Lefty lunacy reaching a fever pitch

screamIf you thought leftists were losing it over the proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, wait until you get a load of what they’re doing over the introduction of HB 465 by FOUR — count ’em, FOUR — female Republican legislators.

Reps. Jacqueline Schaffer, Susan Martin, Rena Turner, and Pat McElraft have introduced legislation banning abortions from 20 weeks forward. That’s halfway through a typical pregnancy, boys and girls.  Over in your local hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, therehomer all kinds of babies in the ballpark of 20 weeks old living, breathing, eating, crying and pooping in incubators.  At that age, the babies ARE capable of living outside the womb.  The legislation sounds incredibly reasonable, huh?  Well, not according to the Democrats and their usual third-party collaborators:



That’s Planned Parenthood for you.  Yeah, this is so “extreme” that the Democrats didn’t bother using an attempted 20-week ban at the congressional level as a campaign issue in the 2014 elections.  MORE: 



#SMH.  God help this guy.  



The bill is very similar to the one that congresswoman Renee Ellmers voted for, sponsored, sponsored, voted for, sponsored, then un-sponsored and thoroughly denounced from 2013 through this January.

8 thoughts on “Lefty lunacy reaching a fever pitch

  1. Where is the endorsement by out Governor that would add heft to this bill? Why would there not be a ground swell of support, with Thom Tillis and Richard Burr rallying to the rescue of all these North Carolina children?
    I’ll tell you why: they are all too busy testing the winds, after the Mike Pence failure to launch / failure to defend the fully-defensible against the subspecies (3%) who would burn down our civilization, who would trample natural marriage under foot, after 5000 years. Since they stand for nothing to begin with, they will stand for anything that Planned Parenthood and Renee Ellmers say they should.

    1. Where is the endorsement by out Governor that would add heft to this bill? Why would there not be a ground swell of support, with Thom Tillis and Richard Burr rallying to the rescue of all these North Carolina children?

      Answer: Might hurt the Republican brand.

      Protecting the brand is the upmost of importance.

    2. In the 2016 GOP Senate primary, Republican voters should be constantly reminded that Richard Burr endorsed and strongly supported the appointment of the Obama liberal judge who rammed homosexual marriage down NC’s throat. With that total absence of political judgment, he badly needs to be replaced.

  2. Lunacy is right in one sense but since OB-GYN’s can do tests to determine if the fetus has any medical issues then abortion becomes a choice but not after 20 weeks. It becomes too risky for the mother’s life. There are studies that show that abortions increase the chance of cervical cancer. What I find disturbing is the airlines allowing someone to fly late in a pregnancy when the airlines ground a pregnant flight attendant at 26 weeks. I should know after flying with 2 pregnancies and actually welcomed the reprieve of going on maternity leave that early. Planned Parenthood is nothing but an abortion clinic sanctioned by our government thanks to Margaret Sanger from the early 1900’s. They won’t do a pregnancy test unless you are planning on aborting the fetus. So what does planned parenthood really mean?

    1. Less than 10% (it may be only 5%) of Planned Parenthood’s work is performing abortions. The overwhelming majority of their services involve a variety of women’s health issues.

  3. Looks like JBP has drank the Kool-Aid. Exactly what kind of women’s health issues does Planned Parenthood do? They don’t do mammograms. They sure don’t plan parenthood…they stop parenthood.They may not do all the abortions at their clinics, farming them out to other abortion mills. Does anyone doubt they encourage abortion over the alternatives, such as adoption?

    PP is a racist organization, set up in poor and minority neighborhoods to limit the growth of such poor and minority individuals. Margaret Sanger laid out the plan and they are still following that plan.

    1. Here is what Planned Parenthood does:
      contraceptives (birth control)
      emergency contraception
      screening for breast, cervical and testicular cancers
      pregnancy testing and pregnancy options counseling; testing
      treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
      comprehensive sexuality education
      menopause treatments
      tubal ligations
      abortion – yes < 5% of their business

      As for targeting minorities and low income, that sure does NOT apply, check out Chapel HIll's office.

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