Lindsey Graham BEGGING for a primary challenge

South Carolina, what are we going to do about the little guy?  Y’all have done so well with your House delegation (Clyburn notwithstanding) and with Senator DeMint.You can’t do much about Clyburn, but I am  CONVINCED you can do better than Little Lindsey.

Ol’ Lindsey started off well in his role as chief prosecutor of Bill Clinton during his impeachment.  He must have gotten really sensitive over the beating he took in the media.  Now,  MISTER Lindsey Graham is the media and the Democrats’ FAVORITE Republican.  They can always count on Lindsey to offer a tut-tut to his Republican colleagues when they occasionally muster up the cojones to act like conservatives.

Graham has provided key votes for Obama judges.  He’s done everything to position himself as a counter-weight to the strong conservative leadership being offered up by Senator DeMint.

Now, Little Lindsey is speaking up in defense of some of his Democrat colleagues currently battling GOP challengers for reelection.  Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is beside himself about it:

When Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul launched an ad campaign against Democrats who opposed his proposal to end foreign aid to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan, Graham took the unusual step of defending the Democrats from a fellow Republican.

Graham held a conference call with West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin to slam both the ad and Paul’s foreign aid bill. […]

Paul swiftly fired back, telling Politico, “I don’t see myself campaigning against a Republican in a general election ever, that’s why I think it’s extraordinary that Graham is supporting a Democrat in a general election.”

“Which is more important,” he asked: “Defending … a failed policy of foreign aid or getting a Republican majority?”

*Oh, pouring billions in aid down those three Middle East rat-holes — where they burn our flag and murder our people — is a crucially important initiative.  *

Graham worked hard to give us that disastrous nominee for president in 2008.  Personally, I think he deserves a lot of the blame for giving us this dolt currently — but hopefully for not much longer — residing @ 1600 Penn.