Fun with Math

This stupid headline from The N&O illustrates one of the biggest pieces of nonsense were going to hear about from the leftists in upcoming months.  Yet, some UNC-brainwashed activist judge will examine his tea leaves,  chicken bones, ouija board and magic 8-ball and give even more life to it.

The good ol’ US of A is 77 percent white.  Yet, our very own National Football League is 68 percent black (as of 2014).   *Where is the outrage?  We need a league that LOOKS LIKE AMERICA. *

Thirty-nine percent of North Carolinians are Republicans.  I am willing to bet the percentage of Republicans in driveby newsrooms across our state is LESS THAN FIVE PERCENT. (Same thing for the faculty at our state universities.) *Where is the outrage? We need a driveby media (and university system) that looks like OUR STATE.*

Continuing along that line will likely shut the leftist ninnies up.  (At least, for a little while.)

The stupid headline would make sense — and be reasonably outrageous — if we elected our Members of Congress at-large.  But we DO NOT.  Taking the statewide turnout percentages and applying them to district-based House races makes as much sense as trying to fit a Mercedes down a manhole.  (It doesn’t fit.)

Sometimes the percentages just don’t work out.  Like with the NFL and the NBA vs. the rest of America.  Or Republicans vs. drivebys or college professors.

Sadly, with these people — making sense is not a high priority.

(THAT is why WE are here.)