Recipe for 2012 GOP gubernatorial victory missing key ingredients

The three modern day successes for the NCGOP in governor’s races came in 1972, 1984, an 1988. What do those three years have in common?

  1. A Republican presidential candidate cruising to victory.  Nixon was stomping McGovern in 1972, and Reagan was doing the same to Mondale in 1984.  George H.W. Bush was spanking Mike Dukakis in 1984.
  2. Fired-up conservative voters.   That was especially the case in 1972, and 1984, with Jesse Helms on the ballot.
  3. The power of The White House.   There’s nothing like an incumbent president and his team helping you.  You can look really good stepping off Air Force One on the 6:00 news.
  4. Democrat infighting:  In 1972, Skipper Bowles fought out a nasty primary with Lt. Gov. Pat Taylor.  In 1984, you had Charlotte mayor Eddie Knox slugging it out with Rufus Edmisten.  Bad feelings from those two races reportedly carried over to the general election.  In 2012,  state Rep. Bill Faison (D) is reportedly considering a run at  Ms. Perdue-Eaves.  No one on the D-side is criticizing Faison for talking like this.

For 2012 — other than a white hot hatred of Obama — what is there to fire up conservative NC voters?  In 2008, McCrory won several precincts also carried by BarryO and Senator Sock Puppet. Conservative turnout was dismal for November’s vote.

For 2012 — other than the potential Faison-Bev rumble — state Democrats are in decent shape, morale-wise.  The DNC is holding its convention in Charlotte, which should create a fundraising and publicity goldmine for the NCDP. BarryO and his team are pumping tons of money and people into the state.  Barry’s money — combined with missteps from Team McCrory — saved Bev’s neck BIG TIME in 2008.  The NCGOP NEEDS a good NCDP family feud.

In 2012, we do not have the power of The White House on our side.  However, if NCGOP strategists play it right, Barry’s presence at 1600 Penn could have a POSITIVE effect on the opposition party’s chances in the gubernatorial race.