John Marcum now a Fiorillo Fan






I ran into John Marcum, two-time Pinehurst mayoral candidate and 2012 GOP candidate for NC Senate, at Saturday’s Moore County GOP candidate meet-and-greet in Southern Pines.  Judging from Marcum’s  tone, the hatchet appears to be buried with Queen Nancy of Pinehurst:

“We sat together at lunch the other day.  I told her how pleased I am that the council has addressed a lot of the concerns I raised during the campaign.  She told me she will be supporting my campaign for the Senate.”

He faces incumbent Senator Jerry Tillman — the #2 Republican in the upper chamber — and political gadfly Tommy Davis of Aberdeen in the May primary.   Marcum said the potential loss of  representation in the senate by a Moore County resident spurred him to file for the senate seat.  Senator Harris Blake (R-Pinehurst), the county’s long-time voice in the Assembly’s upper chamber, announced his retirement some months ago.

Senator Tillman also attended the Moore GOP event in Southern Pines on Saturday.