Kay Hagan: Out of touch with NC on guns, gays, ObamaCare, and …

sock puppet


I was always under the impression that people elect you to the Senate so that you can give voice to THEIR concerns in Washington.  Kay Hagan got elected from North Carolina, but she’s put together a voting record that would earn her senator-for-life status in Massachusetts.

In May 2012, North Carolinians approved an amendment to the state constitution, by 61 to 29 percent, stating that marriage in North Carolina involves ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.  So, how does Senator Sock Puppet ™ react?  She decides to come out publicly FOR gay marriage. 

Both Hagan and her GOP colleague Richard Burr voted for cloture to allow the godawful Toomey-Manchin background bill go forward for a vote on the Senate floor.   Grassroots 2nd amendment groups put some serious heat on Senator Burr for this flip-flop double-cross.  Thanks in no small part to those efforts, Burr  eventually saw the light and did the right thing.

Hagan, however, stuck to her, um, guns.   Never mind that the ol’ Gallup Poll — of all things — shows that about the only people who think we need more gun legislation are the mainstream media and lefty pols.

Hagan has been a gung-ho supporter of ObamaCare.  She enthusiastically voted FOR it, and her staff has taken great pains to mock and dismiss constituents opposed to this legislative nightmare.  Never mind all of the info out there about the legislation being a job-killer and economy-buster.

Hagan owes A LOT to the Massachusetts crowd and NY Senator Chuck Schumer (her puppetmaster).  Those two entities recruited her and loaded her up with cash to ambush and overtake Elizabeth Dole’s somnambulant reelection campaign.

This kind of stuff probably wins her a lot of kudos in Chapel Hill-Carrboro coffee shops. But there are an awful lot more voters outside of Orange County who have a stake in this economy and a vote in the 2014 election.  The patchouli-and-granola crowd isn’t big enough to save her in 2014.   Her only hope is the NCGOP nominating some Me-Too Democrat-Lite politico who is not all that different from Ms. Sock Puppet herself.