Meadows: Tillis to get a ‘legitimate’ primary opponent




Congressman Mark Meadows told The Washington  Post he’s not interested in running for the US Senate.  But added THIS caveat:


(Here’s video of Meadows talking recently with The Washington Post’s Robert Costa about The Mueller Report.)


This news comes on the heels of reports that Tillis is lining up a primary opponent for Dan Forest in the 2020 gubernatorial race. 



It’s also been reported that Tillis is the 2nd most unpopular Republican senator up for reelection in 2020.   Ol’ Thom’s swerves to the left are more likely to hurt him in a more conservative GOP primary than they would in a general election.   Even so, he barely escaped the disastrous Kay Hagan (D) and That Pizza Guy (L)  in 2014 with 48 percent of the vote in the 2014 general election.


Who knows?  Karma might just walk up and smack ThommyT right in his smug face.


7 thoughts on “Meadows: Tillis to get a ‘legitimate’ primary opponent

  1. Well let’s hope there is a good candidate to primary Thommy. I will vote for a whacko demorat over him at this point.

  2. We need a good Senate Primary. Sen Tillis can explain how he actually is a Conservative. I keep hearing that he is pragmatic. I see him as dollar matic

  3. I’m told that Tillis and Dan Bishop engineered the Mark Harris debacle in order to keep
    a solid conservative like Mark out of the House. And now Tillis and Bishop are running the
    dirtiest sewer campaign ever seen against Stony Rushing through their ghost funding partners called the
    Club for Growth. The swamp runs wide and deep but you reap what you sow. If Bishop wins
    I will personally endorse the Democrat in November. You have crossed the line Bishop and your
    accomplish in Union County, Senator Tucker.

  4. I don’t think if honest any decent Republican wants to see Tillis reelected to the Senate. At this point I can not nor will I vote for Senator Ego.
    I hope President Trump doesn’t fall back and give aid and comfort to this traitor knot head of a Senator,

  5. Clayton, I know you to be a man of integrity and your remarks about Tillis fit his character.

  6. Tillis is a cancer on the NC Republican Party. That cancer needs to be totally removed in the 2020 primary.

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