Gov. Pat takes to state-owned media to bash his own party

The ”I-told-you-so’s” from my conservative Charlotte amigos are reaching a crescendo.  They warned me — and anyone else who would listen prior to the election — that Pat McCrory would not hesitate to throw his fellow Republicans under the bus.

Over the last week, we’ve seen the Republican governor go after the GOP-run state Senate in a manner that would make Jim Hunt, Mike Easley, and Bev Perdue proud.  Gov. Pat went on UNC Public Radio today — a venue where a state government official is NOT likely to get hostile questions — to continue his assault: 

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory Monday stood by his threatened veto of a Senate budget bill, and compared GOP Senate leaders to past Democratic leaders Marc Basnight and Tony Rand.

“I think some of my Senate Republicans, when they got the majority, they’re trying to replicate (the Democrats),” the governor told Mike Collins of Charlotte radio station WFAE. “That’s frankly the culture I wanted to change. I don’t think two to three legislators ought to have that much power … that’s the stuff (Democratic Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid does in D.C.” […] huntpat

That’s ALSO the stuff Thom Tillis does in the House.  Talk to ANY currently-serving legislator.  They’ll tell you that, if Thom doesn’t like it, it doesn’t happen. I guess Thom is not a problem because he and Pat seem to be on the same page.  MORE: 

The Senate plan, he told Collins, is “just not financially reasonable.”

Really?  That’s what Mr. Berger says about Gov. Pat’s budget proposal.   MORE: 

[…] He also chided the Senate for bottling up some measures in committee. He singled out the so-called puppy mill bill, a favored initiative of the governor and his wife, Ann.

The House last year passed a measure setting minimum standards for people who keep at least 10 female dogs primarily to breed and sell offspring as pets. The bill passed the House overwhelmingly last May but has been stuck in a Senate committee ever since.

“That’s an example,” McCrory said. “Even the puppy mill bill … The Senate ought to vote on it and let senators vote on it. But the leadership is keeping that from happening. And that’s unacceptable.”[…]

Ah.  It sounds like someone is getting an earful from the missus. patbev

I am still having a hard time seeing the political wisdom in this strategy.  This is an unusual step to take if you want to be publicly perceived as the leader of the Republican Party.  Gov. Pat is doing the state Democrat Party campaign apparatus’ work for it.

Perhaps Gov. Pat and Speaker Thom are listening to all of the talking heads and consultants who are preaching the “wisdom” of campaigning against the “extremism” of the unpopular legislature.  Barry Obama got elected in 2008 while bashing the Congress he was part of.  Maybe a similar tactic will work for Speaker Thom.

You have to wonder WHY this is going on just FIVE months before a big Senate race.  The state GOP operation has been preaching the concept of party unity.  Poo-pooing conservatism and publicly attacking other Republicans is probably NOT the best way to encourage teamwork.

7 thoughts on “Gov. Pat takes to state-owned media to bash his own party

  1. You have a funny view of conservatism.What the senate and Berger is doing is not conservatism it is suicide.You need to read their budget which is just short of ridiculous.Publicly attacking the idiocy of the senate is the best way to distance McCrory and Tillis from the idiocy of Berger and the disaster he is leading the senate republicans this Nov.The current polls indicate at least 8 republican senators are now likely to lose and momentum will build with the ads that will be run from the budget the senate has proposed.

  2. I’ve been following politics in this state since 1978 and I have never heard any leader of the Democratic Party ever say anything remotely similar about any member of their party. McCrory has always had only one concern: WINNING THE NEXT ELECTION. His handlers have clearly told him to run against the very unpopular GOP Legislature, and ladies and gentleman, that is what he will do for the next 2 1/2 years. The real Republicans in the House and Senate desperately need his support to sell their agenda to North Carolinian’s. It will never happen. The real traitors are the members of the Mecklenburg delegation who supported McCrory when he announced his 2nd run: Samuelson, Bryan, Brawley, Tillis, and Rucho. They scared off any legitimate opposition. Enjoy. By the time this fraud is done killing the state GOP the Dems will have another 100 years to rule.

  3. First Tillis, now McCrory.

    These fools are doing something that the Tea Party couldn’t do…convince me not to support the GOP candidate for Senate or Governor.

    Senator Berger is the most effective conservative leader this state has ever had! Conservatives need to rally around him and tell McCrory to stick to petting puppies!

  4. Conservative voters already have a bellyful of Tillis, and this behavior is supposed to help him get those conservative votes? What have they been smoking? All this does is further alienate Tillis from the conservative base, and likely McCrory, too.

    Have they been listening to Haley ”Boss Hogg” Barbour and Thad ”animal lover” Cochran?

    The House is where the one man dictatorship lies. Berger has not been trying to oust conservative members of his caucus like Tillis has.

    The Senate are conservative heroes, while the House has always been the stick in the mud.

    I will support my GOP state senator 100% but the chances of Tillis getting my vote keep going downhill.

  5. If Pat supports the puppy mill bill so much why don’t he enforce the current laws already in general statue on puppy mills? He may single handedly destroy the GOP by his actions not only with the State Senate, but the grass roots all over the State. His party loyalty should be called into question what if another republican elected official had appointed so many Democrats would we call their party loyalty into question? Pat said he would veto any budget they had more than 6% pay raise for the teachers, anyone want to guess what the Senate minimum will be ? Oh well that’s enough, more Republicans beating up Republicans coming soon. A classic example a why Republicans have not been in total control for over 140 yrs.

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