For BarryO & the gang, GAY is OK as the word of the DAY


The economy is in the the toilet.  Our troops are at war.  Political chaos is popping up all over the globe.  BarryO, “Dingy Harry” Reid, and Miss Nancy are focused on gay rights.  

First, BarryO and Hillary tell us that the promotion of gay rights in foreign countries will be a major diplomatic priority for the United States in the coming year.   The level of gay-friendliness in other countries will also be a major factor in determining how much — if any — foreign aid will be allocated to said country.

In related news, the U.S. Senate has passed a defense authorization bill that officially strips “don’t ask, don’t tell” from military policy.  The bill ALSO removes the military services’ ban on bestiality and sodomy.   Our incredibly astute senior senator — and nominal Republican — Richard Burr was one of 8 Republicans who voted for the initial reversal of  the ban on gays in the military.  I wonder how he voted on this?  (After all, he has a long distinguished career as a lawnmower salesman.  That qualifies him to know what’s best for our military.)

1 thought on “For BarryO & the gang, GAY is OK as the word of the DAY

  1. I can tell you don’t like the idea of gays serving openingly in the miltary and/or you don’t like gays in general. I do agree that the US focusing on the rest of the world’s gay rights is not where we need to go, but for a different perspective than yours. My issue (as someone who has lived with a gay marine for 16 years), is that the US is hypocritical in even suggesting that we give gay people equal rights. I pay the same amount of taxes as any straight single person, but I can’t go see my partner in ICU if he has a heart attack? I can’t make a split second decision if he needs medical attention? I have to keep a power of attorney in my wallet, just incase? These are only part of the reasons gay people are getting just pissed off with the hard conservative right. I agree with many conservative ideas, but I’m slowly moving more to teh left everyday because of the hard stance conservatives are taking on the gay issues in the US.

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