Hasan says: No April 9 meeting. (I’m traveling.) And there BETTER NOT be an April 30 meeting.

incomingMost voters out there can’t ID Hasan Harnett, Dallas Woodhouse, or Joyce {“Ma”) Cotten.  But they’ve seen and heard enough to understand the GOPe and The Tea Party are having a major Fort Sumter moment. 

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you are pretty well caught up on the details of the NCGOP saga.  Well, beleaguered party chairman Hasan Harnett has emerged from his bunker to rally his supporters and fire off a few volleys at his Central Committee foes: 

I understand the concerns about having a conflict with district conventions, but my main premise for pushing forward was to put the divisive infighting behind us so we can move forward in beating Democrats in the fall. Consequently, I am canceling the Executive Committee meeting on April 9th and am asking that you not sign the petitions to call for a special meeting on April 30th.

Likewise, I am a volunteer Chairman and must work for a living to provide for my family. The NCGOP staff was already notified on January 27th of my schedule. I am traveling out of the country on business starting April 23rd thru May 1st (see the date and time stamp below). The only Saturdays in April I am available are 4/2, 4/9, and 4/16 of which all of these dates have district conventions. Due to scheduling constraints, we should not have our next Executive Committee meeting until after the State Convention.

It is also apparent that the Central Committee is attempting to schedule an April 30th Executive Committee meeting. The sole premise of the Central Chh3ommittee’s petition for the April 30th meeting is to remove your State Chairman during an election year. Who likes junk mail? The statements in the letter you received are nothing more than bald faced lies. Furthermore, the claims in that letter have no factual basis whatsoever and is why most of you have placed these petition letters in either your recycle bin or underneath your junk mail. If you already signed it, please email me requesting your signature be removed from the petition, and I will make sure it is eliminated. For anyone still contemplating, I urge you not to sign the petition for the April 30th Executive Committee meeting.

Instead, let us focus our energies on the ongoing District Conventions and upcoming State Convention. We are moving on because there really is no time to waste. We have an exciting year ahead of us and today is a new day. While there are a number of issues to address, I believe we can find the appropriate solutions together.

All of your feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to call, email or text me should you have additional thoughts.

This is a good move on Harnett’s part.  It frees up folks who were interested in giving the scheming Cotten gals an old-fashioned piece of their mind. 

8 thoughts on “Hasan says: No April 9 meeting. (I’m traveling.) And there BETTER NOT be an April 30 meeting.

  1. The only reasonable date at this point to have a meeting would be Thursday May 5th before the convention. The Central Committee was already set to have a meeting on that day at 3:30 per the agenda on the convention website it is reasonable to have a ex com meeting at 1 pm that day

    1. Usually Executive Committee meeting are scheduled on the Sunday after the convention. It looks like that has not been done this time. I wonder why? Harnett should schedule one then.

      Cancelling the April 9 meeting takes away the chance to reduce the draconian registration fee that the Central Committee is trying to impose, although it is highly questionable if they even have authority in the Plan of Organization to do it. Leaving that fee in place will hurt turnout among the grassroots, which is undoubtedly why it was raised to that level.

      1. Word I heard is that less than a hundred people have registered for the State Con so far. If that’s their intent, they’re getting what they wanted.

        1. well I just paid my over priced ticket but it will be the most important ticket to any presidential year convention I have ever attended

          if you see what happened in Colorado and North Dakota it will sink in how important it will be

          also we have never not had a Excomm meeting on Sunday following convention unless you factor in if the meeting had Quorum or not but yes the meeting is not listed on the Agenda on convention site

  2. The ExComm meeting was scrapped for Sunday morning because it is Mother’s Day. This scheduling decision was made long ago. Would be unlikely to get a quorum.

    1. they never told the EXCOMM this that I know of and if this is the case then they should have added the choice of not holding the meeting to the agenda as well since historically we have always had one

    2. So, the establishment did some long range planning on silencing the Executive Committee, it would appear.

  3. In my time involved in the NCGOP 2011-2014, it was standard operating procedure to have an Executive Committee Meeting the day after the convention ends (Sunday). The purpose of this meeting was to conduct any unfinished business from the convention. With all the controversy surrounding the NCGOP it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE to have an EX-Comm meeting ASAP, if not Sunday, then it would have to be sometime the following weekend. Scheduling the convention on Mother’s Day Weekend was a lousy move to say the least.

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