Lefty lunacy reaching a fever pitch

screamIf you thought leftists were losing it over the proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, wait until you get a load of what they’re doing over the introduction of HB 465 by FOUR — count ’em, FOUR — female Republican legislators.

Reps. Jacqueline Schaffer, Susan Martin, Rena Turner, and Pat McElraft have introduced legislation banning abortions from 20 weeks forward. That’s halfway through a typical pregnancy, boys and girls.  Over in your local hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, therehomer all kinds of babies in the ballpark of 20 weeks old living, breathing, eating, crying and pooping in incubators.  At that age, the babies ARE capable of living outside the womb.  The legislation sounds incredibly reasonable, huh?  Well, not according to the Democrats and their usual third-party collaborators:



That’s Planned Parenthood for you.  Yeah, this is so “extreme” that the Democrats didn’t bother using an attempted 20-week ban at the congressional level as a campaign issue in the 2014 elections.  MORE: 



#SMH.  God help this guy.  



The bill is very similar to the one that congresswoman Renee Ellmers voted for, sponsored, sponsored, voted for, sponsored, then un-sponsored and thoroughly denounced from 2013 through this January.