Ellmers: ‘You can’t just take a law away because you want it to go away.’




Yep.  That’s our girl — spouting more of her trademark profundity.  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers was quoted making that — and other — statements regarding health care reform at a recent meeting of the UNC College Republicans in Chapel Hill:

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers proposed an alternative to the Affordable Care Act during her visit to a UNC College Republicans meeting on Monday.

Ellmers, a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives who represents Wake County, has made national news recently as a strong opponent of the Affordable Care Act.

Earlier this month she released a replacement plan entitled the American Health Care Reform Act in collaboration with colleagues in the Republican Study Committee.

Ellmers’s commitment to repealing Obama’s health care plan was the main focus of her speech to the College Republicans.

Her speech emphasized the shortcomings of the health care law and detailed her plan to remedy the problems.

“You can’t just take a law away because you want it to go away,” she said.

“It’s not a good law, but it is law.”

Ellmers argued that the law passed by President Barack Obama in 2010 is not in the best interest of the American people.

“There is so much within Obamacare that really is wrong,” Ellmers said. “We need it off the book. We need a fresh start.”

Let’s see if I can follow her, um, logic:  You can’t take a law away because you want it to go away. It’s not a good law.  But we need it off the book.  We need a fresh start.  Huh?

But wait. There’s MORE:

Ellmers’s promise to replace the Affordable Care Act with an alternative health care plan was well-received by the students in attendance.

“I was really glad to see that she honestly noted that health care is being driven into the ground,” said Trent Gabriel, a junior exercise and sport science major.

Ellmers spoke to the group in an informal question-and-answer dialogue while perched comfortably on a desk at the front of the classroom.

Her comments elicited laughter from the audience several times.

The 40-seat classroom in which Ellmers spoke was filled beyond capacity. She began by describing her current focuses in Washington and then took questions from the audience.

Before closing out the discussion, Ellmers encouraged the UNC College Republicans to keep fighting in a year of deep budget cuts from Student Congress.

Earlier this month, Student Congress cut the group’s fall budget request from $8,180 to $3,090.

“We think that she’s a great example and a rising star,” said senior Ben Smith, the executive vice chairman of the College Republicans.

“She’s one of the only women in the House. We thought it would be a great way to show that there are women voices in politics.”

Sophomore information science major Tulley Dominguez, who attended the event, said he was pleased that Ellmers made herself available for future help with the students’ political aspirations.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Dominguez. “The vibe I got from her, I thought that’s how a representative should be.”

It appears that she fared much better with the young skulls-full-of-mush in Chapel Hill than she did with her constituents earlier this month. 

Ol’ Renee has bounced around all over the place like a ping-pong ball on the issue of ObamaCare.  She campaigned in 2010 as a staunch ObamaCare opponent — fiercely criticizing incumbent Democrat Bob Etheridge for his vote in favor of ObamaCare.   In 2011, she spoke to the Heritage Foundation and praised the idea of cutting out funding for ObamaCare in a continuing resolution.  In 2013, she said she was “absolutely not” going to vote for a continuing resolution that cut out ObamaCare funding.  She doubled down on that statement at a town hall meeting in her district.  THENsurprise!she votes FOR a continuing resolution that does not include funding for ObamaCare implementation.  I guess that “absolutely not” statement had an expiration date on it somewhere.

Now, Ellmers is bouncing around the country, the state, and and the airwaves promoting an “alternative” to ObamaCare — less than a week before that nasty law kicks in.  Anybody out there looking for MORE — or a slightly different flavor of — government intervention in health care?


11 thoughts on “Ellmers: ‘You can’t just take a law away because you want it to go away.’

  1. Ellmers is an opportunist who slithers all over the political spectrum. She cannot be trusted. In addition to her flip flops on Obamacare, she has slithered around on the House Republican Study Committee, too. First she joined it, then she denounced it, and now she is claiming the Committee’s Obamacare alternative as her own.

    We need a real conservative in that seat like Jim Duncan.

  2. Renee is a disgrace. I lump her in with Boehner, Cantor and all of the weak kneed Republicans who are more concerned with their elitist selves than the People. Let’s send her packing.

    BTW — Can anyone tell me where resident RHINO Burr was during Cruz speech????

  3. Burr came out of hiding today to address his lowly subjects and to let us know that the vote to get onto the bill had passed today. Hmm. I called his office in DC yesterday and asked the Staffer to tell him that I would like him to go to the floor so that he could see what Leadership looks like. He didn’t go…I can only guess that he and the other #RINOsaurs were huddling together last night as the stench of their Extinction is heavy in the air.

    As for Renee, she is clearly not fit to serve in Congress and is an embarrassment to conservative women everywhere. #BoehnersGirl

  4. Burr is a member of the Coward Caucus.

    The key vote to watch is the vote on cloture. If he sells us out on that extremely important procedural vote, as he did on gun control and amnesty for illegal aliens, we will know he has screwed us..

    It is a disgrace to the memory of Senator John East that the beltway establishment coward Burr is now sitting in his old Senate seat.

  5. Unfortunately these young people are afflicted with listening with their ears rather than with their eyes. After being bombarded with leftist propaganda all day, I guess even Ellmers sounds good. However her record does NOT play out with her rhetoric. She forgot quickly why she was sent to Washington.

    As for Burr, I’m sure he’s been hiding under his desk. All I got from his DC office and Rocky Mount office was a busy signal. Just as well…I’m unsure if I would have been able to have been even semi polite to his staffers.

  6. All I can say is that I saw through this phony, lying, arrogant, pretender years ago now. If District 2 re-elects this misfit, I can only say the voters will again get what they deserve. She is unworthy to “represent” us, which she has NEVER tried to do.

  7. I believe Ellmers has forgotten that taking away laws is as much a power delegated to Congress as making them in the first place.

    That means she has been in Congress too long, if she can’t remember what she is there for.

  8. ‘You can’t just take a law away because you want it to go away.’

    I guess we need to show her that we can take away a Congress critter…

  9. while i despise the whole Obamacare fiasco, there a question i wonder if someone can answer. Background: Obamacare is the law; it has been unfortunately upheld by 5-4 vote of SCOTUS. A part of ‘upholding’ would be to provide funding required by laws passed, and especially once upheld by the SCOTUS. Thus, since each legislator takes an oath to ‘uphold the constitution and laws of the United States,’ why would a vote to defund a law you cannot repeal not be a violation of a legislator’s oath of office?

    1. No, Congress is not required to fund anything, and indeed, this is not even a buget, just a continuing resolution. The United States last had a duly adopted budget the last year George W. Bush was president. We have not had one under Obama at all.

      As to lawlessness, look at Comrade Obama who has issued several executive orders telling government officials to disregard a number of statutory laws passed by Congress and signed into law by previous presidents, or even by himself. Obama’s one year delay on the employer mandate is a good example of his defying the law, and it is the Obamacare law! He has done similar things as to illegal aliens and is now being sued by a group of Border Patrol agents over that, as well as others.

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