John Marcum now a Fiorillo Fan






I ran into John Marcum, two-time Pinehurst mayoral candidate and 2012 GOP candidate for NC Senate, at Saturday’s Moore County GOP candidate meet-and-greet in Southern Pines.  Judging from Marcum’s  tone, the hatchet appears to be buried with Queen Nancy of Pinehurst:

“We sat together at lunch the other day.  I told her how pleased I am that the council has addressed a lot of the concerns I raised during the campaign.  She told me she will be supporting my campaign for the Senate.”

He faces incumbent Senator Jerry Tillman — the #2 Republican in the upper chamber — and political gadfly Tommy Davis of Aberdeen in the May primary.   Marcum said the potential loss of  representation in the senate by a Moore County resident spurred him to file for the senate seat.  Senator Harris Blake (R-Pinehurst), the county’s long-time voice in the Assembly’s upper chamber, announced his retirement some months ago.

Senator Tillman also attended the Moore GOP event in Southern Pines on Saturday.



12 thoughts on “John Marcum now a Fiorillo Fan

  1. No I didn’t. I said good luck with your campaign. I am supporting Senator Tillman. Nancy Fiorillo

  2. Why would nancy support a worn out beauracrat like Tillman other than for spite? Does that really help Pinehurst? Do you really think Tillman can WOW corporate leaders during the next US Open? Tillman couldn’t wow my dog if he had a pork chop around his neck!

  3. Why is “why now” afraid to sign a real name? Have you ever met Senator Tillman? He is experienced and knowledgeable regarding state and local issues. No spite here – just making a sound decision based upon my knowledge of both candidates. Nancy Fiorillo

    1. Well, I stand by what I said even if Nancy doesn’t. As for Tillman, he lost his title, his seat and most of his former district in the redistricting this winter. I can’t imagine why Nancy would support a six term outsider who wants to increase our gas taxes by 4 percent and knows little about Moore County. We have had a sitting senator for many years and need one more than ever to look after our interests with two US Opens and major road and school needs coming up. Let’s elect people who will bring new conservative leadership and skills to the Senate so it can do something useful and avoid further blunders like Tillman’s tax increase. Wonder what else he’s done. Can you say Rino?

      1. John, you call yourself a conservative yet you wrote a letter in the Republican Men’s Club Newsletter supporting a liberal democrat over Jimmy Melton, the incumbent republican county commissioner. You have repeatedly been involved in controversy after controversy with little results. So I guess as a Moore County citizen why would I vote for someone who supported a liberal democrat over a sitting republican, and who seems to be drawn to self-engrandizing, showboating, and seems to be more concerned with winning an office than fighting for conservative values?

        Here is the link to the letter to the editor you wrote for liberal democrat William Garner against a sitting republican.

        1. Correction the Republican Men’s Club reprinted the letter in their newsletter from the Pilot.

  4. Bravo Nancy, I too support Tillman for NC senate. Mr. Marcum is a devoted citizen to Pinehurst but this is not the first time, nor the last I’m sure, that he skewers the facts or misrepresents others.

  5. Senator Tillman is a big government beauracrat, plain and simple. Never created a job, never rose to the top of his profession! Why would we want someone from Archdale representing us? All Tillman wants to do is talk about his 90 mph fastball 50 years ago!

    Ask him two questions. 1. Why did they raise the gas tax 4 cents per gallon. 2. Why has he violated election finance reporting laws on 7 separate incidents, and been fined for failure to report contributions?

    RINO, like many on the Pinehurst council!

  6. Oh, and by the way, I have met the big goober, and he may sell well in rural Randolph County, but we deserve better representation in Moore.

  7. I think we can elevate the rhetoric a bit. No need for name calling unless you don’t have anything substantive to say. I agree with you on the gas tax, that was wrong but all reps and sens make mistakes. Look at the alternative. Tommy Davis who’s extreme views are out of kilter with Moore county and John Marcum who isn’t even accepted in pinehurst and who seems to relish controversy and his own engrandizement. Tillman is the best bet in my opinion. If you think Marcum is thats fine but lets leave the pre school name calling at the door.

    1. Joe, I completely agree, but I do think we could have a better Senator than Jerry, my opinion only!

  8. Jerry Tillman is the Senate Education Committee Co-Chair. He has had a large role in slashing education budgets in North Carolina. He supports no caps on charter schools, which siphon money from our public schools.

    I will NOT be voting for Mr. Tillman due to this. I’ve met him and seen him in action in Raleigh, and I’m not impressed (and I’m from Randolph County).

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