#hayesscandal : Michele Nix says Hayes MUST GO


What started off four years ago as a Tea Party-inspired race for a top NCGOP post has evolved into a resignation steeped in frustration and bitterness.  (And a run for the Third District’s GOP nomination for US House.)



Michele Nix, in a statement released today, took great pains to distance herself from the mess at state party HQ:


[…] Over the past few days, my campaign team has encouraged me to focus on my Congressional campaign and ignore what’s going on in the party; however, I was Vice Chairwoman under Mr. Hayes, and people deserve to hear from me. Over the objection of my campaign team, I have decided to break my silence and address this scandal personally.


I’m angry and disappointed! For the past four years, I and many other good Republicans have worked hard electing fellow Republicans to office and supporting conservative Republican values for North Carolina. I worked tirelessly to help elect President Trump. I stumped across North Carolina for our Council of State and judicial candidates. I’ve been in the trenches with activists and volunteers who want to make a difference. Today, I feel that hard work and goodwill have been wiped away by the actions of a few. Unfortunately, our hard work is now clouded by scandal. In short, our brand has been tarnished.


During my term as NCGOP Vice Chairwoman, my day job as an investment advisor legally prevented me from engaging in party fundraising operations. Perhaps this limitation is now to my benefit. I was neither interviewed by the FBI nor the Grand Jury; however, I would have gladly told them I have been concerned about financial controls.


Since becoming Vice Chairwoman, I joined with others in calling for a periodic audit of the NCGOP. My request was not only routinely rejected, but at my very last Central Committee meeting, I was effectively told to sit down, shut up, and stop asking for an audit. I now understand why.


This entire debacle could have been avoided if the Party had followed the Plan of Organization. Had our Chairman, Executive Director, and Treasurer paid proper respect to the Executive Committee by presenting a proper budget, conducting routine audits, and seeking Central Committee approval for large transfers to candidate committees, this crisis would not have happened. No Party Officer should be allowed to act alone in such a dramatic way.


Fellow Republicans, even though we didn’t cause it, this mess is ours, and we must work together now to clean it up. I trust that the investigators will properly evaluate the situation and that anyone who broke the law will be held accountable.[…]



And now, says Mrs. Nix, it’s time  for Robin Hayes “the defendant” to get a good look at the underside of a Greyhound bus:


[…] Today, I am calling for Robin Hayes to respect the letter and spirit of the Party’s Plan of Organization by completely and unequivocally resigning his office for the good of the Party. I resigned to run for Congress to avoid even an appearance of impropriety. Today, I’m asking Mr. Hayes to do the same.

In addition to Mr. Hayes, we need new leadership at the Party headquarters. […]


This is nice to hear now.  It would have been great to see and hear  this kind of moxie during the coup against Hasan and the whole “party disloyalty” nonsense witch-hunt against The Haywood Five and others.   But sometimes, you gotta take what you can  get.  

20 thoughts on “#hayesscandal : Michele Nix says Hayes MUST GO

  1. Is she supporting the offshore energy lobbyist for NCGOP Chair while running in district full of commercial fishermen??
    That could prove interesting.

    1. will she make a statement that she will not seek a position in the NCGOP at the 2019 state convention if she looses in her primary in the 3rd district… this is the real question and goes to your point

    2. Who is that? I’m already partial to that person.

      Which candidates are opposing President Trump on the issue of energy exploration in the Gulf Stream 70 miles East of where I live in Rodanthe so I can cross them off my list? Thanks.

  2. Nix has no place in congress and by this statement I hope everyone can see this

    Back in early 2017 right before a state EXcomm meeting she had just be tossed out of a CC meeting for not signing a non disclosure agreement. And she did right not signing it but that is another discussion what happened next is the problem. She came down that hallway shaken from how the CC treated her and I personally told her that she needed to tell the EXcom members..

    So Now, She is complaining in this statement that she was told to ” I was effectively told to sit down, shut up,” at other CC meetings well that day at the EXcomm meeting when she had the chance to address the them for her Vice Chair report she had the PERFECT and I mean PERFECT chance to tell the members of that body what was going on in the CC the problems with the CC and ask for the EXcomm members help in fixing the problems in the party. If she had not shut up and spoke out the truth in that room that day maybe the Excomm would not have Ousted the delegate elected chairman a few months later and then Robin Hayes would have never had the chance to take over the party again.

    She complains about being told to sit down and shut up but I tell you this if she cannot tell the EXcomm that the CC was broken and needed to be fixed since the EXcomm is the be the ultimate ruling body of the party when the party is not in convention there is no way she needs to be in #Congress if she cannot handle leadership on the state party level

    She also had a chance to stand against Hayes and endorse his opponent in 2017 but clearly she did not want to get in the middle and compromise her own chance of becoming VC again and loose the element of party power she gained

    when I say #NeverNIX this is why

    1. Patrick Mills,

      Your comments are filled with nothing but hate, and DO NOT represent the ideals and values of our party.

      You, sir, should sit down and shut up.

      1. Hey Justin ,

        Just for clarity who did you support for chairman of the party in 2017 ???

        And who tried to explain to you back then why that was a bad idea ???

