were recently verbally used in Brunswick County to two Republicans. One is even an elected Republican office holder. It appears they were threatened with censure by “leadership” if they dared to speak at a precinct meeting after being invited to speak by the predinct chair on topics of interest to the party. These people are sick, creepy and dangerous. I hope MIchele isn’t in too deep with them. That would be sad.

    1. Now you see the real Nix. Smiles at you while plunging knife in your back! We out west have seen her workings. Don’t believe ask Hasan. She was first one to vote him out, first to call chairman to be Chairman. Her power plan was discovered and blocked.

  11. I don’t understand what’s been happening here. All I do know is there is a procedure to ban attendance to NCGOP meetings and office holding. It’s not simply mailing a letter from Stark and Dallas. Haywood County has to act and then there is time for those accused to reply. If it is contested, the matter makes it to the convention floor where a 2\3 vote is required. Only if the accused ignore the County notice and 30 days pass with no reply can the accused be banned. That was the procedure they used just a few years back.

    1. Your buddy Nix driving this deal. Keep out the anti votes…she sold out Hasan, she will sell out NCGOP!

  12. I encourage everyone to go look at jib jab. There is nothing pornographic about any of the content on their site or in its animations. Anyone that finds these comedic animations pornographic obviously has a multitude of issues. As to the Haywood Republican Alliance being vulgar or crude, I can’t say I’ve ever seen that. However we do not police what individuals, officers, or members say or do. This is the very foundation of our nation. Free speech. I don’t always agree with eddie cabe or Michelle nix or Tom Stark the difference is I would never try to silence their voice. That is what these letters are trying to do. Lynette keeps making false claims of sexual harassment. It simply has never happened except for in her twisted sense. I’ll say it again if you think you have a case, take it to court. Just be ready to be laughed out of the building because your claims have no merit. Free speech on my Facebook page will always win the day and Femi- nazis will always loose. Well good day everyone, I’m back off to register Republicans, raise money for conservative candidates, and support the ideals that our Republic was founded on.

  13. Michele Nix Blocked me and many others from her Page just for asking questions about this….
    I don’t want someone like that as Vice Chair.

  14. NIX IS BEHIND THIS!! NCGOP Staff telling all about her sell out attacks. Haywood vs Nix, Nix pissed goes to Dallas and Stark to set up Ban program. Letters go out…..Nixs thanks for those who supported her! POWER!

  15. There are lots of questions that need to be answered about these letters, and the party needs some transparency on that. It seems murky about who may have authorized them. An American’s right to participate in our political process is a precious right and should not lightly be infringed upon. Fundamental due process is something Republicans believe and requires notice and an opportunity to be heard before a negative action is taken. That does not seem to have happened here.

    Cooler heads on the Central Committee, such as some of its new members need to put this on the agenda and try to resolve it before Tom Stark’s letters end up leading to an embarassing lawsuit against the party, a State Bar ethics complaint against him, or some other negative for the party. Our party does not need to behave like Democrats. Put the image of the party first, and not factional power plays.

  16. Wow, 17 comments in an evening when most Haymaker posts remain silent until the following day this must be a hot topic that needs more investigation. Remember, Elections have consequences.

  17. Two words: “due process”.

    Due process is a keystone of our system of justice.

    Due process is notably absent here.

  18. Good morning Y’all,

    I was told that someone mentioned my name in this article.

    For the record.

    I am not PRO-Amnesty you can check my stands on the issues at my website.

    It is very sad to see the derogatory way Ms. GUWONDER mentioned my ethnic background. “The Hispanic Challenger”
    I am an American. I was born here. I love my country, I love my Republican Party and I will do anything in my power to help bring minorities to our ranks.

    Regarding the positions is served, while working with the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.
    I have engaged with leaders across our Great State and Nationwide. There was no need of traveling wasting the NCGOP funds. I can pick up the phone speak with a person who I don’t know and I will have his/her support to help the republican party.

