Mark Walker for — WHAT ????



Seriously?  This guy wants to run for the Senate?   He got mentioned prominently in the federal charging documents (p.6) for Eric Lindberg,  Robin Hayes, et al. Walker has the potential to become the NCGOP’s Cal Cunningham.  (In other words, someone you will have to spend a lot of time and political capital explaining away. )



Walker was chairman of the Republican Study Committee — a more moderate rival within the House GOP caucus to Mark Meadows and The Freedom Caucus.    A LOT of Republicans in Walker’s current district seem to remember Walker PROMISING in his first campaign  to vote against John Boehner for House Speaker.   Walker ended up voting FOR Boehner,  and caught so much hell for it that he had to put pen to paper to explain himself. 


The original article about this mentioned presidential daughter-in-law Lara Trump running for the same Senate seat (currently held by Richard Burr).  I COULD be convinced to support that.  Though,  I believe she needs to take up residence within our great state for the next few years and get involved locally and statewide.  I know she was born here and grew up here.  But she needs to reestablish those roots if she is serious.


(We don’t need another Liddy Dole, for gosh sakes.  Her residence was The Watergate Hotel in DC while I attended GW in the late 80s and early 90s. As I am sure it was in 2002. She parachuted in for the 2002 Senate race, but got her clock cleaned by the late Kay Hagan in 2008. )


I am not even sure what Lara Trump stands for.  It is not safe to assume that family members share the same beliefs.  I know plenty of couples where the husband is more conservative than the wife, and vice-versa.  In other words,  we need to know more on the ideological front.