Let the scare tactics begin …





When liberals realize they can’t win a debate on the issues, they almost always turn to the scare tactics. Lyndon Johnson got the ball rolling in 1964 against Barry Goldwater, running ads depicting Barry Goldwater as a madman eager to start the nuclear holocaust.  The Left beat on Ronald Reagan for eight years, claiming he wanted to push everyone into poverty AND start a nuclear war.  Last year, when GOP congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin put forward a very sensible federal spending reform plan, the Left ran ads depicting support for his plan to be the equivalent of pushing grandma off the cliff.

Now, we have the North Carolina Democrat Party running ads about “The GOP War on Women.” :

North Carolina Republicans are working hard to turn back the clock on decades of progress made by the women of North Carolina.

Republicans in the General Assembly passed legislation limiting women’s access to healthcare. Republicans targeted working mothers by slashing childcare subsidies. Republicans laid off thousands of women working as educators in our schools. And, to top it all of, Republicans drew nearly a dozen Democratic women out of their legislative districts in an effort to eliminate our voice in the General Assembly.

In their efforts to make sure that the most capable voices fighting for women in the General Assembly are silenced, they have waged an all out war on our Democratic women in elected office.
Republicans deliberately targeted women legislators for total eradication with their shameful redistricting plans. Fewer women in elected office means fewer of our voices will be included in the decisions that directly impact the lives of North Carolina’s women.
We need your help to stop the Republican attacks on the women of North Carolina.
Really, guys?  That’s what you’ve got?
The “access to health care” thing is about the recent legislative efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and force abortion providers to show patients an ultrasound before performing the abortion procedure.  Never mind that the VERY FEMALE state representative Ruth Samuelson (R-Charlotte) was a chief sponsor and proponent of those laws.  That’s inconvenient.
Never mind that the NCGOP made history by electing the state’s first female U.S. senator.  Never mind that all three female U.S. House members from North Carolina are women.
The political Left has had a lot of success at changing the English language.  “Black” now means “marching in lockstep with Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the NAACP and North Carolina NAACP president Jabba The Hutt.”  Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas, both possessing the same African heritage as Sharpton and Jackson, are lacking in “blackness” — we are told by the Left.
“Women” now means “anyone with female anatomy who marches in lockstep with Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Barbra Streisand, Michelle Obama and Gloria Steinem.”   I guess state Rep. Samuelson, who replaced the more moderate and MALE Ed McMahan, and U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers, a conservative Republican who knocked off leftist MALE Bob Etheridge in 2010, need to turn in their “Woman” cards.
We’ve got  a dire economic situation facing our state and our country.  How about offering up some constructive ideas to help us turn this thing around, and laying off the whole division thing?