Kay Hagan thinks the IRS NEEDS more power & stuff to do

sock puppetIn Washington, pols from both major parties are trampling each other to make it to a microphone and /or camera to denounce the Internal Revenue Service.  In case you’ve been visiting other planets in our solar system the past couple of days — allegations have surfaced that the IRS has been targeting conservative and Tea Party groups and leaders since 2010.

Democrats are telling us they are “shocked” by all of this stuff they are hearing about their friends, the tax collectors.  That’s funny.  In 2010, The New York Times reported that Democrats in the Senate were demanding IRS reviews of conservative political groups.   Kay Hagan, our state’s Democrat senator who is affectionately known in some parts as Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet ™, has been in the Senate since 2008.  I can’t find any comment from her about any of this stuff until today, when she reportedly described the whole saga as “disturbing and troubling.”

A big problem for The Sock Puppet:  she has been a consistent vote for giving  government tax collectors more power.  She voted to approve taxes on online sales.  She also voted for the approval and implementation of ObamaCare, which charges the IRS with enforcing its draconian mandates.   (*But don’t worry.  Democrat leaders — ol’ Kay’s buddies — say this whole kerfluffle will not, under any circumstances, affect or delay or disrupt the implementation of ObamaCare.*   Um, YAY?) 

Oh — this was way too juicy to pass on.  David Axelrod, big Barry’s Rasputin, says his boss could not have known about all of these shenanigans at the IRS because the federal bureaucracy is TOO BIG to keep track of.   Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think? 

This sounds like a great opportunity to start a discussion on (1) shrinking the federal government,  (2) putting a leash on the IRS, (3) trashing the current tax code, and (4) implementing a flat rate that  treats everyone the same and does away with opportunities for future shenanigans like this.  But I’m not holding my breath. 

2 thoughts on “Kay Hagan thinks the IRS NEEDS more power & stuff to do

  1. Thommy Thillis supported taxes on online sales. Buy an item on Amazon and see the NC sales tax added compliments of Thommy Thillis. There is no real difference in political philosophy between Thillis and Hagan. They are both progressives. Difference is Hagan hasn’t been involved in sex scandals and pay 2 play scandals like Thillis has been involved in. She hasn’t been caught telling lies the way Thillis has. This republican and others I know are voting for Hagan this year to send a message to the establishment GOP. Gaining control of the Senate means nothing if you have a bunch of RINOs running it.

    1. The other big difference is that Hagan will not poison the GOP caucus like Tillis would. I wish we had someone to vote for in the Senate race, but we do not.

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