ICE ruins Taco Tuesday in Lee County. Amnesty crowd throws a fit. (Film at 11.)


The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement service (ICE) swept into our fine state this week to actually enforce federal law on immigration and employment.  

Something called Alerta Migratoria NC issued a call to arms to its shock troops:

Isn’t that sweet?  They have to tell their empty-headed supporters WHAT TO SAY when someone picks up the phone on the other end.  (Want to place bets on how many of them call, say, Mark Walker’s office and ask for “Sheriff Carter”?)

Let’s dig a little deeper on this Alerta Migratoria NC crowd.   They’re all about aiding  “undocumented” residents of North Carolina.  The señoritas  IDed as the group’s board are all natives of Latin America who came to this country under less-than-legal circumstances.  They took advantage of DACA and other loopholes favored by Thom Tilli$$$$ and his amigos as insurance.  Now, they’re working to bring more undocumented amigos and amigas across the border.

So, we’ve got people of dubious ties and loyalty to THIS country trying to load up this country with even more people with dubious ties and/or loyalty to los Estados Unidos.