#FREEDANACOPE from the #NCMedia gulag

raised fist




We don’t see eye-to-eye with SEANC / SEIU head honcho Dana Cope on much, but we agree wholeheartedly with his assessment of the #MoralMondays lunacy at the legislative building in Raleigh.  If you are a regular reader of this site, you are aware of the fact that the head of the state employees association doesn’t think much of Bill Barber’s tactics in the hallways of the legislative building.

But if you are a reader / viewer of any legacy “mainstream” media outlet here in North Carolina, you haven’t heard ANYTHING about Cope’s comments on Twitter.  Instead, we get breathless fawning over The Round Rev and his minions, and word-for-word regurgitation of protesters’ press releases. 

McClatchy jumped at the chance to quote Cope when he was bashing Dan Forest during the election and criticizing the budget proposals pushed by GOP legislators.  But when he dares to speak out against the media’s beloved Bill Barber — we get nothing.

These same folks who like to trumpet their love of the First Amendment exile Cope for stepping off the grounds of the liberal plantation and speaking his mind.  *Freedom of Speech is great, as long as you agree with us.*

Here at The Haymaker, we have a long history of standing with people oppressed by leftist tyranny.  In support of Cope during his time in the #NCMedia gulag,  we are starting up the Twitter hashtag #FREEDANACOPE.  Use this hashtag when you tweet EACH and EVERY NC-based allegedly mainstream media outlet or personality you can find on Twitter, asking them why they won’t report the SEANC executive director’s comments regarding Moral Mondays.

Freedom of speech is important.  It’s vital to the survival of our republic.  So is a truthful, independent press.  Stand up for Dana today.