        It is only fair to answer that for the people of the Haymaker here

      2. For a moment I thought I was reading the reflexive reactions of a Gender Studies UNC Freshman….
        Hate? really? Are equivocation and subordination are Ideals and Values of this party?
        Tea Party Conservatives used to have teeth, some opted not to file theirs down… but plenty did for higher positions in the Establishment. There’s the menace, the infection that results in corruptive behavior. Learning to spot it early and name it is not hate, its survival.
        Ignoring a working dog’s growing proclivity to elevate itself to a comfortable place on the porch will leave you/us all without a working ally.

  3. Michelle, it is the time for you to withdraw from the third district race! You have hung out with the wrong people and have allowed these crimes to proliferate! Withdraw!

    1. What a stupid comment. Anyone who has NOT hung out with the “wrong people” has not been involved in the NCGOP and needs to withdraw from the race. How could she “allow these crimes to proliferate” when she didn’t know about them? If you’re a Republican, YOU need to withdraw from the party since, by default, you have hung out with the “wrong people.” Democrats and Unaffiliateds need more people like you.

      1. maybe go read John Blust’s comment down the page and see if that clears up your question in the meaning of Richard Patterson’s comment

  4. Focus on the issues folks….stop this arguing back and forth and throwing out insults willy nilly.

    Robin Hayes, whether you like him or not, got caught by the FBI and is accused of some very serious wrong doing.

    He is entitled to the Presumption of Innocence until convicted in Court….not convicted by public opinion.

    That being said….he should resign as Chairman as his actions have embarrassed and brought disrepute to the Republican Party of North Carolina and to the office he holds within the Party…..for that….he MUST go.

    He should do the honorable thing and resign…..or be removed by the Central Committee and a Temporary Chair be appointed until a properly elected Chairperson is installed at the upcoming Convention.

    What we all need to agree upon is the absolute need to clean up the Party….from the inside out….do audits, improve internal controls, and I would suggest create an Ethics Committee with solid, honest, hard nosed individuals with a proven track record of integrity.

    Those folks should be charged with reviewing complaints, investigating complaints and making recommendations as to whether violations discovered warrant referral to the State Board of Elections or to Law Enforcement at the State and/or Federal level.

    The Central Committee should then act upon those Recommendations.

    As we have seen….either we clean up our own party or the Feds will do it for us…..which is the better course?

  5. NIX is a Evil Woman who has Spent years Attacking the Grassroots Christian Conservatives in Haywood County and around the State. She is a Bought and Paid for Establishment Goon who has never supported the Constitution or the Party Platform . She should move back to New York and stop harassing the Grassroots Conservatives in NC.
    Eddie Cabe
    Grassroots Christian Conservative
    Banned from the NCGOP

  6. I have not participated in the state GOP since Hayes took back over in April, 2016. News of the failure to adopt budgets and follow rules in spending money is news to me. My question is, iIf the vice-chairman knew this was going on for four years, why did not the vice-chairman stand up strongly to these abuses?

    1. You were an elected representative from the Republican Party for two of the last four years. Why didn’t YOU stand up strongly to these abuses? You don’t get to cover your eyes and say, “I didn’t see anything.” As an elected representative, you had a duty to investigate.

  7. It would serve our party well to stop the circular firing. If Hayes is guilty as charged, he must face the music. He needs to step down until this is resolved, period. As for Michele Nix…I’ve been in local leadership for years, and have found her to be principled and hardworking, just as she stated, promoting our Republican principles, candidates, and cause, above herself. When we’ve needed help, she’s been there, and she IS a fighter, although she knows how to conduct herself in a respectful manner, when she’s in a disagreement. She has better judgement than to make a public spectacle every time she doesn’t get her way (a lesson many on this sight could learn from, and a trait that would serve her well in DC.) I owe allegiance to no one–just calling it as I see it–because this “piling on” is outrageous. NC Republicans have A LOT of work to do, and instead of all the insults and attacks, we need to focus on the real opposition, which is the well funded, organized Democrat machine. Support whom you wish, but please stop bulldozing folks who are truly trying to make a difference because they didn’t do things quite the way you thought they should. Please…At the end of the day, neither Hayes, Nix, Tillis, Burr, Moore, etc., are NOT the party. WE are. And if we don’t get together, we’ll be our own worst enemy.

  8. Mrs. Nix states, “I stumped across North Carolina for our Council of State and judicial candidates;” how’d that work out for Barbara Jackson, the “most important campaign in 2018”?
    Where was the protest by her as hundreds of thousands of dollars were sent out of state to other state GOPs, while Ms. Jackson was hung out to dry?
    Sorry, if you don’t stand for something Mrs. Nix, you will fall for anything.

    1. Michele was about the only one in the state party speaking out on behalf of Barbara Jackson all over the state. I’ll bet there wasn’t a speech she gave in 2018 where she didn’t talk about Barbara Jackson. She was the Vice Chair, not the chair, not the ED, not the checkwriter. Easy to make accusations sitting in your underwear in your basement behind a pseudonym.

      1. I agree. Michelle and John Nix both were Staunch supporters, which I really appreciated. The Third District also put together some independent advertising on my behalf, which I learned about when it popped up on Facebook. Republican activists across the state really lifted me up when the state party did not and I remain grateful.

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