Hasan-gate really nothing more than Karl Rove shenanigans?

That sulfroveuric odor you smell may not be just a coincidence.  Amid the turmoil currently embroiling the North Carolina Republican Party, sources tell me there are signs Karl Rove may have slithered up from purgatory to work his black magic this election year.

Says one veteran GOP source who briefed 3rd congressional district Republicans:

[…] I believe the National Convention outcome is behind the hoopla to remove Hasan. At the moment, Hasan gets to pick a slate of 30 Delegates and 30 Alternates. Presuming that we have a brokered convention in Cleveland, for whom those 90delegates vote could make a huge difference in the outcome. I suspect Hasan would pick people who support Cruz or Trump (I don’t know which), and the RNC has a huge problem with both of those people. Therefore, I believe it is the RNC and their state power brokers who originally backed Craig Collins for Chairman of the NC GOP who are behind all of this unrest.

A lot is at stake with the election of delegates to the National Convention. There is much behind the scenes jockeying to have delegates at the Convention who will support certain candidates, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS A “BROKERED” OR “CONTESTED ” ONE. The power players have their claws out. […] 

2nd-Joyce-CottenThe mutineers are trying to get Hasan out of office prior to the state convention.  THAT is where business for the state’s delegation to the national convention will be finalized.  Karl Rove has been publicly musing about how a ‘fresh face’ not named Trump or Cruz might be best for the GOP in this year’s presidential election.

If the GOPe can get a chairman into place in North Carolina who is more to their liking, they can ensure quite a few malleable delegates can be inserted into the state’s delegation to cooperate with the GOPe plans to hijack the national convention.

Remember — one of the key mutineers in Raleigh, Dallas Woodhouse, ran a pass-through operation called Carolina Rising for Rove in the 2014 election.  Dallas helped Rove move his money around to influence races here in North Carolina.  He was a good soldier then.  Is he being one NOW6aafd5e2e14c0055f38ce169e87aef36

It’s amazing the lengths people will go to for power.  And The White House is an incredible piece of power.  Is the NCGOP soap opera part of a plan to facilitate a few GOPe types picking our presidential nominee?  Let’s pray that it’s not.  Let’s remain vigilant to ensure a diabolical villain with a whiteboard isn’t negating our votes in the selection of our nation’s new leader. 

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  1. if you look what is happened on the ground in Colorado and North Dakota everyone should see that it is even more important to pay your $90 (poll tax) for the business/general session

    we need to make sure that all delegates to the national convention support a real conservative

    Even if the Chairman is not kicked out slates of delegates can be nominated from the floor to go against his list so either way when you pay your $90 know that is it probably going to get really really messy before this is over

    no other presidential year state convention will be as important to attend

    voting for
    delegates to the national convention
    national RNC committeeman
    national RNC committeewomen

    do what I did pay your $90 and know you will have a chance to change the future of America

  2. The “veteran GOP source” is misinformed. It would be a contested convention if no one gets to 1,237, not a brokered convention.

  3. Drat! Exposed again! Why do you think we brought in Woodhouse to begin with? He is not really qualified for the position he is in, but he knows how to follow orders from Karl. The people who should be picking our presidential nominee are the important people inside the DC beltway, not the riff-raff grassroots in places like North Carolina.

  4. Every single delegate being elected must be held accountable for their votes in OH. Their names should be published as well as the candidate they were chosen to represent (after the first ballot). Rumors are there are delegates who will not do as they promised. If this happens these people must be exposed for the traitors they are. I hope I’m wrong, but I believe we need to prepare and let them know that we know who they are and we’ll be watching, closely.

  5. This just goes to show that it is important for the Cruz campaign to put forward its own list of preferred delegates, just as it did last weekend in North Dakota. Of the 25 delegates up for grabs there, the convention elected 18 from the Cruz list and 7 from the party leadership’s list. Three of the latter were the governor, attorney general, and first lady.

    At a ”coronation convention” where everything is cut and dried, delegate lists from the candidates should be avoided, but the opposite is true when it looks like the convention may well be contested.

    It is also important to remember that the chairman, national committeeman, and national committeewoman are super delegates. Right now, Harnett would be on the conservative side and the other two on the establishment side. The establishment wants to replace Harnett to get hold of that vote at the convention while conservatives should want to replace the other two, who would be establishment votes at the convention. Those two will come up for election at the upcoming convention.

    1. True about the two RNC Committee people but unfortunately, their terms end in December, not at the convention, so they’ll still go to Cleveland to vote against the rest of us. That’s why they fought to keep Lewis from being removed by the Executive Committee.

      1. No wonder that Joyce Cotten and her ilk fought so hard against the grassroots on the David Lewis issue. It was more than just about Lewis stabbing the party in the back on those ”affiliated committees”. It was about having another establishment hack voting in Cleveland rather than a conservative.

  6. OK – Still commenting as the new guy. I’ve read and researched this topic. I do not have the inside knowledge that many of you have.

    However – I am able to reason – And I have drawn some conclusions.

    My OPINION is that the entire movement to oust Hasan is about personal power. Why do I feel that way? Tell me what this good man has done wrong? What are the horrendous charges that would cause you to rip the Republican Party apart?

    That’s what I think. Now let me tell you what I KNOW! (And I hope one of you will pass this to the Governor – And he has the good sense to heed the message.)

    I am a life-long white Republican who is SICK to death of hearing false claims of racial bias.

    However – This smacks to high heaven of bigotry. Now isn’t this just what we need?

    Right or wrong – NC has a national reputation as a bunch of back-woods bigots. We already have our state put off-limits by other governors and Mayors.

    Wait until word REALLY gets out. We finally have a black man elected as our chairman. Immediately the Republican establishment goes to work trying their best to lynch him.

    The pathetic trumped up charges fool no one.

    Let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen. The grassroots put this man in office. If you continue to snub your nose at him I will personally lead the charge to call for the biggest law suit you’ve ever faced.

    Grassroots against entrenched establishment bigots.

    Now – My reasons for believing your actions are racially motivated could be flawed. As I stated before – They are only opinion based upon your action.

    But – If a guy like me can feel this way – It wouldn’t be difficult to convince a jury.

    And best of all – How will the state of North Carolina look with still one more reason to stay away?

    In closing – I don’t believe for a minute that we are going to allow a few people (Whose actions make them appear to a simple man like me as bigots) to get away with this.

    After all – We did not stand up for the last black man who attempted to serve. Who remembers what happened to him?

  7. As I recall, it was none other than Joyce Cotton who headed the Central Committee’s search committee for an Executive Director, the one that brought us the Karl Rove retread Dallas Woodhouse for our Executive Director. It is getting easier all the time to connect the dots on the power play going on here.

    As to fundraising, what conservative in their right mind would give a penny to an organization that has a Karl Rove retread as its Executive Director and a Dee Stewart retread as its Political Director?

  8. Kind of funny, because I heard Hasan requested someone else to handle this via Committee and a Chair. Might want to check with Hasan first.

  9. Carl Rove is the carrier of the Black Death for the Republican Party. He needs to be burned at the political stake. In addition throw his lap monkey Dallas Woodhouse into the fire pit. Until these little piggies are ousted out of the GOP nothing but disaster will follow. Then falls the rest of America because the Democrat Party ie. the Eugene B. Debbs Communist Party will be free to dominate.

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