    If Mr. Hayes wants a “unqualified” for the number two position might be because Hon. Chairman Hayes sees, I will not betray him nor try to take him down as Mrs. Nix did with Chairman Hassan Harnett.

    There is no foundation like the rock of honesty, loyalty and fairness.

    Today I received a call from the delegate from Lenoir County. Mrs. Nix home county. He said and I quote.
    “Mrs. Nix never raised a penny nor provide help for republican candidates on our county”
    “Mrs. Nix chooses the people who are on the leadership positions at the Lenoir Co. GOP”

    I was astonished to hear that. I had a different image of her. But now I see that all those rumors are true.

    Ms. GUWONDER. Please tell Mrs. Nix. I have run a campaign based on respect. I have told my supporters not to attack her. It is very sad she is using you to attack me based on my ethnic background.

    Please visit my website at


    God Bless America and our Great State.

    1. ”Immigration reform” and ”secure the border first” are code for amnesty. If you are not for amensty, tell us how you intend to deal with the illegal aliens already in the country?

      You have NO office whatsoever in the structure of the Republican Party. How do you think you are qualified for its second highest office?

      You are the one who played the Hispanic card, even though your last name sounds more Teutonic.

    2. If you understood the problems in the NCGOP you would understand the Robin Hayes is part of the problem not the solution. You really should go to http://jim4ncgop.com/ and read the position papers that Jim Womack on his site so you can get up to speed on the real problems in the party and a clear path to address them and make the NCGOP stronger for everyone not just the ruling class.

    3. you never answered the question about the VON?

      Were you a democrat?

      DURHAM, NC 27703
      Voter Reg Num:
      Registration Date:
      NCDMV Customer:

  19. It is time to trust the Grassroots that live in Haywood County.

    There is nothing more Grassroots than a precinct meeting. Republicans of Haywood County voted during the Precinct elections (the largest meetings ever held in Haywood County) and ‘Voted these Republicans OUT”… The grassroot Republicans have spoken. The precinct Republicans who know these people best – Voted NO to them as Precinct Chairs… Voted NO to sending them to the District or State Conventions. Local Republicans voted again during the County Convention. These two Republicans (and others) were not elected as delegates.

    These two men (and others) have retaliated with a nastygram of their own – using social media – to lash out against the decisions of the local Republican Party. Apparently, the Wire and Haymaker authors do not live in Haywood County. The people that voted them out… live here.

    Are the Wire and Haymaker authors implying it is okay to disrupt the meetings by basically shouting “Fire” in the crowded NCGOP Convention Hall if it helps them feel better? Are the Wire and Haymaker authors implying there are no rules of conduct for Republicans… anything should be accepted, even bullying, stalking or sexual harassment would be okay with you? Haywood County Republicans voted and do not agree with that position.

    Most Conservatives, I know, do not behave like this ‘small vocal minority’ residing in Haywood County – that goes on social media to hurt people’s reputations.

    1. This is not about Haywood County. It’s about the NCGOP. Who authorized these letters, and what process was used to determine the need for them.

  20. In respect to Mr. Von Loor, would be nice to develop our base with our other Spanish speaking Americans. Regardless of outcome in the VC race, hopefully you will continue to help the party and your local GOP in helping with Hispanic outreach.

    If you are already doing this, thank you.

    1. This is America we speak English and English Only https://www.usenglish.org/

      What we need is people who come to America legality to respect our American culture and adapt to the values of the founding fathers and leave behind the culture they fled. If they want to keep their culture then they should stay in their own country and not ruin ours https://youtu.be/10uX2EhSflA

      1. Hi, Patrick.

        Did you know that Americans for Prosperity will help facilitate ESL classes for non-English speakers?

        1. Much better is the provision of Candian immigration law that makes passage of the very tough Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) a requirement for issuance of an immigration visa in the first place.

    2. Dear Informed Millenial,

      Yes, I will continue working regardless the outcome of this race.
      Send me an email so we can talk more about my plans for engagement.



    Tonight the Haywood County Chairman Kenneth Henson, and Vice Chair Debbie King , Without any notice , without the Knowledge of the Haywood Executive Committee and with over 45 Precinct chairs and vice chairs Not Present .
    Brought a Formal Resolution Against 5 Long time Haywood Republicans/Patriots for Party Disloyalty !!! Ken was reported to say at the meeting that the resolution was written by Tom Stark with the full Approval of Robin Hayes, and Michelle Nix .
    Also present for this Kangaroo Court was the newly elected Chairman of the 11th District Aubrey Woodard
    You Just can’t make this stuff up folks !!!!!
    Removal of outspoken Christian Conservative Grassroots Republicans is the Goal of these Goons ….

    Tonight the Haywood County Chairman Kenneth Henson, and Vice Chair Debbie King , Without any notice , without the Knowledge of the Haywood Executive Committee and with over 45 Precinct chairs and vice chairs Not Present .
    Brought a Formal Resolution Against 5 Long time Haywood Republicans/Patriots for Party Disloyalty !!! Ken was reported to say at the meeting that the resolution was written by Tom Stark with the full Approval of Robin Hayes, and Michelle Nix .

    You Just can’t make this stuff up folks !!!!!

  23. Last night the Haywood County
    Brought a Formal Resolution Against 5 Long time Haywood Republicans/Patriots for Party Disloyalty !!! Ken was reported to say at the meeting that the resolution was written by Tom Stark with the full Approval of Robin Hayes, and Michelle Nix .

  24. The details of what is happening in Haywood would be a sideshow except that it shows that we have a hardball group in the state GOP who are intent on meddling in county party matters. Who authorized Stark to write these letters? That state chairman would not have authority, and even less a mere party bureaucrat like Woodhouse.

    Telling a duly elected delegate that he is not allowed at the convention is without any authority under the Plan of Organizatoin and is a precedent that delegates to the convention should not stand still for. Those involved in this travesty should be removed from any position of authority in the party.

      1. Didn’t Woodhouse admit that at least one of them was? A delegate or alternate is a different kettle of fish as to the state convention than a mere guest. And who knows about similar letters in other counties.

  25. I want to express my gratitude to the Core readership of this prestigious online media outlet for the email sent to me providing support.
    Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions or if you want to listen to the solutions I will bring to the table.
    I prefer to answer any question in person or over the phone instead of hiding behind a keyboard and a fictitious “alias” like GUWONDER or John Steed.

    I was advised this morning regarding the people behind those aliases.

    Thank you Y’all.

    Steve A. Von Loor

    1. Since you made it seem like the readership on this BLOG is supporting you I will have to say NO I AM NOT SUPPORTING YOU just for clarity

      I did contact you under my real name and you did talk to me but you clearly do not seem to understand the problems with the party or how to fix them. This is my opinion and my opinion only. I also did watch a video with you talking about what you would do as VC and I am clearly not impressed

      I would not have said all of this but if that is really you that posted the message above I would not want other BLOG readers here to be led astray by your general statement about people supporting you

      Thanks but I say NO and this is not a endorsement for anyone else to also be clear

    2. Gee, I see you are trying to duck the issues raised by various people about 1) that you have been a long time Democrat only recently switched to Republican, 2) that you have falsely added the ennobling German ”von” to your name, 3) that you have no experience in the party structure and have never contributed to a Republican candidate, and 4) that you use the classic code phrases of supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens but refuse to openly discuss the issue.

      You are also slow on your feet as it took you quite a while to come up with an excuse to duck all these questions.

      It is also amusing that above you claim to be running a positive campaign but then repeat a likely made up attack on one of your opponents in the very same post. Nice.

      I haven’t decided for certain which of the vice chairman candidates I will end up voting for, but clearly it will not be you.

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