Monkey Business Report: Damage Control, Disposing of Evidence

Isn’t it great watching the cockroaches scramble for cover?

Many would look at the above headline and assume this post would be about criminals.  Sadly, it’s not.  It’s about OUR government, and OUR elected “representatives” working overtime trying to avoid  sunlight being shone on one of their current scams.

One courageous House member led the effort to stymie Speaker Timmy’s efforts to water-down the ban on state dollars for transitioning toddlers to transgenderism.  You really have to wonder why a leader in the alleged party of family values would be attacking a concept like that. Whenever you see something strange going on in Raleigh or DC, rest assured that there is significant illicit cash being passed around behind the scenes. *Whores being paid by their pimps.*

The scoop by Education First Alliance (EFA) exposing UNC, Duke and ECU’s leadership in turning toddlers into trannies is officially international news.  The story has even caught the attention of Elon Musk, the world’s wealthiest man and the Supreme Leader over at Twitter:



After months of silence by the sycophantic drive-by “mainstream” media and the Raleigh political
class, the political establishment is now working overtime to shove this story back into the shadows.

UNC — which employs Speaker Timmy’s pals Nelson Dollar and Clayton Somers — has been caught scrubbing all of the info which led to this publicity off of its website. 

EFA is on the verge of releasing another blockbuster scoop on UNC and Duke’s reported toddler-to-tranny trade: