Miss Nancy is BUSTED! (Livin’ la vida 1%)


(I bet Pinehurst mayor — and faithful Haymaker reader Nancy Fiorillo — had a conniption and spit out her coffee when she saw that headline. ) 

Our friends at Andrew Breitbart’s  BigGovernment.com have outdone themselves again.  They’ve  caught the plastic-faced U.S. House Democrat Leader (and former Speaker)  and her husband spending the holidays at an exclusive $10,000 per night Hawaiian resort.  That’s quite a healthy serving of hypocrisy for the San Francisco she-devil, who has never missed an opportunity to praise Occupy Wall Street, bash “income inequality,”  or push for higher taxes and increased regulations.

I am a capitalist.  I don’t mind people living well with money they have earned.  Profits are great.  My problem is with liberals who amass great fortunes, then fight tooth and nail to keep other people from enjoying the fruits of their own labors.