How long will we keep being Charlie Brown?

herewegoWe all remember the famous cartoons from our childhood.  Lucy was always faking sincerity — promising to hold the football for Charlie Brown to kick.  Every time she would convince him to try and kick it, she would pull it away at the last minute and he would crash to the ground in pain.

It seems like Republicans in Washington and Raleigh have been acting a lot like Lucy lately — dangling a lot of conservative talk in front of us, and then yanking it away when it comes time to walk the walk.   ObamaCare, spending, amnesty, late-term abortion. The list keeps growing by the day. 

Remember the sellout on the horrid, putrid CRomnibus at the end of 2014?  Congressional leaders PROMISED us that they would use their newly-won majorities in 2015 to work the power of the purse and kill Obama’s amnesty decree.  Just like how — in 2010 — they promised they would break their necks to KILL ObamaCare if they got the majority. 

Well, here we are in 2015. And once again, we got played.  John Boehner went back on a strategy he, himself, devised.  The speaker allowed a clean funding bill to go forward in the House that gives Obama what he needs to finish implementing his decree of amnesty for all illegal aliens.   All of the Democrats — and only 75 Republicans — voted for it.  The funding measure passed the House with all the Democrats and LESS THAN HALF of the Republicans.

Renee Ellmers, Robert Pittenger, and Patrick McHenry all kept their noses firmly implanted in John Boehner’s posterior and voted to approve full-funding for AMNESTY and OBAMACARE.  (HERE IS THE FULL ROLL CALL VOTE  Reps. Meadows, Jones, Hudson, and Walker were the ONLY NCGOPers to be consistently right on this issue — voting against the one week extension of funding AND the full-funding measure. sellout

So now, there is no longer a political option for halting amnesty for illegal aliens. We can try the courtroom angle, but look at all the damage that can be done to our country while waiting for the issue to move through that maze.  What do you do when your “representatives”  no longer represent you?  Dropping out and giving up doesn’t work.  The establishment would love it if you would stop griping, keep voting for them, and writing them checks. (Actually, with all of the new voters amnesty creates, they could probably care less whether you continue to show up and vote.)

At some point, we have to ask ourselves: How many more times will we keep letting the GOP hold the football for us?  We give them our votes and our money, and they screw us over time and time again.  

You can try to take over the party and affect change that way.  County parties are holding their conventions this month.  Go to your precinct meetings and get yourselves and like minded friends elected to leadership roles.  Then, go to the state convention and work some magic there.  If you want to stay with the GOP, this is the only way to get things back on track.  The crowd in charge now has made it clear they have no intention of listening to us or even taking us seriously. 


9 thoughts on “How long will we keep being Charlie Brown?

  1. Perhaps all these good Conservatives get elected and then when it comes time to govern they see that Conservative policies just do not work. Just saying.

    1. There has never been any effort at conservative solutions from the Obama Republican hacks in GOP leadership, and that is the crux of the problem.

      In this case it is a matter of trying to stop a tyrant from using the Constitution as toilet paper and these dorks can’t even do that.

        1. The Republican “establishment” Boehner & McConnell are not conservatives! The Republican National Committee is not a bunch of Conservatives!
          They are Progressive Republicans, better known as RINO’s!
          They love Big Government which will end the great American governmental experience of two centuries if allowed to continue!
          The RINO’s will be terminated by “the people,” the Tea Party and we will return to limited, Constitutional government!
          Who do you think won the recent election by a large margin?
          The Tea Party, Gun Owners, the Religious Right, the Unemployed!

          1. The last election results are largely due to Democrats staying home. Lowest turnout (%) in many decades.

  2. The Republican base is furious at Boehner and McConnell for selling us out, not only on the critical issue of stoppping amnesty for illegal aliens but also on stopping Obama’s path to dictatorship through power grabs. Obama has now been greenlighted by Boehner and McConnell to rule by decree and ignore Congress. The calls for the removal of Boehner and McConnell are not going to go away.

    What Boehner and McConnell have done in this debacle is to seriously damage the GOP brand by betraying GOP voters. They have boosted Hillary’s chances by demoralizing the the GOP base. The only way the GOP is going to be able to turn that around in 2016 is to nominate for president someone who will fire up the base on their own like Ted Cruz or Scott Walker. A presidential nominee out of the Boehner / McConnell mold like Jeb Bush will cause lots and lots of Republican voters to stay home on election day.

    McConnell is the new Reid and Boehner is the new Pelosi. GOP voters deserve better than that.

  3. These recent votes probably set new records as to how quickly politicians were exposed as liars. The fact is, though, Barry has Boehner’s and McConnell’s number. In every situation, Barry will not compromise or give in. He will burn things to the ground – hell he is already. He was just waiting to shut Homeland Security down and what fun he would have had with that one.

    When Boehner was voted back in as Speaker these events were inevitable. It is not an insurmountable task to take on this president, but you have to exhibit conviction, you have to be beyond blackmail, you have to be able to communicate to the public what you are doing and why, and you have to be creative and energetic. And you have to put the blame back on the black guy, even if it means you will be called the biggest racist in world history. Clearly Boehner was never up to this task. Until he is removed, there is no opposition to the left.

  4. People love Lucy. She is so smart and devious and people admire her for being able to fool Charlie Brown every day.

    It is the same with the conservatives. Lucy the Rino throws the conservatives a bone and the conservatives think this is my time. But then Lucy snatches the bone away at the last minute and the conservatives turn to medication.

    You must admit that Lucy is pretty smart. And it is ok to be like Charlie Brown. Nothing wrong with being a trusting person even though you get taken advantage of. I think it will all equal out in the next life where the meek will inherit the earth. Meanwhile back here on earth Charlie Brown still gets invited to the Chamber of Commerce luncheons at the country club.

  5. It really isn’t as much as an enigma as some would like to believe. We have some (usually) honorable people who want to go to Raleigh (or Washington) to make things better. But when they reach that destination they start believing the BS that they are among the elite, and truly wiser to make decisions than those who sent them there in the first place.

    Many of these people also have loosely defined principles as well. And often those principles are subject to be bought or changed to the highest bidder. After all, isn’t getting reelected more important than anything else? How can they do all that “good” work if they are not?

    Until we have term limits I truly do not think anything will change.

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